Micromax Canvas Turbo A250 specs out available for Rs. 19990

The awaited Micromax canvas Turbo A250 handset specifications are out and it is also available from Micromax website for Rs. 19,990. It is powered by 1.5GHz MediaTek quad core processor, available in Midnight Blue and Pristine White colors.

The Micromax Turbo A250 houses 1.5GHz chipset MT6589T with PowerVR SGX 544MP GPU. The full HD (1920×1080 pixels) screen is 12.7 cm i.e. 5 inches. Micromax claims that the CGS screen (Continuous Grain Silicon) with rich and vibrant colors gives better viewing angle even in broad daylight.

The handset is made of full Aluminum body acts as an antenna and boosts up signal strength. Micromax A250 Canvas Turbo runs on Android 4.2.1 with 2GB RAM and 16GB storage. Of the 16GB storage 1GB is assigned for apps and 12GB as phone storage. There seems to be no external storage support (no micro SD card slot).

There are accelerometer, light, proximity, gyro and also the magnetic sensors. Usually you will not find magnetic sensors on most of the Micromax handsets, fortunately the Canvas Turbo comes with one.  Other features are 3G (42Mbps), Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0 and GPS.

1.5GHz Micromax Canvas Turbo A250

This is a dual SIM handset with dual standby mode. There is 13MP rear auto focus camera with flash support and front fixed focus camera of 5MPresolution. The handset can record and play 1920x1080p videos.

Battery is of a modest 2000 mAh capacity with up to 7 hour talk-time and 105 hours of standby time. The Micromax Canvas Turbo A250 Midnight Blue color is priced at Rs. 19,990 listed on Micromax estore.

Thank you for the tip Prasanth.

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  1. ritu says

    Hey nexus fan boy are you living in a different world..nexus 5 would be priced around 30k..And no fixed time for avalaibilty..
    Canvas turbo is more than sufficient..why to waste money..If you are a nexus boy what are you doin on mmx page..

  2. Ashish says

    Hi bhai
    I think its one of the best option for those who always crib for 2gb ram ..Having a fhd display is icing on the cake ..Magnus too seems to be a very good option at 15k

    • Honey says

      They should have given 128gb external memory,8gb ram,octa core processor,10000mhz of battery..too less from mmx didnt expected this from you for 20k..turbo is a fail..
      Ha ha ha
      Bro just see what the videshi brand are offering at same price..Babaji ka thullu..

      You are getting for a single penny you are paying for turbo i can bet…

  3. Aashu says

    Awesome phone. I would buy it but currently i a all into Lumias. Great try from Micromax. Hope it turns out huge. I can’t understand the hate. This is one of the best options under 20k. Gionee too is good but mmx at the point is slightly more reliable than it while equally speced higher branded phones.. 35k, 40k, 50k… choice is yours.

  4. chandru says

    Rajesh, do two things before committing..
    1. Read the full article
    2. Try to think if you can

  5. nilesh mhatre says

    Hi Gogi,

    I am using WAMMY PASSION Y. I didnt used the phone for 5 days as I was out of station. I went with different phone.

    Now when I tried to use the phone, it doesnt connect to mobile network, it gives following error message ” can’t connect to this network right now try again later “.

    I did factory reset and everything. Still No luck :(.

    can you help ?

    Nilesh Mhatre

  6. lisa says

    Micromax will surely beat samsung as they wished to do till this diwali..
    Both magnus and turbo are just cracker and value for money..
    Micromax is back with a bang..We expected this from canvas 4..But its never too late…
    It is a complete handset what one will hope for..
    Can easily use it for 2 years..

    • Vijay says

      Yes really ” Both magnus and turbo are just cracker and value for money..
      Micromax is back with a bang..We expected this from canvas 4..But its never too late…”

  7. Sushil says

    I think all company launch their mobile only for compitition and not for customer choice because every time all company not provide completer features. In mmx turbo 250 there is no expandble ROM and ROM is only 16GB, corning/draigan trail glass, no IPS screen/BSI sensor, NO flip cover like canvas4, not normal dual sim and somany features which is not avaliable in mmx turbo250.
    Why should not company launch these type uncomplete featured phone and lost their money?
    Now look at ZEN company, they try to ‘AMAZING LAUNCH’ and i think after launching zen mobile only company have to AMAZE because all mobile user very well known no one company launch complete featured phone.

    • sabyasachi says

      Buddy, firstly it’s not uncomplete, it’s incomplete. Secondly, Canvas turbo does sport an IPS screen. Asking for BSI sensor in a sub-20k mobile is a little too much specially when the mobile has lot going for in favor, a 2gb ram and 16gb inbuilt memory. Mind you, it’s still a budget phone and people do not want to pay more for something which they do not understand clearly (BSI sensor n all). Flip cover will be available as soon as this phone hits the stores, so you can always buy it for 200 bucks.

  8. ankit says

    gogi sir,can we expect amoled display like performance in CGS display bcz the link you share says its power efficient and much sharper then traditional lcd.Have u reviewed any cgs display phone earlier.

  9. Mahesh says

    everything is good in this phone except battery,battery should be more than 2500 mah for full hd display.

