The onePlus one also called the 2014 flagship killer comes packed with high end stuffs and is priced at $299 for the 16GB version and $349 for the 64GB version. This handset is available on some online stores like oppomart, pandawill etc but way overpriced.

To buy from oneplus store you will need an invitation. I got one from Mr. Amit S. R. and have already ordered the OnePlus one Sandstone Black 64GB version. OnePlus (the company) does not ship the product to India. But there is a way to get it.

I will be getting it via To know more on how you can do that just check this link. I followed the exact procedure.

As for the specs the One is using the 801 qualcomm snapdragon 2.5GHz quad core processor with 3GB RAM and 64GB storage. It sports a 5.5 inch screen with gorilla glass 3 protection and resolution of 1080p.

There is 13MP rear camera using the Exmor IMX214 sensor and 5MP front camera. The handset can shoot 4K video and slow motion in 720p @ 120fps. The One also comes with 3 mics for noise cancellation. Main features are 4G, 3G, 2G, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC, GPS (GLONASS) and Wi-Fi (b/g/n/ac). This is with single SIM (micro) slot, runs Cyanogenmod OS (based on Android 4.4) and houses a 3100 mAh Li-Po battery.

oneplus one 64GB ordered

I have completed the order $364.34 with shipping to PPObox in USA. Placed the order on 8th August and on 12th it was shipped. It will first get delivered to the PPObox address in New York, USA and then will be shipped to India via PPObox.

So far I have spend $364 (Rs. 23,254.88) and I guess it will be less than Rs. 3000 [more] (including custom) to get it delivered to India.

Below is the transit time and the amount I paid for shipping and customs.

Order 8/9/2014 Placed
Shipped 12/8/2014 Shipped to my PPOBox
Β 12/8/2014 Item arrived at USPS facility in CITY OF INDUSTRY, CA 91715
(Oneplus has number of warehouses and depending on the address it will ship from the nearest location).
13/8/2014 Arrived at USPS facility in NEW YORK, NY 10199
14/8/2014 Received at PPObox and Shipped to India.
Β In India! 18/8/2014 Received email from PPObox.Item Actual Weight Including Volumetric (lbs.): 1.59
ICC Shipping, Handling & Clearance Fees:Β  Rs. 1,228
Insurance Fees:Β  Rs. 450
Customs Duty: Rs. 1,573
Service Tax: Rs. 207
Total Due: 3,458
Once I make the payment I will get it within few days.
Dispatched 18/8/2014 To my address via BlueDart and received it on 19/8/2014.


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  1. Hello Mr. Gogi when we order Oneplus one from US using PPObox we get the mobile in sealed box or it will be opened ?

    1. Pawan I got it in a sealed box in the same packing as sent by the company, however customs or PPOBox people could open the package for confirmation, but looks like both PPObox and Indian customs know about it and also since the proper invoice is attached in most cases it will not be opened.

  2. Hi Gogi,
    Thanks for blog, following which I ordered OnePlus One Sandstone Black 64 GB vide PPOBox and finally I got it delivered today at my house address. This is just awesome.
    Thanks once again

      1. Hi Gogi, Bit confused about the invites. When and how, I will get the two invites? Please help

  3. Hi Gogi ,

    I got the delivery of the One Plus One 64GB yesterday.
    I followed the procedure of the PPO Box by foliowing your Blog.
    It is soooooo awesome πŸ™‚
    Just wanted to thank you for this as without your guidance I would never have got this masterpiece.
    Just one more question from me please.
    After buying the company gives us the invites to share , my question is what is the validity of those invites?
    They too expire within 24 hours ? or the duration is longer.
    Waiting for your reply.
    Thanks again.

    1. Alex, congrats, when you get an invite you will get an email. Your invite will expire in 6 days. You need to send the invite to someone who is interested. Once the invite is claimed the person who claimed it will get 24 hours to make the payment if it is not done then the invite will get back you so you can pass it to someone else.

    2. Hi Alex,
      I too got an invite & order my phone yesterday (12/11/14), followed the same methods as gogi suggested. Now Im waiting for it, can you tell me within how many days you received the package in India. My only concern is I am not able to track my shipping product. Please can you share your experience regarding this also?

    1. There are many Chinese clones of One plus. Be careful.
      Better buy Original product from the company only.
      Buy only the Global version with Cyanogen 11s.

  4. Please clarify this, while filling PPOBox info, did you input Quantity of items in Package as “1” or “2” as there is Charger and Phone in the package. Thanks

  5. Hi

    For PPOBox registration, is it required to sent ID proof via post or just scanned copy via email is fine?


  6. Congratulations for your phone Sir. I am struggling to get one OPO. Please send me invite if possible. I am desperately waiting to get one.
    Thanks in advance.

  7. Mr.Gogi I am avivd reader of your website since it is started by you. I would like to buy this one plus according to your review. pl send an invitation to me

  8. Gogi…does pandawill and oppomart accept cash on delivery…..plz notify me….would be really greatful

    1. I have not got the invite yet, also the review will be tomorrow as there is software update.

    2. If you can buy me tempered glass and case for Mi3, I have a 64gb invite for OnePlus one black.

  9. Gogi, my friend is sending me mipad from china ,so which one is better EMS or Fedex for courier….and how much custom I have to pay as mipad cost me 15000rs…sir help me for courier service bcoz its my first international courier. …

  10. Gogi will you tell us the exact amount of OPO including PPObox and original handset price in INR?

  11. Dear Gogi Bro, One question i have to ask? In whole transaction how much amount ppobox have charged? You have not discussed about ppobox portion. without taking any charge , How they have managed their expenses?

  12. Congo atlast wait of 15days paid off.. πŸ™‚ Did the package come in sealed condition?? Or was opened by the customs??

