The official website now has the Reliance JioPhone listed, you can also see the full specifications there. JioPhone feature phone with 4G VoLTE support bookings will begin today from 5:30PM, and already the website is not opening (server crashed), but after few minutes the site was back online.

I just got an SMS regarding the JioPhone booking that will start from 5:30PM, I was able to view the site from my mobile but when I checked the website from my Desktop the site did not open was getting an error, but as of now it is working. So in case you see an error or website does not open wait for few minutes and try again.

You can pre-book the Reliance JioPhone for Rs. 500 and at time of delivery you can pay Rs. 1000. The total amount you pay, you can get it back if you return the handset after 3 years. So the Rs. 1,500 is actually a security deposit.

JioPhone pre-bookings begins today

Reliance JioPhone Specifications

This phone supports about 22 Indian regional languages. It is a feature phone that comes with alphanumeric keypad. Screen is 2.4 inches with 320 x 240 pixels resolution. It is a single SIM handset you need a Nano SIM (4FF Type).

The JioPhone is powered by dual core processor clocked at 1.2GHz with Mali 400 GPU, there is 512MB RAM, 4GB ROM, 128GB micro SD support, 2MP rear camera, VGA front camera, VoLTE support, NFC, GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth. JioPhone comes with 2000 mAh battery with about 12 hours talk time.

So in case you are planning to buy the Reliance JioPhone get ready for the pre-booking that will begin at 5:30PM today. You might have already got the SMS, you can pre-book from website, Jio app or from Jio Store.

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  1. I had book jio phone but it show your Status as CREATED but Not Transferable. What does that means?
    What should i do now?

  2. for what reasons one should buy Jio phone ?
    since I am already having 1 feature phone for which I pay 100rs/month max.

    1. Yes SAM, no need to buy this Jio phone if you are already using Smartphone! It is good for only those people who don’t like to use smartphone (touchscreen) or elder people (our parents/grandparents)…..

  3. On 24th August 10.40 pm I booked 2 Jio Phones and paid Rs.1,000/- Afterwards I got an SMS from JIO saying I will be informed of availability and delivery date from Local Store of my home town. While booking phones, they did not ask for aadhar number and I could book 2 Nos phones also. (perhaps they may ask for aadhar during delivery) I just want to know whether they changed conditions for order booking excluding AADHAR.

  4. I booked using my Aircel number. I called toll free number 1800 890 8900.They sent me an SMS that i have 1 voucher with my number. When the phones are available they will give store details. Maybe i will need to go to that store to get the phone from there. Or it could be an online store.

  5. Just call the toll-free number “1800 890 8900” from the number which you gave while booking Jio number.
    They will send a msg with all the details.

  6. Failed transaction got successful.
    Now, I got 2 phones booked and shows as 2 vouchers.
    Till yesterday, it was showing only as 1.

    1. Did you got SMS for which failed transaction got successful or how did you came to know it got successful.

  7. Earlier it was said aadhar card is a must to pre-book the phone online but it’s happening without that, so please update where is it necessary. I successfully booked one and got the voucher, during process the app was clearly asking for mobile no./id, I applied with my Jio no.and booked, so pls make it clear whether I have to produce any id later on. Thank you

  8. I am still not buying these i want to check different variants and snapdragon variant can be activated with hotspot if not given in stock because snapdragon supports hotspot and i am sure hackers will make it happen

  9. Totally disappointed that jio phn support only single sim,
    now main question why I will buy single sim phn even i already used jio sim in Android.
    No need to buy single sim phone, I need dual sim smart feature phone, hope airtel will release.

  10. Hello everyone,
    In website, I found the below details listed under the feature phone section.

    Operating System: KAI OS
    SIM Slot: Single SIM
    SIM Size: Nano Sim (4FF type)
    Color: Black
    Box Contents: Handset, Removable Battery, Charger Adaptor,
    Quick Start Guide, Warranty card, SIM CARD

    Fyi, it seems like it comes with the SIM CARD as well!!!!!

  11. I booked a jiophone using my Airtel no. Instead of jio no. Via my jio app .. payemtn was successful, but will I get it? .. there wasn’t mentioned anything that u have to use jio number

    1. M not sure, but I think you can give/use any number for booking and it should allow it to be.

      1. Well, I haven’t received any confirmation message or voucher till now !! Let’s see what happens .

  12. Hi,
    I am confused a bit. I think that this jio phone was for the people who can’t afford a smartphone today. So, why is this booking happening online or through app. I don’t think there would be people who can’t afford a smartphone and has some kind of Internet connection to book this. I think this is a way making money in the name of people who can’t afford a smartphone.

    What is your opinion Gogi bhai ??

      1. Still my question isn’t answered. I think this is just to make more money from people. Price was made less for them. Don’t you think it’s our responsibility to not book/buy this coz we can afford a smartphone?? And for the people who will think that I wasn’t able to book a phone that’s why I am saying this. I don’t want to take from the other category of people who deserve this for real and for whom this was made at least this is what was said. I don’t think this is for us.

