Noble Skiodo Company (USA) has launched 48 inch LED TV with 1920 x 1080p resolution for Rs. 28,499 in India. Key highlight is taht this LED TV comes with MHL for mobile connectivity that will allow users to stream content from their mobile onto the big screen.

Noble Skiodo products come with 1 year onsite warranty – they have 202 service TPs, 141 service CRCs, 40 service depots and 38 service branches. This 48 inch FHD TV model 50MS48N01 comes with 1080p resolution – 16:9 aspect ratio and 300000:1 contrast ratio.

There is built in MHL to share media files from other devices on to this Big TV, built in Bluetooth, Amplifier for external speakers, 12Wx2 sound output, VGA port, 2x USB ports, 2x HDMI ports and built in games. All this packed into a sleek body.

Noble Skiodo 48 inch TV price in India

32 inch HD TV is also available for Rs. 11,499.
32 inch Smart HD TV is priced at Rs. 14,490.
40 inch FHD TV for Rs. 17,990.
48 inch FHD Smart TV for Rs. 29,990.

Check the details here.

The 48 inch smart TV comes with 3x HDMI ports and 3x USB ports. It also comes with built in WiFi and Motions sensors plus keyboard remote.

Noble Skiodo 48 inch smart TV with keyboard remote

Noble Skiodo 48 inch Full HD LED TV price in India is Rs. 28,499 now available exclusively on Amazon.

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  1. Sorry Gogi
    There is nothing special mhl feature in this tv….only to misguide people…….. every Led Hd tv has hdmi port…and MHL will only work, if your mobile is equipped with MHL out port either with cable or wirelessly like letv max.

    1. Most mobiles don’t have MHL today but by next year, probably all phones will come equipped with it. Until then, this can be used as a regular tv I guess unless you have an MHL enabled phone

      Of course if they come up with an updated MHL standard by then, this may go waste! But likely there are MHL go betweens you can use to connect any MHL enabled device to any smart TV. So yeah inbuilt MHL may not be that useful when standards keep getting updated. That’s why Google are going with the modular phone concept.

    2. Hi Sajid,
      Do you know any retailer in Indore or Bhopal selling Noble Skiodo 40 inch TV, I am seriously thinking to purchase one but want to review it before buying.

  2. Gogi please clarify,

    Is it wireless Mhl or with cable connectivity?

    Mhl is mobile feature works with few mobiles like letv 1s and galaxy S3 with cable connecting to hdmi port of tv.

    Is this TV’s mhl can connect to any smartphone?

    Pls explain in detail.

      1. So it will work only with the Mobiles having MHL feature or with any mobile ?

  3. Gogi,one question will it works with smartphone like my Rn3 which do not have mhl and how, I am interested on that Rs 14490, please reply.

  4. Hi Gogi,
    Can you please tell something about VU televisions. I am looking to buy Vu 109cm (43) Ultra HD (4K) Smart LED TV. But cant do a quality check, since there are no showrooms in Delhi. Want to buy it. Any help on matter would be appreciated.

    1. plz dont by ‘Vu’ tv its junk…instead buy Hisense TV from ‘shopclues’ the seller in it is also Delhi based, he will be accessible to you in case if any warranty issues…Hisense is a global brand and also worlds 3rd largest selling tvs after sony samsung etc…shopclues is selling 50 inch 4K led tv for just 37000 rupees model 50k321 this model also has youtube reviews internationally. incase if u buy it plz upload unboxing video im also planning for it.

      1. i am using vu 40 inch fhd tv… at a price of 21999 u cant get better than this…. good display quality, good sound quality, beutiful design at just rs 21999 what else u want… dont know about ultra hd picture quality but fhd one is worth its price

  5. Reviews on amazon, flipkart and snapdeal are good, but most of them complaining about wifi n android features issues. Regarding picture quality everyone is amazed.

  6. Gogi.. the one with Wi-Fi and motion sensor is with 29,999 price.. this one is not with Wi-FI.. Can you check on this and confirm.. Thanks!

    1. Yes the Motion Sensor one is Smart TV and it comes with WiFi, have mentioned that in the article.

  7. Mr. Gogi, We can trust this brand? and What about 32 inch HD TV Rs. 11,499 ? Is it Worth Buying? What’s your call on this?

    1. Price looks great, it is a new brand for me too, better wait for user reviews and then decide. Not sure if these TV’s are available in offline stores, if they are then one can have a look and check the quality.