The onePlus one also called the 2014 flagship killer comes packed with high end stuffs and is priced at $299 for the 16GB version and $349 for the 64GB version. This handset is available on some online stores like oppomart, pandawill etc but way overpriced.

To buy from oneplus store you will need an invitation. I got one from Mr. Amit S. R. and have already ordered the OnePlus one Sandstone Black 64GB version. OnePlus (the company) does not ship the product to India. But there is a way to get it.

I will be getting it via To know more on how you can do that just check this link. I followed the exact procedure.

As for the specs the One is using the 801 qualcomm snapdragon 2.5GHz quad core processor with 3GB RAM and 64GB storage. It sports a 5.5 inch screen with gorilla glass 3 protection and resolution of 1080p.

There is 13MP rear camera using the Exmor IMX214 sensor and 5MP front camera. The handset can shoot 4K video and slow motion in 720p @ 120fps. The One also comes with 3 mics for noise cancellation. Main features are 4G, 3G, 2G, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC, GPS (GLONASS) and Wi-Fi (b/g/n/ac). This is with single SIM (micro) slot, runs Cyanogenmod OS (based on Android 4.4) and houses a 3100 mAh Li-Po battery.

oneplus one 64GB ordered

I have completed the order $364.34 with shipping to PPObox in USA. Placed the order on 8th August and on 12th it was shipped. It will first get delivered to the PPObox address in New York, USA and then will be shipped to India via PPObox.

So far I have spend $364 (Rs. 23,254.88) and I guess it will be less than Rs. 3000 [more] (including custom) to get it delivered to India.

Below is the transit time and the amount I paid for shipping and customs.

Order 8/9/2014 Placed
Shipped 12/8/2014 Shipped to my PPOBox
 12/8/2014 Item arrived at USPS facility in CITY OF INDUSTRY, CA 91715
(Oneplus has number of warehouses and depending on the address it will ship from the nearest location).
13/8/2014 Arrived at USPS facility in NEW YORK, NY 10199
14/8/2014 Received at PPObox and Shipped to India.
 In India! 18/8/2014 Received email from PPObox.Item Actual Weight Including Volumetric (lbs.): 1.59
ICC Shipping, Handling & Clearance Fees:  Rs. 1,228
Insurance Fees:  Rs. 450
Customs Duty: Rs. 1,573
Service Tax: Rs. 207
Total Due: 3,458
Once I make the payment I will get it within few days.
Dispatched 18/8/2014 To my address via BlueDart and received it on 19/8/2014.


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  1. Is it okay to buy the global version from eBay for rs.28000. They’re giving 1 year international warranty and 6 months seller warranty. I don’t want to buy the Indian version because it won’t get CM updates. please please advise. Or should I go for the PPO box?

    1. Even if you get the indian version you can download and install the cyanogen updates from cyanogen website. Contact me if you need assistance with that. First things first, did u get the indian one plus one?

  2. I had shipped the item to PPOBOX on time on 17th july for return shipment to U.S. wide package id 79805 as the item came defective and customer care had assured shipping in U.S. by 24th July.Due to late shipping by ppobox on 29th july ,The seller refused the delivery since the case opened on ebay closed automatically.The seller sent back the item to their new york office.I already incurred a lot of loss first due to import customs and then due to export shipping

    Till today,i have not received the item back nor received any compensation from PPOBOX and in total lost Rs.11,000.I have talked to their customer care several times but they never reply back.
    My recommendation is never use PPOBOX, instead go for other shippers like hopshopgo as PPOBOX is a fraud company and does not care about their mistakes.

    1. lol…you cant get 16gb. Dude you cant even get the 64gb even when its officially available in india.

  3. Hello Gogi,

    I bought the OnePlus through PPO Box/PayPal as you described, my Credit Card was charged for Rs. 23,373.37

    Yesterday PPO Box sent me the Invoice of Rs. 4237/-
    Breakup as :

    ICC Shipping, Handling & Clearance Fees: Rs. 1,330
    Insurance Fees: Rs. 433
    Customs Duty: Rs. 2,256
    Service Tax: Rs. 218

    Total: 4237/-

    Total cost incurred is: Rs. 27,610.37

    As compared, you paid Rs. 3458/- there’s a difference of Rs. 779/-
    There is an increase in Customs Duty from Rs. 1573/- to Rs. 2256
    Do you think its legitimate?
    Can I ask them for Customs & Other Receipts?


  4. Mr. Gogi,

    Thanks for the whole information its really helpful a lot.. my question is there is few people selling invites on rs. 500/- to 2000/- . Is it safe to buy from them and claim it on OPO store to purchase the device ?

    1. Yusuf, don’t pay for invites, you can get it for free, keep looking. And buy when in India or from site only if you want warranty.