On Flipkart you will find the perfect exchange program for iPhone. You can now upgrade to iPhone 7, however you need an old iPhone that you can exchange – so basically the Flipkart iPhone Upgrade Program is for iPhone users.

For example if you have the iPhone 6 smartphone you can exchange it with iPhone 7 32GB variant. The upgrade price will be Rs. 38,800. This is how the calculation goes – iPhone 7 32GB price is Rs. 60,000, you get 5% off i.e. Rs. 3000 off, and extra 15% off i.e. Rs. 9,000 and exchange value of iPhone 6 = Rs. 9,200  so in all you end up paying Rs. 38,800 getting a new iPhone 7 after exchanging your old iPhone 6.

iPhone 4s, 5s users can also exchange. If fact upgrade offer is also applicable on older iPhones like iPhone 4, 5, 5c, 6Plus, 6s Plus and SE – the price will change and you will get a lower exchange price for these older models. Here is the best upgrade price available on Flipkart.

Perfect iPhone 7 Upgrade program on Flipkart


iPhone 7 32 GB (exchange with iPhone 4s = Rs. 46,800, iPhone 5s = Rs. 43,500, iPhone 6 = Rs. 38,800)
iPhone 7 128 GB (exchange with iPhone 4s = Rs. 54,800, iPhone 5s = Rs. 51,500, iPhone 6 = Rs. 46,800)
iPhone 7 256 GB (exchange with iPhone 4s = Rs. 62,800, iPhone 5s = Rs. 59,500, iPhone 6 = Rs. 54,800)

iPhone 7 Plus 32 GB (exchange with iPhone 4s = Rs. 56,400, iPhone 5s = Rs. 53,100, iPhone 6 = Rs. 48,400)
iPhone 7 Plus 128 GB (exchange with iPhone 4s = Rs. 64,400, iPhone 5s = Rs. 61,100, iPhone 6 = Rs. 56,400)
iPhone 7 Plus 256 GB (exchange with iPhone 4s = Rs. 72,400, iPhone 5s = Rs. 69,100, iPhone 6 = Rs. 64,400)

In case if you are interested visit Flipkart to upgrade your iPhone.

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  1. Hi Gogi ji,

    I don’t see any blogs on Apple Iphone 8 in your website.
    When will you give some news about IPHONE 8 ?

    Bhanu Prakash

  2. Its good to hear some offer exchange for iphones..They comes rarely,but exchange of iPhone 5 n upto 7s is too low price…currently my brother in law iphone 5s still good buttery…I think its for iPhone 4s n 4 owners or maybe for those whos been tired of small screen uses..Basically all will be ended up with no deal from flipkart…Better w8 to drop price after few months to re roll the all I phones price tag..BTW after budget Smartphone n its related things getting higher price rate..

    1. Keep it..after few years u can tell some 1 ,dude here I have a phone from windows which is extinct from mobile industry now..Its an antique piece …

  3. Man I phone 6 Exchange value is 9k… woow …. This a complete scam….Only fools can fall prey to such foolish offers…

  4. Exchange offers are stupid. You can directly buy iphone 7 32 gb from paytm for around 48000 with cashback.

    1. @sachin
      So you want to say we can sale iphone 4s 8gb for more then ₹10,200 on quikr or olx??

      1. Bro in offLine i7s price is 55-56k+ you get 10% cash back
        & 4s 16gb value is 4500 rs

      2. @dj
        flipkart is offering Rs.1200 for iphone 4s for exchange
        olx or quikr can offer u atleast triple the price

        1. Flipkart giving 10,200 for 4s 8gb, i don’t understand where you guys seen 4500 and 1200.
          Its a very good offer for those people who own iPhone 4 or 4s and want to buy iPhone 7.

          1. Buddy, u ll be getting iphone 7 at amazon at 50k. With exchange u r getting for 46,800. so u r getting Rs.3,200 for a working iphone 4s as exchange. ur call

          2. @ismail
            Ooh you are so right, iphone 7 available for 50k @ amazon can’t believe, Flipkart price is 7k+

      3. seems like iphone 8 is around the corner and iPhone 7 price will drop soon after iPhone 8. this offer could be to attempt to start clearing stock of iPhone 7 to make way for iPhone 8.