Show SmugMug galleries on WordPress

If you have been using the SmugMug website for uploading and sharing your photos (private or public) you can now easily show the galleries from within your WordPress blog or website.  The SmugMug for WordPress plugin easily integrates and adds SmugMug functionality into you website.

SmugMug plugin features

You can continue storing your photos on SmugMug and can use the same on your blog or website too. This process is much faster than storing the photos on WordPress server itself. If you have a photo blog or use a lot of photos on your site this is a must have plugin.  You not only get the benefit of WordPress SEO but also SmugMug functionality on your site.

The best part is once you have the photos shown on your blog the same can be reviewed by your family, friends and clients directly from your site and there is no need for the visitors to go to SmugMug.

Show public and private SmugMug galleries using SmugMug plugin for wordpress

Show public and private SmugMug galleries using SmugMug plugin for wordpress

Basically you can control everything from WordPress itself for example you can create, delete, manage SmugMug galleries and can also create custom gallery templates and custom post type templates.

SmugMug 0.1.4 supports a single password option that works for both WordPress galleries and your SmugMug account.

How to install SmugMug for WordPress

  1. Download SmugMug Plugin.
  2. Unzip content into your WordPress plugin folder.
  3. Activate plugin and go to settings.
  4. Just follow the instructions where in you will need to activate your SmugMug account and allow access to it from your WordPress blog or website.
  5. Once done go to SmugMug menu and click manage albums where you will be able to create, delete and manage albums.


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