        1. If you want to buy, go for it, if you don’t want to buy forget it. Why are you so worried about what others will do? Chill Man.

          1. Yaar I am not going to buy this. I think this is one of the reason why people don’t get there share who actually deserve them. We always keep chilling.

        2. Man, this isn’t food or necessity. Show this courtesy in such things and for the poor.
          When there is a demand for mobiles, there will always be supply.
          Most of the times for many products, there won’t be much demand but lot of supply. Hope you got this point. Cheer up

          1. Nishad u should never say poor to anyone. Atleast have this courtesy in ur statements. And if mobile isnt a necessity then why is this section filled with comments with booking nd failure regarding jio phone ?? And why is Gogi bhai buying this for a backup ??Raja if this isn’t oxygen then why are some people dying to book it ??

  13. Just spoke to Jio customer rep regarding booking with non- Jio number and reply was, it will not be an issue and I can use existing Jio sim in Jio phone and no sim will be given with the phone.

      1. Even iam not sure, but what was told by the the customer rep was put up,since I too was curious on the issue which was put up in some of the comments.only on receipt of the phone the clear picture will emerge.

        1. No what was told by Jio customer representative when I called over phone to clarify the issue.

  14. Everything went smoothly when I entered in the final transaction there is no balance in my account so I closed the site…

    1. Yes brother It’s giving a token/voucher no. with a toll free no. Which will ask you to enter no. Woth which you prebooked and from there you will be notified about further updates

        1. I did not get SMS
          I only got transaction Id.
          Please share toll free no so I can check my phone’s status

          1. Just make a call to this number from the mobile number that you have submitted during booking.

            “To know the status of your voucher, please call 18008908900 from the mobile number submitted during JioPhone booking.”

          2. Called on Jio toll free no. But it says sorry we are unable to process your request.
            Also I did not get any voucher have you got ??
            I just got transaction id

          3. Dear Sam, I got a voucher in my voucher section in myjio app… As I used my jio no. to prebook

  15. Mera transection failed bta rha hai aur 500 RS mere account se cut ho Gye kya karu. Yr batao koi frnds

    1. Bhai mere case mein toh jio ka server hi band ho gaya tha, kuch show hi nahi kar raha tha..

      Mera bhi balance kat gaya tha aur kuch mujhe pata bhi nahi tha ki status kaise check karoonga aage

      But 10 min. Baad msg aaya ki aapka token no. Details ke saath… I too felt relief after that

  16. Hi Gogi.
    I booked the jiophone today but used my tata docomo mobile no through jio website.
    Will I get d fone?

        1. You will wait for few hours may be a day, in case there is issue with transaction, you will get the refund. Check with your bank see if the amount was deducted.

    1. As you paid for it, you are going to get it… Don’t have any second thought… It’s meant to allure other brand users so don’t worry for such absurd things

  17. biggest con. for me is that it needs a new connection to use on this phone!! I can’t have that many Jio connections!!! still can somebody book for me!!! I am from uttarakhand!

    1. Were you able to book?
      If not, provide your Jio number, Pin code and Paytm OTP with sufficient funds.
      If you are ok, then I will share my Jio/WhatsApp number. Cheers

  18. At start website not opened, now it’s easy to book through website, I got one through website

  19. Got One booked from the website, just wait for the page, there is book now option click that enter phone and pin code that’s it then you need to make payment of Rs. 500.

    When phone will be available you will get SMS on your Jio Phone.

    Server is slow crashes at times so try after few minutes.

    1. And yes gogi bro, Once payment done don’t redo the payment… Wait for some time you will receive msg on your phone

    2. I too got the confirmation message bro.
      But once the booking was not done, but payment got through. This is another headache now;)

      1. Yes I did it said congratulation the phone was booked and I will get SMS when the delivery will happen, I guess I will need to collect it from the store when it is available, as per the Pin code.

    1. Open Jio app, and wait for the “3 Months at 399” image to scroll.
      In the second image, you will see two buttons. Click on the “Pre-bool now” button.
      If you cant see this image, wait for sometime. If not, close and reopen the app and wait until you see this image.
      After clicking on the button, enter your Jio mobile number and pin code and proceed further.
      If you got stuck here, click multiple times by giving some gap until you see the next page.
      Proceed further and make the payment and don’t be in a hurry here. Play cool until you get confirmation. That’s it.
      Tada, you got your phone booked. cheers

  20. Got one through Jio App, website not even shows book option, got booking voucher but no sms, can’t login to My Jio app to confirm.

      1. Sorry guys. I am helpless here.
        Can’t book one for any one of you.
        I think even Paytm is also not helpful until unless you trust me.
        No worries. Lots of time. Book slowly.
        Thankfully, not a flash sale where stock is gonna end up;)

  21. Do I need to make an account at their official website to book the JioPhone ?

  22. Whatsoever, They are not at all punctual

    It’s 10 min. More and they are not ready yet

    1. Yes this one has a wifi hotspot. I am working for the development team of Jio and this phone is great. Lags sometimes but is pretty good and worth the money