Xiaomi has rolled out software update for the Redmi 1S handset. System update V45 is available over the air, make sure battery percent is over 70 and use a good stable network for downloading the update.

The Redmi 1S comes with excellent hardware at an unbelievable price. There were issues on the handset and based on the feedback, Xiaomi has released the V45 software update that will fix most / all of the issues.

The key issue with Redmi 1S in India was it getting heated up, and at times reaching temperature of over 45 degrees even with normal usage. Xiaomi has improved thermal control algorithm to help keep the temp well under 38 degree with normal usage.

The next issue was low RAM. The 1S comes with 1GB RAM and the available RAM was too less or would drop too low with normal usage. This issue has also been fixed and has resulted in noticeable improvements in the test run (as per Xiaomi).

redmi 1s software update

The 3rd major issue was the handset lagging with heavy usage. I also found the same with the camera app (check Redmi 1S review). Well the issue was very much related to handset heating up, that has been fixed, after the update the UI should perform well and there should be no frame drops / lags.

If you have already got the update notification, get the software updated to the latest version and leave your feedback. The Redmi 1S will go on sale today at 2PM.

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  1. my redmi 1s is not booting and powering on but it shows devic wen attached with usb to laptop but doesnt power on plz tell me any solutions as flipkart is not able to help me on this

  2. I purchased in this sale of 14th Oct and received on 1st Nov. Flipkart added 200 rupees to my wallet for the delay. Plus got free 3 screenguards and a microsim holder was useful to me. I liked the phone a lot as hardware wise very good. I updated to v45 through mu wifi even before starting to use. I have not seen any excess heat up compared to any Nokia ones even under game mode. Photos are really great due to 8mp camera. Screen has really high dpi resolution and MIUI is really an artist’s work.

    I have one major problem which is while paying music and doing browising simultaneously it stops music after sometime. This never happened with my other android mobiles or tablets which all have 1 gb ram too. I need a solution to that. Plus the battery looks to drain faster. This might due to the fact that we tend to experiment a lot on new phone which causes the display to consume more power.

    Apart from tehse issues the phone can be said excellent.

    1. Also though I have a 3g pack activated on the sime I see the ‘E’ symbol over the network signal which I expected to see a ‘H’ signal. And the speed is 2g equivalent essentially.

  3. Big issue like Network Problem

    Very week and poor signal. Even if you can’t talk and not take call because of it shows emergency call or no network untill you reboot the phone. So you have to reboot phone after every 10 to 20 minute. I found that this issue is faced by most of the Redmi 1s users.

    I puchased 2 redmi 1s. Once for my father and other for my father in law. Both are facing same issue.

  4. 2 Days back i have purchase redme 1s..caution who ever want…..the first dis-advtages..heating its like a burning after that 4 to 5 min the heat was started …batery back up is not avg in btwn bad and avg

    apart from these other are good

  5. my red mi 1s mobile display following message

    reactivate cloud message
    look’s like you’ve changed SIM cards. Your carrier may charge for 2 international SMS message used to reactivate cloud messaging

    what can I do

  6. Hello to all
    i am also using redmi 1s since 2 months there was a issues like all battery drains as well heating.But after update #45 all problems and issues is resolved as on date 03-11-2014 there no problems at all.

    i have only query is WHEN IS KITKAT upgarde is expected.no release date yet.

  7. After 1st time reset my redmi 1s mobile start in about a minute and before it start in20 to 30 sec what happens with this Mobile after factory reset and thus it is resolve.

  8. I updated MIUI V45.. I expected so much about reduction of heating and battery back up improvement. But Heatiing issues and back up are worst when compared to previous version V36… 1and half day, when 2g enabled in V36. After update 18 hours hardly with 2G Enabled…
    ‘How to downgrade or roll back to old version.. hoping for an answer or alternatvie solution..

    1. Dont know when you guys will be satisfied.

      Man they r giving their best and you still want more….. just c the comments may had got their issues resolved. Just tell me one more phone which gives more backup than this @6000 and i will agree with what u mentioned(worst backup)

      1. @Venu: Does it mean ppl r paying Rs 6000 for a Heater device. wats the use of fone that heats up faster and doesnt allow to take calls.

  9. While the mobile screen is lock , then also we can access drop down menu, and mobile is unlocked.how crazy?

    What to do about that?

    Really flipkart is a bull shit bloody that have cheated us all guys by selling this overheated mobile and poor battery capacity

  10. hai Gogi sir, i updated my phone, heat issue solved. still battery draining with in a. day on normal usage. how can I rectify battery issue.