  13. Hey Gogi,
    congrats on receiving the one πŸ™‚
    btw did they shipped it to your address or you had to go to the bluedart office to collect your package?

      1. I guess I will get it tomorrow, the handset it with PPOBox mumbai and my payment to them is confirmed just now. Most likely I will get it tomorrow. As for invites nothing yet.

  14. Hello Gogi.
    I have also placed order for one plus one, it says shipment pending, when will it start shipping to ppobox?
    and also when it will arrive at ppobox U.S facility, will they revert to me via mail?
    what documents did you mail to ppobox ?
    do i need a import licence to import oneplusone in India?
    Thank you very much πŸ™‚

    1. Rachit, it will take few days to ship, keep checking the status, it will change to processing and then shipped. You can keep track of it reaching PPObox and when it reaches PPObox you will get an email from them stating that the shipment is shipped to India. Now after that I have so far not received any tracking code, will check with PPObox on tuesday.

      1. Thanks for the reply. πŸ™‚
        one more ques. First after getting the package at their U.S facility they’ll ship it to their Mumbai facility via USPS( i’ve selected USPS) and then to my address via USPS right?
        Also is bluedart better than USPS?

        1. USPS will be from US to US PPObox, from PPObox they use their own logistics or something else to ship to India, you can check the stats in the article you will get an idea how much time it took. Once it reaches India you will get an email ref- the amount you need to pay to PPObox for delivery / customs.

    2. You need to provide a scan of a valid ID proof to PPOBox through email and the scan of the signed declaration form that authorizes to clear customs for shipments on your behalf. Just follow the process on the PPOBox web site for this. Once the shipment arrives in India, they will send an invoice to you in INR for the customs duty and transport and handling charges. You have to pay that online on the PPOBox site using Debit or Credit card. After they receive the payment, they will ship the package to your local address typically through DHL or similar service. Enjoy!

      1. Hey Amit, how do you get the declaration from the customer authorities? I’m in a fix with that part. I’ve submitted my ID proof to PPObox, they have asked me the clearance. They have also provided an example format of the letter. How do I proceed after that? Please help me with this. Thanks.


  15. Dear Gogi

    Have you received Oneplus one..?
    I also have received one invite, and planning to buy it through ppobox…
    Please reply…

    1. Hi not yet, I got mail from PPObox that the handset is shipped but no tracking number yet. I will check on Tuesday as Monday will be a holiday.

      1. Thanks for your reply…
        I just ordered one from oneplus one.
        Thanks to your info (it was really very helpful)…

  16. Gogi and all happy independence day, PayPal does not accepting my credit card can I know which bank credit card have you used to register with PayPal sorry to ask you it might help for me.

  17. Well, that was a neat idea Mr Gogi, does PPOBox only had option to give a NYC address? I believe NYC levies more tax I think PPOBOX might add that? Also there must be a invoice in the package declaring the value of the device if they have declared actual value that might generate more customs in India. I myself actually imported a phone from China in April for around 280 dollars but those guys declared the price on the invoice of 45 dollars when the shipment arrived at Bangalore DHL cleared the customs for me though I had to provide documents it was only 840rs.

    1. Yes standard and I got a call today the PPObox delivery chargers from USA to India will be 3500 all inclusive.

    1. Keep checking this page, I am updating the shipping section, I have not yet received, once I get it the review will be up in 2 days.

  18. Mr.gogi do u have any idea wen will opo launch in India as i got an invite and should i wait till their launch or go for it…

    1. Not sure when it will be in India, but with the invite it will cost you approx 26800, with proper custom via ppobox. That is 3,500 extra, if OPO comes in India it may be cheaper than this may be – 2000 approx. If you can’t wait then go ahead. I don’t think OPO will be in India very soon.

  19. Gogi, how do you get invite? I also registered on OnePlus site but never got any invite.

  20. Out of topic – I thought paypal don’t allow Indians to pay. As per RBI rules. We can just receive money. Do let me know if you have referral link on this thing.

      1. No, there is no limit on the amount but there is limit on bank accounts, i mean paypal uses only two banks and their credit or debit cards ICICI and AXIS in India, I am using Paypal from past 2 years to import stuffs online.

        1. Update your knowledge. no restriction on debit or credit card. Myself registered with sbi card.

      2. I am a designer and I haven’t found any limit in receiving. Though I just checked. We can pay but papal does apply heavy conversion rate.

  21. Gogi, I have already got invitation code I was thinking to buy as like you placed order but I feel this is highly risky what do you think gogi sir should I wait until they launch in India or place order?

    1. I think it is safe better wait and see when I get it. Also invitation is for limited period only if you do not use it then it goes back to to the person who gave you the invite. As for OnePLus in India, I don’t think it will happen soon.

  22. So gogi did you already paid the amount via online ?? and how ? did you get any difficulty as you have to pay up in dollars ?

  23. I received an invite a week before for the 64GB sandstone black edition and I didn’t claim it as I didn’t know about the PPOBox method back then.

    Now i have to wait again for an invite. Luckily you found the method when needed. Congrats !!

  24. Nice 1 Gogi, Finally we will get 2 c the One+1 full & detailed review
    Hope they launch soon in INDIA Jai Hind

    1. Not sure yet, wait for it to reach there, I will get the quote when the parcel reaches PPObox and they are ready to ship into India.

      1. It will be good to know the duty part.because at β‚Ή 23+3k..this is a real good bargain..thanks for the gen..believe that oneplus One 64 gb is a real flagship.

    1. I currently don’t have any invite, I might get one (all who buy get it), not sure when.

  25. That’s great we can expect as soon as possible review from your side suppose if you got defective unit is there any chance to get replacement?