Microsoft at an event in New York has announced the Surface Pro 3 tablet that is 9.1mm thick, light weight and runs on the Windows 8.1 Pro OS. The Pro 3 is a tablet as powerful as a laptop. Pre-booking have already started for $799 onwards.

The Surface Pro 3 weight is around 800 grams and is 9.1mm thick. This tablet will be available in silver color option. There are volume/ power and dedicated home buttons. The Pro 3 sports a 12 inch screen with 2160 x 1440 pixels resolution. It’s clearType FHD plus display with 10 point multi touch support.

There are different cores (CPU) available – you can choose from Intel Core i3, i5 or i7 processors. The system memory (RAM) and storage will vary according – i3 (4GB, 64GB), i5 (4GB / 8GB , 128GB / 256GB), i7 (8GB, 256GB / 512GB).

A 5MP camera is placed on the rear and another 5MP on the front. HD video recording is supported. There are stereo microphones and stereo speakers with Dolby sound. Key features are Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, full size USB 3.0, mini display port, audio jack and SD card reader.


There are accelerometer, magnetic and gyro sensors. The built in battery gives usage time (web browsing) of up to 9 hours. The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is the best of the Laptop in a Tablet, pricing starts from $799 onwards. A Surface Pen is also included in the box. This tab will compete with the Apple MacBook Pro.

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  1. Can we be able to run the same 32-bit programs now we use on our w7 and XP ?

  2. good bye RT, wellcome pro.. Gogi, is it running full-fledged or handicapped windows 8.1 os.?

  3. I agree with Gogi that it is the Macbook Pro it will be competing with. And at only half the cost! But that will still be about 1 Lakh Rupees for a good configuration. So not that much relevance to the Indian market maybe.

    Another very important point is that Windows 9 is getting launched in April next year. And going by the superstition that Microsoft’s odd-numbered launches tend to be good and stable, it may be an idea to wait for that before you make such a large investment on a PC device.

    The advantages over buying a laptop will be the IPS screen which gives you terrific viewing angles and a much better multimedia experience than most laptops in the market, and also very fast internal data speeds because of high-end flash memory making for a very superior gaming experience among other things. Also, much higher battery life and easy portability. The only real disadvantage(apart from cost!) would be its smaller(and less reliable because it is flash instead of HDD) data storage capacity. Usually tablets come with a limited supply of ports but MS seem to have covered that really well – especially the full-size USB 3.0 port which is a great idea. Always best to get a full size USB port. Attaching a USB stick or internet dongle through an OTG cable is always an uncomfortable experience while holding the tablet to watch a movie or browse the internet. I hope that fashion quickly catches on among other manufacturers.

      1. Hi Gogi, thanks for the interesting link! Formerly, MS were comparing their Surface Pro with Apple’s iPads. Now that they realize that they cannot compete with the iPad in price, they’ve switched their attack on the MacBook Pro! Also, most of their comparisons are rather superficial, mainly the logistic advantages of a laptab over a pure laptop. But objectively we can say that Microsoft’s Surface Pro is midway in price between an iPad and a MacBook Pro and gives you the advantages of both. Also great for people who want to buy one device for everything rather than too many devices.

  4. The challenge comes when its time to find third part softwares compatible with tablets, though its W8.1 hope so it gives that flexibilty too. On specifications front looks amazing and just as any laptop config.

    1. Not only play games, you can write your own games(for many platform), sell them, and become a software billionaire yourself! That’s the big advantage of MS Windows over iOS and Android.

  5. This tab will compete with the Apple MacBook Pro. lolz dont compete with apple products its drag to a balck hole :D. price it reasonable for common man.