  11. Still waiting for next update ..didn’t update my phone to v45 ..in current version there is 1,more problem…phone gets f***ing slow while charging I can’t even do typing to send message or WhatsApp
    …and when we can expect KitKat…leave lollipop…at least KitKat…. :-*

  12. Updated Xiaomi Redme 1S. Seems it cured battery heating issue. Now when can we expect Kitkat update for Xiaomi Redme 1S. Also let me know, as per your opinion, unnecessary software pre-installed in this phone which can be uninstalled without causing problems for phone. Thanking for your services, –Balachandran

  13. For me my google maps stopped giving me direction when music was played.So i conclude this update kills background apps unlike previous version.Now i trust my lumia 820 for navigation compared to the redmi 1S.

  14. hey guys we get what we pay x.we paid only 5999Rs and complaining redmi 1s is not good at multitasking. For powerful multitasking go for moto g moto e nexus 5 or any other litlle customisation rom.i use my redmi as second phone only for apps.my primary phone is lumia 820 except for low battery life same as redmi it is smooth nd ui is great.For apps Redmi 1S.But if ibwant to use android as primary i would go for minimum 3gb ram device.i repeat this because u need that much ram for pure multitasking.

    1. No bro, 2gb ram like Asus Zenfone is good for multitasking.. I m using Zen5 from last 2 month and never faced any hanging problem. Its butterfly smooth and very fast… If u like WS phone then Nokia Lumia 700 is the best.

  15. Great..because of all the problem solved love it and thank for giving latest software update

  16. about MIUI-JHCMIBH45.0

    1.heating issue solved

    1.CPU is underclocked to 1ghz. you can observe this through cpu-z or any other bench marking apps.
    2. GPS very very very slow, earlier it detects in 1 sec and now 1 main.
    3.1080p playback: MX player failed, sometimes sound muted automatically for a while, it’s default player plays well.
    4. Subway surfer: severe frame drops, even at middle of the game. yesterday night I was playing after getting seriously frame rate drops and adjusted it any how. For playing I restart my phone for free ram. At that time I’m challenging to my friend who is played with his handset canvas 2. I had to cry. due to frame rate drops I was caught up and you can’t believe THE SAVE ME OPTION DOES NOT WORKS, NO RESPONSE.
    5. Camera app issue still persists.
    6. Battery drainage very firstly comparing to previous version though they used new algorithm.
    7. My Incoming call problem still not solved. 5/10 times I’m getting only ringtone and blank screen.
    8. FTP issue, during coping files from PC to Redmi sometimes stops and does not work for a long period. Cannot write to disk CWD error. please don’t suggest me MTP. I’m using XP SP3 and till the date after 100 driver installation I’m not finding a mtp driver and it’s PC suite is on Chinese.
    9. AnTuTu score reduced by 3000. I’m comparing it with my android one friend while I have 19766 and he has between 17 to 18k. and today how I face him.
    10. What is the use of such free ram if application are crashes and starts from beginning. If you are opening a PDF file or image or any other file inside file explore and press back you will be redirected to home of SD card page and not to the particular directory where you opened your files.
    11. LED notification are missing sometimes.
    12. Mobile hangs several times without having any sufficient causes. You have to restart phone long pressing the power button.

    I think I have to stop now. Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen. next update may fix it. Have a very beautiful day.

    1. Try some google search. install cm11.underclock cpu to 1.2gh.your will get no heating issue,butter smooth function and last but not least android 4.4.4.

  17. Gogi sir i have updated me redmi 1s to MIUI JHCCNBH.45.0
    This is a China version
    And theres no Google market and some text are in Chinese so
    CAn i update again in indian version

    Please help

  18. sir,in my redmi-1s ,after updating to latest, battery is draining fast.pl.suggest any alternative.
    how to go back to previous version?

  19. Hi there,

    I am using redme1s. Updated it yesterday.
    Ran antutu bench mark just after update.
    Score was 21300+
    Quadarnt score is above 10000.

    Heating is lowered.
    Cpu-z still showing 1.59ghz cpu.
    Ram free approx 150 to 200mb in normal usage like uc browser whatsapp running in background.

    Feeling some lag in performance.
    Still heating a little while contineous use.

    I expected the battery backup would increase after update. But its not like that.
    Drains battery very fast.
    Tried everything to save battery but may be changing the rom may be a solution.

    Pls suggest any good stable rom for it. Need batterybackup more.

  20. I have update v 45 solve heating problem. What’s new update .shall we found KitKat update plz tell me ………

  21. sir , xiaomi has updated mi3 to version 34 , 4.4.4

    which has improved the UI and heating problem ,

    but due to this update , there is a huge battery consumption for normal usage’s like for browsing , video playback etc. , even for normal usage of phone……

    the best version was 22 , for battery saving , although heating problem was there , but it was negligible….

    so , what should we do about this update ?
    shall we downgrade this update (34) to 22nd version ???
    or is there anything you would like to suggest us ?!

    thank you

  22. After updating v45 my phone getting heat when normal usage before update my phone worked fine without heat.

  23. Hiiiii
    I am using Redmi 1s from 1 month
    I have one problem in this phone whenever calls come to me then automatically in my settings is coming in silent mode….
    Plz say me what I sho

  24. I used redmi 1s in updated v45 around 24hours.
    I think miui lagging now.But heating issue is over now phone not getting too hot.
    Ram around 420mb free on booting time (there some back ground app like what’s app)

    I run some games like asphalt 8 and most wanted now game playing Smoothly.
    But sometimes getting lag in asphalt 8.

