Android 4.4.2 KitKat update for Moto G dual SIM handset in India came much faster than anticipated. The update is now available via OTA (Over the Air). File size is 230MB and it takes about 5 to 7 minutes to update after the file is downloaded.

Before you update make sure to keep the battery level over 50%, better still if it’s over 75%. You can check the Moto G with Android 4.3 review here.

Here is a brief Moto G review after the KitKat update

  • The data / apps that you have installed are retained, nothing is lost.
  • The user interface is the same you will hardly notice any difference before and after the update.
  • OTG is supported and you get a notification too. And when you use a file manager app you do get the USBDISK option. With Android 4.3 we never got the notification and one had to navigate into multiple folders to access the pendrive content. Well on KitKat OTG works out of the box. You can copy data from Phone onto the Pendrive using OTG.
  • Camera interface is the same, nothing new. Camera quality seems a little better. The HDR if set in auto mode (camera will shoot in HDR when applicable) improves the picture quality.
  • I have not used the handset much after the KitKat update, but battery backup looks good almost as on Jelly Bean 4.3.
  • Performance is near about the same as experienced with Android 4.3.
  • GPS lock is fast as it was before (almost instant and works indoors too).
  • Internal storage is 5.52GB and of the 1GB RAM available free RAM is 429MB free.

Moto G with Android 4.4 kitkat

Benchmark Score

With Android 4.3 With Android 4.4
Quadrant Standard – 8673 Quadrant Standard – 8688
AnTuTu – 17194 AnTuTu – 17275
Vellamo – HTML5 1937, Metal 522 Vellamo – HTML5 1270, Metal 528
Nenamark 2 – 56.9 fps Nenamark 2 – 58 fps

As for gaming all the games that played on the 4.3 will work on the 4.4 version too. If you have noticed the FPS is a little better on with KitKat 4.4.2 Strange that Vellamo HTML5 is lower but other benchmarks are close enough.

Go ahead and get the update done. It also makes sense as future Motorola updates/ fixes will be on the Android 4.4. OTG works and your data / apps are retained (but it would be better to take a backup just in case). Camera quality seems to have improved.

Moto G is available on Flipkart.

Moto G Sample image after KitKat update

Moto G with KitKat review video

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  1. Gogi sir,

    I have a doubt.
    Can I connect micro SD card to moto g by card reader?
    pls reply me!
    I’m about to buy one.

  2. Hi gogi,
    I have only one question that you is available free ram is around 430 MB don’t you it’s very less means “IF WE PLAY MORE GAMES ON THIS HANDSET (AFTER SIX MONTHS) WILL IT WORK LIKE NORMAL ONLY OR IT WILL GET VERY SLOW)
    please reply gogi because i am about to order this phone.
    Thanks in advance.

      1. How is the battery life in this phone after KitKat update. I had to fight for getting 24hrs battery. With Little calls. Wifi and whatsapp mostly , not full time. I feel it difficult to handle for 24hrs. Pl tell us how to manage the battery.

  3. gogi, any other phone around 13000rs that can compete with moto g.. with the same audio quality and better camera??

  4. gogi, is the camera of moto g really bad as compared to xperia u and other phones at the same price tag?? and what about that oil paint effect.. did it improve after the update?? moreover from the images it can be seen that it struggles during focus.. is this a software issue or hardware one?? plz gogi.. help me.. and can we transfer data from pendrive to phone and vice versa?? plz answer as I am planning to buy this phone..

    1. After the kitkat update the camera has improved but yes in general Xperia gives better output.

  5. Any dongle is working with moto g through otg cable???
    Pls reply sir as soon as possible

  6. Hi gogi ji..
    want to know that is there is any earphone(headset) they r giving with box( moto g) or should i buy it seperately?
    thanks in advance…

  7. Hi Gogi & all people ,I want to know how you all download big android games (2GB+) Because it will take too much bandwidth and 1gb 3G is for 150 then how you download that much?? or anyone please share your games with me in pune I will pay you :). /anyone know any shop in Pune for the same?
    [Device: Moto G]

    1. gogi ,I am enjoining My Moto G very much which I bought after asking you. Now it will be easy for me if you also tell me any affordable plan for downloading huge data games (total 20gb+) or which plan you use? because 1gb 3g for 150 rs is not sufficient.

