The Archer C50 is another WiFi router from TP-LINK that supports dual band (2.4GHz / 5GHz) and comes with a USB port. The TP-LINK Archer C50 AC1200 is available on Amazon, current price is Rs. 3,640. Read this review to know more.

Archer C50 Unboxing

Inside the box pack : C50 router, technical info booklet, quick installation guide, installation CD, power adapter and RJ45 cable.

Design and features

The TP-LINK Archer C50 AC1200 router looks great, it’s black / Grey colored with glossy finishing. It’s eye catchy and has got a very good build. The dual antennas are grey colored, they stand out and look tough.

On the front there are LED indicators and on the back of this router you will find the WPS / reset button, Internet port, 4x Ethernet port, USB port, power on / off button and DC in.

TP LINK Archer C50 review and unboxing

You can use a pendrive attach it to the USB port and share data with other devices connected on same network or if you want you can also connect your USB printer and share it across other devices wirelessly.

This is a dual band WiFi Router – with 2.4GHz you can get speed of up to 300Mbps and with 5GHz band you can get speed of up to 867Mbps. The WiFi range is also very good compared with single band WiFi router, in most cases you might not need a repeater.

TP LINK Archer C50 design

How to install

Connect the power source, switch on the WiFi router. Then use your desktop or laptop or tablet or smartphone and go to WiFi settings select the new WiFi router network and then enter the password – you will find WiFi password  mentioned beneath the C50  router.

TP LINK Archer C50 AC1200 ports

Once connected to the new WiFi network, just start the browser and load You will then get the TP-LINK setup page. You can then setup the WiFi router accordingly. There is parent control option too and you can also use pendrive, USB storage / HDD or USB printer.

TP LINK Archer C50 AC1200 in use


If you are planning to buy a new WiFi router it makes sense to go in for dual band routers. This TP-LINK Archer C50 AC1200 is a good option that offers high speed of 867Mbps (5GHz). Cheaper dual band routers are also available don’t forget to check the max speed they offer.

Rating 4 out of 5.

Archer C50 AC1200 is now available for Rs. 3,640.

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TP-LINK Archer C50 Ac2100 video review

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    1. Yes you can if the HDD is using FAT/FAT32/NTFS. Also if the HDD has external power supply then well and good but if its a USB HDD and if it needs more power then it will not work – These routers with USB provide 500mA power supply on the USB port.

  1. 2 questions wants to ask,

    1) should it support HTTPS site blocking in parental control??

    2) Should it have in-built download manager?? (For downloading torrent or any other file directly in pen drive/HDD which we attached to it)

  2. Gogi
    Pls check the range of router in both bands…….in a simple straight path…
    From the Street you are taking that Thumb focus pic….☺