    I run the benchmarks (battery tempreture 39.1)
    Nena mark2- 52.9 Fps
    Antutu benchmark-14,467 and 13,769

    Antutu says not too bad but in v36 it says welcome to high end Phones.

    I saw that in antutu shows CPU performance is normal but when I run in miui v36 there’s showing great CPU.
    but ram and graphics shows good in v45.

    That’s it for now hope you get help from this comment.

    1. This is because they underclocked it,and in next update it will be option to enable themal controller or disable it to play high end games irrespective of heating…

    2. They must have underclocked the CPU to reduce heating but that will also result in lower performance which is not what we want. If you run Antutu benchmark after v45 update it clearly shows much lower performance then previous updates.increase in free Ram is the good thing in v45 update.

  25. just installed V45 update on 1S and did a reset. yes the heating is much less now….seems like normal. but i dint see much battery life improvement. also free RAM is increased to around 400MB. Gogi, if you still have Redmi 1S with you then we would love see the 1S review again with this new update.

    1. sachin11 says
      October 15, 2014 at 1:36 am

      just installed V45 update on 1S and did a reset. yes the heating is much less now….seems like normal. but i dint see much battery life improvement. also free RAM is increased to around 400MB. Gogi, if you still have Redmi 1S with you then we would love see the 1S review again with this new update.

      by seeing your can i know steps to update this new software in mine .i am bit confused because if update goes wrong and phone software get crashed so can you pls help ovr this

      1. i found update in this link
        and i have uploaded the previous version and as read it will give 515 mb to dowload and what is the procedure after downloading

  26. hi Gogi sir…….i have updated mi mobile….. all problems are solved… except the battery drain ….plz suggest some solutions…..

  27. just updated the same now @ 23:00 hrs….it got heated during download as it was 3g speed……hope it does not heat much hence after. 🙂

  28. Tried to update V45 several time …..Fails after reaching 25% of download. What to do guys ??

  29. After updating to v45 , the temperature seems to be well under control. I played asphalt 8 for sometime and the heat seemed to be normal.

    1. hi mehendi ali,, iam new to this android mobile,, could you pls let me know how to update the mobile with the new patch…

      1. Hi,
        It is very easy, you will get notification automatically for it, saying update available, you just need to go ahead..and do the update.
        Also please reset your mobile once update is done

  30. I updated my redmi to v45 , I reduced the phone tomorrow and system update was available as I switched on the mobile, first it update to v41 and then other update of v45 was available, I think the hearing issue has resolved, even after playing asphalt 8, the phone didn’t hear up much.

  31. Hi Mr gogi,I want to buy Redmi 1s but i want to know since the updates are very large (about 500 mb), can we update without wifi or mobile data.I mean download through pc ,transfer to mobile and then update?

    Thanks in advance

    1. yes u can ,just start the download cancel it .it will create a folder called romdownload in internal memory.
      then u can go ahead download file from net and place in the folder.

    2. After installing Mi-Phone Manager in PC, if u connect redmi to PC , it automatically uses PC’s internet connection for updating and installing apps.

      Its a great feature of MIUI.

  32. hi gogi..thanx alot for your efforts to make this blog a great source of tech knowledge..btw is COD available for todays Redmi sale?

    1. dude i have stored oll da application and media in my phone memory coz i duh hav any memry card…so will it poosible to root da device widout loosing datda….or i have to uninstall oll…..

      1. hii jimmy, for rooting you need not to have any backups, because you will just be granted Super User Access. If you are planning to flash the above rom to your mobile i highly recommend you to move all your data to your lappy/PC .

  33. Still heating issue there.
    Aggressive thermal throttling lead to under clock and lag this is worse update till now
    If you can’t use your CPU full what is point of using 1.6 GH quard core CPU..
    When thermal throttling activate CPU goes to 787 MHz and stay there after Colling
    Also .now phone lag like hell only option is reboot to CPU work at 1.6 gh

    1. Take backup of everythng on extrnal card, and remove sim and ext cards

      Update to v45 and after update do full reset (go in miui recovery wipe>cache+data)

      if the heating issue still doesnt solve for you, i l change my name 😀

  34. Updated yesterday to v45…
    Although, changelog was just mentioning about some cloud messaging security…
    Update was of 515mb. Earlier I had v41.