      Today Is my b’day , IT WILL BE MY today’s first “B’DAY GIFT” FOR ME IF YOU ANSWER THIS 🙂

      1. Hi I download games using Wi-Fi. But the new games they keep updating every now and then, so have to downloaded the new data files when there is an update.

      2. okay but for using WiFi it require primary net connection that I was asking which I should use . you use wired broadband ? and which pack ? just these two question I was asking.
        STRONGLY hope you reply !!!

  8. This product crap. I have been using it for more than a month now. Though the phone is very fast with no lags at all but there is major issue with the network. Signal of both the Sim cards drop to zero in the middle of the call, phone remains on still it gives not reachable message to people who call me. Later I get missed call messages even for the time phone was on. Now what good is the phone if you are not able to talk on it. I should have gone for grand 2 instead.

    1. Abhay, did you try getting it checked at service center? They have the software update to fix that issue.

  9. Very serious issue…

    Several times in a DAY that I cant hear incoming calls or even when I dial any number i cant hear any voice. Then when I restart, it works properly for few hours, then again same problem.

    Its very sad that I have to restart my phone 5-6 times a day if I have to use my phone for calling. My phone is just a month old. I am feeling cheated.

  10. i want to buy moto g but there are some reported bugs in kitkat OS WHICH are affecting many users.


  11. gogi sir
    is moto g available at mobile store or any mobile shop or only online?
    I want to buy it.

      1. thak u gogi ji…
        i am confused between moto g and magnus a117…can u suggest me which one should i go for as moto g is not available in mobile shop?

        1. Moto G is good but not available in stores, so you can go got A117 or wait for some more launches.

          1. heard that a117 has some sound problem…nd could u suggest me some other phone which is going to launch under 15k?

  12. Sir,

    I am not able to connect my moto G with my PC (xp sp3). While same when I connect in other PC (with same configuration) it works perfectly.

    pls help.

      1. well no one will support windows xp( 13 year old operating system), get windows 7 or 8,1, everything will just work fine.

  13. Hi Mr. Gogi,

    I had bought the Moto G dual sim from flipkart. The mobile data connection never works. initially it worked, downloaded approx 4 mb of data. The signals switches 3g to H+ to H and nil, it repeats all the time. But, can not browse internet. It has already Kitkat upated.
    your valuable solution is much appreciated.


    1. Try it from a different location may be some network issue at your end, last option is to do a factory reset and see if that does not work ask for a replacement.

  14. Is anybody using Call recorder app (which records both party’s voice) on Moto G (dual SIM) then please share….

  15. Hi,

    This is my first question in your forum. I am not able to send 700mb file from my nokia X2-01 to moto G. However 70mb i am able to send. Is it something wrong with my set.

    Also the charger getting hot while charging the phone.

    I appreciate If I get any answers from you.

    thnx in advance

    1. Probably the X2-01 times out, you can try moving the file to PC and then to the Moto G. As for the charger it does not get too hot, if it is getting too hot then try using it from a different electrical point / try charging handset in switch off mode to see if the same occurs. If there is still an issue you can try getting in touch with Moto G customer service or if you have a samsung charger that also works fine.

      1. Tnx sir,

        I will definitely proceed as per your instructions.

        I installed Raging thunder 2. But it did not open and I was not able to play it. any suggestions!!

        Also suggest the File Explorer for it

  16. Yesterday I got my Moto G replacement. The new device comes with Android Kitkat 🙂
    Replacement is done within 3 days 😉

  17. Hi Gogi,
    Am unable to use OTG on my Moto G……… Kindly help me out on this. Thanks in advance.

  18. Hi Gogi ,got my Moto yesterday ,the built quality is the best ,premium as you said But the volume buttons and power button making noise or TikTik sound when I shake the phone , is your same or should I replace?

    Also camera is very very bad gogi when i see captured images its look like oil painting. my previous zen 701 was way better but sadly I sold it.:(

    1. Vishal, I can also hear the noise button is bit loose but its okay. As or camera is it with kitkat update? also check the video review you need to enable auto focus.

      1. yes its with KitKat and I had enabled autofocus also. also at night close up shots comes yellowish. (without any light – i took hand or selfie )

  19. Hi Gogi,
    Very Good evening…….
    I have some doubts plz clarify me, after searching i finally decided to take Moto g but its an non removable battery, it may a disadvantage (If its hang after using 6 months or battery lost his capacity after along use at the time is there any solution to replace with new battery) Plz give me the clarity.

