As promised by Micromax, the Micromax A110 jelly bean upgrade is now available, it could take few days before the service centers download the update. It would be better to get the handset upgraded from the Micromax Service center.

For those who cannot wait can grab the V3 upgrade from the Micromax ftp website. You can easily search for the MMX FTP link / user and password on the net. Inside the A110 directory you will find the V2_06121 and V3_120313_Update to Jelly Bean directory.

Just download the file which is around 289MB and the installation procedure is the same like we did for the V2 ROM. Do read How to upgrade to V2 article. Do note that though the procedure is the same the files / directory are different so just use it accordingly.

I will try getting my handset upgraded to Jelly Bean within few days and will update. In the mean time those who have successfully installed the V2 on their own can try this new V3 ROM and do leave a comment.

Thank you Shreyas for letting me know about the V3 availability.

Micromax A110 JB update

Published by Gogi Rana

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  1. i have been upgraded to jb version after that i have tried some unofficial roms then my wifi,blutooth,radio not turning on what can i do ,,,,

  2. HI
    I just updated my mobile micromax canvas a110 to jellybean and it sucks battery a lot. Can you please tell me the process to downgrade my mobile to icecream sandwich.

    1. Hi
      Anita u can download the stock rom file and apply using cwm recovery if ur cell is rooted ; and if not u can visit the service center for ics.

      P.S. If its rooted the i wud suggest u to apply suvi rom on ur cell m using it awsome battery backup + the ui of S4

  3. hi I want to know that how can I get like when we get a call it says that its from america or etc. but how can I get this in jb. please somebody reply me by my email regards

  4. hai,I tried to update cangalaxy v3 rom on my canvas 2.but it has some problem so rom wasn’t installed fully,i have updated 4.1.1 again but while switch on time micromax superfone logo is not coming. samsung galaxy S4 screen is coming (while pressing volume + & – with power key) some new 3 option are coming recovery,fast boot, revert back to original micromax A110 boot screen what i have to do?

  5. Hi Gogi,

    I am Aftab, I am having a strange problem with my Micromax 110, it is functioning on its own, it starts calling any random number from my phone book, opens web browsers, even random types on the browser and opens messages on its own and also tries and reply. Opens my emails and tries to reply. I have done the factory reset twice but it is of no use. I have scanned for virus but problem still remains. Please help.

    1. I think u r using flap cover. It is happening because of moisture. I was facing the same problem but when I use it without flip cover it was working fine(after two days).

  6. After updating jelly bean my phone battery backup is not good … if am connecting wifi means it comes only 1 hr..pls help me

    1. If its rooted the i wud suggest u to apply suvi rom on ur cell m using it awsome battery backup + the ui of S4

  7. What is the significance of the zsd option on canvas 2 after the jb upgrade. does it effect the camera quality..

  8. i cannot dawonload from the ftp site, it is asking for username and password.. what to do?

  9. i have upgrade my a110 to jb bt evrythng is fi9 excpt one my phns bttry backup suckssssssssss…
    it bcoms half of wht it before…
    so plz before upgrade ur cel be aware….
    nd i dnt knw how to dwn grade it….

  10. A110 Canvas 2 got updated with Jelly Bean at Micromax Service centre. Unable to stop vibrating for incoming call. How to stop vibrating?

  11. Hi!..I just upgraded my Canvas 2 to JB through XDA forum guide. The upgrade was successful and I am quite happy with the performance. However, I have seen that the boot screen has changed. The “Superfone” logo has been changed to only “Canvas” which seems custom to me. Should I be worried? Have I upgraded to a custom JB by mistake?

    1. Hey dude don’t worry I had bought canvas 2 15 da ys before on stock job even I had only canvas but not superfone

  12. open dialer and dial [mtk engineering mode] *#*#3646633#*#*

    under connectivity goto “CDS information” tab or directly goto “CDS information” tab.
    goto “Radio Information”
    select Phone1,
    you can see AT+ at the top,
    touch it,
    and type AT+EGMR=1,7,”xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”
    type your 15-digit IMEI in the quotes in place of xxxx…
    it will show a message like sent successful…….[i dont remember it…]
    now reboot your phone….
    for second sim follow same procedure but,
    select Phone 2 in radio,
    and type AT+EGMR=1,10,”xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”
    type your 15-digit IMEI in the quotes in place of xxxx…
    it will show a message like sent successful…….[i dont remember it…]
    now reboot your phone….