    Heating issue is now completely resolved ,based on my observations… I do not play games.
    But earlier it used to heat up with just normal usage.
    Now its not heating up, by heating up I mean that now I do not sense excessive heat on my palm..
    CPU Z is too showing cpu usage below 30% when idle…
    Before this update it keeps using 50% cpu in Idle…

  35. Hi gogi.. i received the update and flash in my redmi1s. still heating up issue there on normal usage. but available free RAM increased upto 400mb.

    please take this issue to xiaomi team behalf of redmi users. thanks

    1. If after update your phone is heating, then try to factory reset the data after you have taken the backup and if possible clean/uninstall unused google apps.

  36. hi gogi, yesterday i have updated the software for redmi 1s.. still heating up issue is there on normal usage. please convey this feedback to xiaomi team behalf of redmi user.

    now ram available going to 400mb after the software upgrade. still they need to work on thermal heatup..


  37. @gogi please coforms about these:-
    -ram available is increased by how much.
    -battery overheat is controlled or not as many people are saying that after updating also it is overheating and battery is draining faster.
    -gaming performance as framses are very less as compared to android one phones.

  38. After update as well people are complaining about lags, touch not responsing well as it used to be. An update came is not everything. So I don’t think Asus buyers regret now. Asus has good hardware.

    1. Yes, I agree with ANi Kerela, I am repenting for the mistake committed by me even gogi had given the perfect review of heating issue. i just ignored and bought it even i have been following gogi’s blog regularly. Asus has much better hardware than MI…..after all they are Koreans, they work for perfection not like chinese.

      I am yet to update the my handset….hope all issues are gone or atleast minimised to the least.

  39. Hi gogi sir ,I am great fan of ur & visiting your site from 2.5 years. You are doing great work sir ,thank you very much !

    I am planning to buy redmi 1s for me, right now I am using moto g ,
    • How is build quality compared to moto g ?
    • How is the Screen distance between touch screen & actual panel ?,like moto g having very less distance & I love that .
    • Previously I was using Zen 701 as per your suggestion & I was very impressed with its camera ,is Camera better than Zen 701?
    ••••••••••• I know you are very busy now a days ,but it will really help me if you answer my questions ! 🙂

    1. Get Android One. Right now it is the best bet.. I know the display resolution is not up to the mark.. But have heard Spice Dream One Uno is a good phone.. Check out the reviews. You will get updates for 2 years guaranteed… On the other hand Xiomi has got a better hardware but the current scenario says the software is glitchy.. So make a wise decision.

  40. Hi gogi,
    Yesterday only I got the update.As I’m a 1st time android user.I gave the update button straightaway when the battery was 49%. Is that a issue? after tat I got updated also.It’s working fine as of now!.

    1. Hi there is no issue. The only reason why it is recommended to get the update done with good battery % is you do not want the phone to go off cause of low battery when the update is happening.

      1. Thankz indeed got updated. No issue for heating fome, works fine. When can we expect the kitkat update fa tis?

  41. two minutes silence to all those who ran after zen and asus and what not…….guys unlike all other brands xiaomi are damn serious about their exposure in Indian Market……infact they even hired an Indian Guy working in Google to understand Indian mentality……Lesson learnt by all……Happy Diwali

    1. Sachi, why 2min silence for Asus Zenfone5 users? That mean u don’t know about Asus phone. They r excellent phone in terms of hardware n software. I have both zenfone5 and redmi 1s. And I m a happy user.

      1. Agreed with Sanjay. People really don’t know about Asus Zenfone. Redmi 1s no where stands near Zenfone.
        Sachi, enjoy your LAGGY Redmi 1s.

        1. Sanjay and Simranjit Yes I do enjoy my laggy (your words not mine) phone because I love what I can do with my phone unlike yours where the volume is so loud that I can hear the pin drop even when Asus 5 is at full volume….Such spectacular phone u c …..Call volume is unbelievable and amazing call reception so much so that I had return the handset to Flipkart within a week…..Thankfully I got this laggy phone now and with this update enjoying the extra 4k saved to buy 5:1 channel system for home.

          1. i think its hightime you exchange your beloved redmi with some karbonn/celkon phone which can play subway surfer without any lag 😉

    2. Asus zenfone is a polished top notch flagship device which has no comparison with redmi…its now running on Kitkat with zero heating,1.5 GB free RAM,buttery smooth ZenUI which you only have to experience to believe it how smooth and functional it is…Asus gave 4-5 updates in 2 months and its other apps like camera,calculator,zen ui,etc.gets directly updated from google play every 2 to 3 days…its also going to get android L update 😉 …it has zero lags …

  42. Bro i got the notification on 13/10/2014 nearly about 12:34 pm.but when i went to recheck to download these file.

    I found that the update has been removed.now its showing only 41.1 update instead of v45.0

    1. Try again, I got 45 this morning and it installed well and showing the new version. I think this is most imp update as it takes care of thermal control and ram issues…