    Am waiting your response……. going to buy tomorrow so plz plz…

    1. Nataraj, no issues with non-removal battery. You can always get it serviced at the service center in case of an issue. But generally the battery will last for many years.

      1. Thanks for reply in mean time…
        Yes, am looking for long term. From service centre we can make it clear means no issue.
        Thank you……

  20. Hi Gogi,
    How much time it will take to charge the moto g to 100%? and also generally a 2070 mAH battery?
    I have updated moto g to kitkat .Battery charging to 100% ,when the mobile is switched off ,takes more than 2 1/2 hours .
    when the mobile is on and when I charge for an hour it is charging 20% (.i.e when the mobile is 50%, when I charged for 1 hour , battery charged to 70%.
    Is there a problem in the mobile.
    Please clarify .

    1. Ramnath, on wall charger it should be within 3 hours and if you are using a PC (data cable connect to USB and the phone) to charge it will take a longer time.

        1. It takes about 3 hr to charge using bundled charger.

          BTW Gogi.. My mob is loosing battery 15% in 3G in 1 hr.. is it normal? I have battery saver enabled.
          How is your mobile’s battery backup?

          Also I think after 2 yr when I have to change the battery it will be a headache..I don’t know if it will be available then or not..

          1. When 3G is on are you using it or its just on (not in use / occasionally in use). There should not be any issue with battery. Try running the handset as long as it can I mean let the phone auto shut itself when the battery gets very low see how long it goes on.

  21. hi gogi,I want to know whether i can use my Tata photon + dongle(which i use to browse internet in my laptop) through OTG cable to browse internet in my moto g also. Thanks.

  22. Hi all…I just got my phone delivered… I want to transfer my whatsapp backup and few other files from PC to Moto G. However, the option to use as USB doesn’t come. It only shows 2 options: Media and Camera.

    Can someone help.


  23. Sir yesterday I have asked flipkart for replacement and within 2-3 days I will get my replaced set. Will it come with KitKat. Is there any other difference between old and new lot.

    1. No different, except for the OS I think the new lot will be with 4.4 kitkat running out of the box.

      1. Thanks, gogi sir you really helping me from moto to even otg.
        Just to be on safer side it will not affect pen drive na cos its so very tight.

  24. Hi all…I just got my phone delivered… I want to transfer my whatsapp backup and few other files from PC to Moto G. However, the option to use as USB doesn’t come. It only shows 2 options: Media and Camera.

    Can someone help.


  25. sir if the camera issue is now solved then why you gave it 4.5 stars???? doesn’t it deserves a 5 star from you???

  26. Hello gogi Sir, I have upgraded my Moto G to Kitkat and today i recharged my mobile with 3g pack of Vodafone (Mumbai) but after turning on the 3g under preffered network type from 2g to 3g it is not showing me the 3g sign on top on display notification instead it is showing me H+ which may also be HSDPA. I also checked the speed but it doesnt seems to be of 3g. So please guide me how to turn on 3g on my Moto G 8 gig. Thanks in advance.

  27. Yeah sir thanks thanks for your quick reply.
    But i meant is zen cam or hd cam better than moto g? (close up & long both)

  28. Gogi one more question we know magnus has better camera than moto g but what about zen ultrafone 701 or canvas hd?

    1. Vishal the camera output on 701 and HD are also good but magnus camera quality is little better and you can clearly see the difference.

      1. tell me please moto g 8gb is inough for me .I am most of using game or fb.,whats up,andnormal aaps

  29. Gogi sir,
    There is slight leakage of light from bottom left corner near navigation panel…noticable significantly on black backgrounds and high brightness. This is technically known as “Backlight Bleeding”…
    If anyone experiencing plz mention….
    might check while playing video(fully black) or through playstore app – “Backlight bleed test”
    or on youtube.
    should i go for replacement for this issue as everything apart is perfect

  30. Gogi.. I got my moto g on 27th Feb. I have upgraded it to 4.4.2 yesterday and it is working better.
    My AnTuTu benchmark is 17352.. I have check twice.. It is more than what you got..
    While running my messengers etc free RAM is 341 MB..
    But Battery is a matter of concern.. with 3G on and with whatsapp and messenger running it finishes in the evening itself..not full day.

  31. Hi Gogi,

    I am not getting the good batter backup. it is just giving me 12 hours backup on normal usage: My usage are:

    Music player for max 2 hours…
    3G internet for 4-6 hours (on time)
    gaming for max… 20-30 minutes…
    calling for max.. 1 hour

    Is everything okey or need to do some tricks to get good battery backup?