    1. thanks bro it worked…………….thanks a lot…………….

  13. plz can some body tell me how to roll back to ics 4.0 in canvas 2?? plz help

  14. i have successfully updated to v3.10.
    but my phone is not detecting sim says invalid IMEI at the bottom of notification area.
    plz help me guys…required immediate assistance 🙂

  15. i have upgraded micromax a110 to cynus jelly bean as published at in usa . my tmobile 3G usa and vodafobne 3g sim from delhi under roaming, both were working fine.. when i came back last week to new delhi , and tried airtel sim 64 k(up east) it was not working in either slot while voda sim working very fine…. when i tried that in up west circle airtel was workin as well as bsnl was working. when i gone to up east circle airtel again stopped working as well as bsnl 3g sim ( 128kb ) . all other companies sim are working in this handset except airtel :
    pl suggest the remedy

    can i upgrade to micromax 110 official update and how?

    1. Don’t upgrade to v3.10.
      my airtel and tata docomo even idea sim is not working…

  16. Hi all,
    is there any softer to have multiple window in canvas2 jelly bean.
    Thanks in advance.

  17. go to setting u find developer option tick usb debugging then connect to the computer it will be detected

  18. Hi.. I used to connect my A110 to PC from the USB cable and it was working fine till Friday and I had also installed JB through this.

    But from Yesterday the system is not detecting my mobile after I connect to the PC via USB cable however my mobile (Battery) is getting recharged. Any idea how to connect to PC as I had to transfer few files from Mobile to PC.

    Please let me know.


    1. yes… dont update to V3 1.11 … its really heating up a lot… my battery booster app also saying again and again that your phone is heating up… Downgrading to 1.10 within 24 hours… 🙁

      1. Anybody else facing heating problem in new v3 rom or any other problem in new rom please share???

        1. I wonder why you guys are misleading everybody with wrong info…
          I have myself nstalled V3 1.11, rooted and then modded myself.. there no such hearing issue..

          there is no visible difference between 1.10 and 1.11 just the kernel has new compiled date!
          rest is all the same..

          i wonder you should go check service center!

          1. I flashed 10-12 days back, not facing any heating problem like people are telling here. I even watched 2 hours continuous video with blue tooth on.
            V3 1.11 version display is more crispy and clear.

            Please also consider the weather condition since its peak summer most of the places.

          2. Dude….! may be you are not facing heating issue but appart from that some features are missing in v3.11 i.e. when you missed any call there is a call back option in notification. also you can’t see full msg in notification tray(i found better msg notification in v3.10). better to stick with official V3.10. i’ve a doubt that v3.11 is official or not (as no one knows mmx new ftp id and password ;p)
            not misleading to any one just sharing what i noticed.

          3. i got the jellybean update 2 days back and felt heating problem is only when i charge my set and work at the same time like if i receive call while charging or play games or use net while charging other than this no noticeable heating issues. I am facing two issues after the update
            1. Vividness of the screen is not the same which was much better in V1 rom. (though i got the solution and will try that)

            2. Camera performance is down (or may be it look so bcs of screen )
            And a question to Gogi in camera settings there is new option i.e. ZSD what is that?

          4. a liitle bit of heating has increased near the sim slots of the phone because wer it got its gpu and its normal on jellybean bcoz it forces the gpu to maintain a good fps throughout the usage. so dont worry it wont harm you and at time of charging if you feel heating problem that is also normal! but if you face abnormal heating then go to service centre coz it was reported that few devices were defective and are replaced asap now talking about v3 1.10 and v3 1.11 there is no change in UI and all watevr you got in 1.10 is still dere in 1.11 only 1.11 has a new kernel compilation and the company has changed the logo from superphone to canvas thats it.
            advantage of 1.11 over 1.10 its more smooth
            better benchmark scores
            better gps lock (though not very great but stl btr thn 1.10)
            gaming performance enhanced
            more free ram may be due to new kernel
            less lag in whole UI
            touch performance improved overall

            if u get any problem with 1.11 then it may b coz u ddint installed it properly or 1.11 rom package which you are using is not a clean one . and if you do it through cwm then it wont ever work properly coz ur kernel compilation is not done so use flash tool and enjoy your phone.

          5. my phone updated with jb 1.10 by myself.when 1.11 was released ? do i need to update to 1.11 is there any major changes? cause my camera quality sucks after updating to jb1.10.

