After launching the OnePlus one 64GB variant in India, OnePlus company is now gearing up to launch the OnePlus One 16GB version. The 16GB will come with a Silk White back panel. The price tag has not yet been disclosed.

OnePlus One (OPO) 16GB will also be invitation based available exclusively on 64GB is selling for Rs. 21,999 – the price of 16GB could be under Rs. 19,000. The company might reduce the price even further to make it more competitive when compared with the Xiaomi Mi4 16GB version.

OPO India is running a contest on Facebook, the winners will get OPO 16GB invites. So watch out for the 16GB version – it is the same stuff with 16GB storage instead of 64GB and well the back panel is different, it is silky white colour.

What do you think should be the best price for the OPO 16GB variant?

OnePlus One 16GB coming soon

Published by Gogi Rana

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  1. I am not able to understamd the logic behind invite system sale. If OPO really want to sell their product at large quantity,then why this invite needed? It should be open sale !! What you say Gogi bhai!!

  2. It should not be priced more then 13K, also this invitation system doesn’t work, it means only few privileged ones are invited, rest are not wanted.

    1. Tell me any other brand giving sd 801 with 3gb ram and full hd display for 13k. Comment karne milta hai to kuchh bhi comment karne ka kya? :-p

    1. Very true, invitation system is worse than flash sales. Looks like they invite only their friends and followers!
      Atleast flash sales is like lottery. And invitation is like a marriage invitation.

  3. But Sales Want To Go Open Sales.
    If Opo Sales Through Invite System Then Customers Move To Mi4 Or Honor 6

  4. Anything from ₹15999 to ₹17999 will be a great and challenging Price for sure if the rest of the hardware and software are same as on the 64 GB variant.

  5. Awesome !!!!!!! good news for consumers when their is competition among makers, Price could be 17999INR.