    Could you please refer any website for rooting this device? (if you know for dual sim version)


    1. Hi, 3G for 6 hours, were you using the handset continuously or just that the 3G was on. Try using 2x battery saver app and see if that helps, there is battery saving option in settings -> battery you can try that too.

  32. Giving camera error all the time after updating to kitkat. After restarting works fine for sometime and then again same problem occurs help me to resolve this.

    1. Me too facing the same problem. After updating the 4.4 version, Camera Error is persistant for longer time now.. What to do??

      1. Hi Gogi sir,
        I had ordered my moto g on 3rd-MARCH-2014 and i received it just 10 mins back.
        I am suspicious of the device i have received
        The device is already an upgraded one having android 4.4.2
        Also while I am charging the phone i don’t see any LED notification
        I checked settings, Pulse light notification is already ON, still no LED notification while charging the phone
        Did you face the same issue
        Can you guide me through my queries ?


        1. Ankit the new lot will come with 4.4 pre-installed. And as for the LED notification it does not show when charging, you will see it when you get notifications. Try sending an SMS from another phone to your phone and see.

          1. Thank you gogi sir, I’ll check the same and update here after I get a micro-SIM

  33. Finally got my update… One issue still persists…. On my screen the white is not complete white… Its yellowish.. There is a yellow tint.. Please … Anybody conform …open google in moto G and any other phone and see if the background color is same white in both… Or moto G has yellow tint… Gogi plz confirm

  34. sir everyone commenting ornetwork issue charging issue nd battery issue 🙁 i ordered mine today nd now m feeling my choice is right or not 🙁 very confusion sir tell me seriously there is any prob?

  35. Mr. Gogi u mentioned that OTG works in Kitkat version.. i tried it but it shows blank device storage. can u tell me how to connect it? what are apps required to do so?

  36. hi… I’m trying to download 4.4 update ..and it is very slow…. did any one else faced the same issue… please tell how much time it took to download the update completely…

  37. Getting some problems with moto g
    1. Camera Error ( solved only after restarting )
    2. Network error. Sometimes either of the sim goes out of network. ( Solved after reinserting Sim)
    3. It happened yesterday while making calls from Sim 2 there was no sound on both sides ( listener and caller).
    Should I go for exchange from flipkart or any other alternative.
    Pls help.

    1. I am facing the same network problems.. It loses its network automatically..
      Many times there is no sound when making or receiving is due to kitkat update or issue with network operator? I am using reliance Sim card.please help

    1. Yes it will work, but in case you drop it in not so fresh water then better get it cleaned at service centre before starting as residues may cause issue.

  38. Yes we can change ringtone by just installing es file explorer. Gogi sir I am facing some problems ;
    1. Camera error ( solved onlyvafter restarting phone)
    2. Network problem – sometimes any one Sim will show no signal ( solved after reinsert ing Sim)
    3. Sound problem – it happened yesterday I made a call from Sim 1 but no sound. Call was continuing but no sounds to either side. Reinsert end Sim , nothing happens. Inserted same Sim in other mobile it was perfect. After an hour it was back to normal.
    Gigi sir I need ur reply . should I complain to flipkart for exchange or any other alternative.

  39. I too am getting camera error on my Moto g after the kitkat update. The camera works for a while after you restart the phone. But after sometime the same error and camera doesn’t work. How do I resolve it?

    1. See, Canvas Magnus has a compartively smaller screen. Also the Internal memory is 8 GB of xolo q2000 which is 4 Gb in magnus. Xolo has got a better camera of 13 mp. However sir says he wasn’t able to record the full hd videos due to some bugs which didn’t come up on canvas magnus. But canvas magnus has 1.5 ghz quad core processor whereas xolo has 1.2 ghz quad core processor. benchmarks score were also better on magnus. it supports 10 point multitouch whereas xolo does 4 point. he XOLO Q2000 has got the looks and the size, if that is what you are looking for; otherwise you can get magnus as sir wrote on his blog which reviewed xolo.

  40. Respected sir,
    as moto g doesnt have external memory and also memory is limited upto 16gb.
    So is it more preferable to buy moto g or should i go for canvas magnus.i want good battery life and gaming….
    Thnk u in advance…
    And your reviews are very helpful..