    2. My both sim were working fine. I removed them and reinserted. Now none is working.

  19. Can anybody confirm if we can move apps directly to external sd card in jelly bean v3 1.11 update(March 18)? please guys tell me i am going to service center for the update as its available in my city now.

    1. Hi gogi, is v 1.11 micromax official released or its a third party custom rom?

  20. Dear Gogi,

    I have purchased Micromax A110 Canvas 2 on last week. But it seems that auto rotation is not working properply. can you help on this to me?


    1. get updated to latest version of softwares from service centre you will get rid of all your problems!

  21. Can anybody confirm that the update of jelly bean v3 1.11 available at xda developers website is the official one or customized by XDA??

    1. Its official

      It shows boot logo has Canvas while booting

      Use similar method you flashed for V1 V2 & Jelly bean using flash tool.

  22. reply from micromax when i ask about jellybean update:-

    Dear Valued Customer,

    Thank you for your Email, we would like to inform you that upgradation of jelly bean software on A110 is under reconsideration so request you to provide us some time for same. We will update you shortly on this via email .

    For any further Assistance you can log onto our website and contact us on customer care number:011-44770044

    Assuring you with best of our services and we value your association with us.

    Thanks & Regards,


    Subject: regarding canvas 2 jellybean update…


    i have micromax a110 canvas 2, i have some confusions regarding jellybean update… following are my query :-

    1) have heard that mmx have released v1.11 update on 18/03/2013. Is it true ? 2) have heard that mmx is going to release another jellybean update on 10/04/2013-15/04/2013 as present jellybean is not stable. Is is True ?

    i still have ics and i have not upgraded yet…. do i upgrade or wait for stable jellybean ? pls reply as soon as possible….

  23. pls help me is there another update coming up for jelly bean as this is not stable ..some glitches in apps …and also when I click a picture I can not see the click pic immediately the camera is ready for best click…pls help

  24. hi gogi… I had my canvas updated from service center to jelly bean but for some reason the fb and few other apps were removed..I download fb but i have issues with it as I press multiple times like button but nothing happens it doesn’t register and while updating the comment or status message I get error stating could not update error try again..pls help me and some applications doesn’t load..over all the phone has become very nice and fast by has some glitches when it comes to few applications..

  25. Hi gogi after update to jb v3 1.11. My a110 send registration sms to micromax after every switch on. How to stop this my balance is cut every time?

    1. Not sure why its happening, did you try factory reset? or try flashing the ROM again without SIM card and start the phone without SIM for first time, then with SIM see if it makes a difference.

    2. Even i flashed V3 1.11 Nothing happening like that, for me it happen only once at first time when flashed and rebooted.

    3. use Root exploror…. go to System > app > and delete the file named “MicromaxRegist.apk” … see.. if it can help you 🙂
      and even you can delete default games, micromax default app (M store etc.) from there….

  26. Hi..
    Is it possible to flash Custom ROM’s in Micromax A110 with SP tools directly instead of CWM, rooting..? I had managed easily with Nokia Symbian using phoenix tool alone.

  27. gogi sir, its been a long time that u didnt reviewed the official jelly bean.
    we trust ur unbiased reviews very much. canvas 2 is a big hit in smartfones
    history. so it does deserves the time being update by experts like u. even if u dont hv the fone, its not a problem for u to arrange one. hope u’ll give it pros n cons soon.

    1. Avishek, I do not have the phone with me but better to get the update done from the service center as there were some issues with the JB update they might have fixed that and also no other option left cause they have changed the FTP password. You can however try customized ROM from XDA forum if you know how to or can follow the instructions.

  28. Hi Gogi,

    Mobile Hotspot Problem!!!!!
    Please Please Help!

    I have updated my phone with helly bean ROM. Earlier to this I had megamax Jelly bean ROM. In both the roms I am not able to access internet using mobile hotspot. Hotspot gets created and I am able to connect my laptop to phone but it says no internet access. I am using windows 7

    Any solution. Anyone. Please help! This is one of the most important features for me.


  29. Hello Golgi please help me with this
    AFTER upgraded official v3 1.11 ROM mobile send registration SMS to micromax every 3 3 to 5 hours what should I do???

  30. In my canvas 2 i get a notification saying “Mobile log service status”
    I dont know why its there ………I recently formated my phone , sd cards (internal and external)
    Other problem is that only internal or external SD card is mounted ….both cannot get mounted togather
    Any idea Gogi ?