  10. Shivam says

    omg i cant even imagine how can haters go so low. some are talking about getting cancer from aluminium antenna .. lol … some are crying for fixed storage… and suggesting nexus instead of this without knowing that even nexus has fixed storage…

    some are willing to buy e6 and i7 instead of this despite of the fact that mmx is most trusted ‘indian’ brand … remind u its 2nd in india in terms of sales of smartphones.. also they have 7 day replacement warranty

    some are shouting its rebranded wiko darfkull… so let me tell u even wiko are not the oem of this device … they also imported from china …. and being indian i will support mmx by saying “wiko darkfull is a rebranded canvas turbo” ..lol ..stop supporting some european shit

    this is an amazing device … i dont care who manufactured it but i m proud of the fact that it is made available in india by mmx ..

    they purposely kept price low to eradicate e6 and i7 from competition.. hats off to mmx for their effort

    u will call me typical mmx fan … and i will admit yes i am …


    • ASHUTOSH says

      Phone will go out of service after 7 days and all knows how good their service centre is. Handset specification is good without any doubt. But MMX don’t deserve price above 16k for this phone.

      • Shivam says

        yup brother

        and this clearly indicates mmx has a bright future because the one who learns from their previous mistake and doesn’t repeat it always conquer :-)

    • Gopal Patel says

      Hey MMX fanboy
      Have u ever used NEXUS,if no then first use it then comment
      Lg Nexus 5 will be in Indian Market in Nov with following Spec
      Quad Core
      2.26ghz processor
      3gb ram
      Full HD 1080X1920
      32gb inbuilt
      2550mah bat
      And price will be approx 22k to 23k
      Now u decide ,do u have any answer to Nexus5
      Even u can’t beat Nexus4

      • Amartya.B says

        Bhai josh me hosh mat gawa I have the G2 and the Nexus 5 is based on that it has 2gb Ram and the price is 32k around as confirmed by execs of Ebay…..And inbuilt is 16gb of memory for the Nexus :)
        However I will agree with you Adreno 320 is still a way better GPU than the MTK chipsets can ever hope to have

      • sunny says

        Sorry to say my friend but google treat India as their tertiary market.

        They will launch nexus 5 six or eight months later without any subsidy…expect the price to be around 35K

      • Deepak Navangule says

        Although the Nexus 5 specs are unbeatable, the official price & launch date for Indian market is not yet confirmed. Don’t go with the 349$ price for US market. Looking towards the history, the Indian price will be around 27k & no way it’s going to come here before December or even 2014. So, don’t compare the officially launched phones with the rumoured ones.

      • Sid says


        stop pretending as you are big nexus fan, Oye hello, First of all Nexus 5 is not releasing in India ryt now. Nexus 5 is launching only in USA n UK via playstore for 349$ = which you converted 22K appx, but dude Even in your dreams, Google will not launch Nexus5 in India for 23K.

        I used nexus 4 and Do you know google nexus 4 in india was launched at 25,999Rs n its still selling at around 24-25K and you will get nexus 5 for 22K, Are you mad?

        Even if Google release nexus 5 in Dec or Jan in india, it will surely get a price tag of min 30-32K not less than that in any case.

        MMX turbo at 19,990 is best price n it will make mmx no 1 in india. The only drawback of MMX turbo is no SD card slot.

      • Rajuprasad says

        R u crazy…nexus 5 under 25k…even nexus 4 is being sold at 24k…i think nexus 5 would hardly come under 30k…u well knw those MNC pricing strategy for india…it’s always high…a nexus 4 cost only $199 off the contract in usa…and for the same u’ve to pay 24k bucks…if u convert $199 in indian currency it’s around 13k…so for shipping, custom,after sale service and blah blah lg charges 11k…so u better judge that what would be price of nexus5.

      • sabyasachi says

        Buddy, don’t go by leaked specifications. I will go bald if these features are available for 22 or 23k. If nexus launches with these specifications, it will be priced at least 35k in India. Wake up googleboy, it’s already afternoon.

      • Prithish says

        @Gopal 1st of all nexus 5 is gonna come wid 2gb ram nt 3gb, & snpdragon 800 to be precise wid 2500mah battery wid 16gb & 32gb versions.. And,im definitely sure it will nt reach Indian Market dis year… US me abhi tak launch nhi huya toh hum kaha se aah tapke.. & 22k r u ok?? Even Nexus 4 price is 24k still nw in India,how on earth u think u gonna get Nexus 5 in Nov widin 22k where Nexus7(2013) version is still showing coming soon…

        • Amartya.B says

          @Pritish Sorry to put your dreams to waste but India wont receive the 32 gb version of the Nexus I had a chat with one really top level exec of ebay for pan Asia Marketing and that is what she said.

      • Shivam says

        keep calm bro and read

        1. nexus 5 32gb variant will never be priced for 23k… atleast initially

        2. it is also not sure they will make it available in india so soon

        i also know nexus devices are exceptional but what Micromax is offering for the price tag is really worth it

      • Casual Bhaskar says

        U r Dreaming right ?? . Let the nexus 5 come in india and get priced than u will wake up and say micromax was good. right now nexus 4 with inferior specs than what u mentioned is available for 23k, and u r saying that with better feature will be available in 22k to 23k range. man go check the original price of nexus outside india and convert it into rupees and compare it with india price :)

      • kumud kumar says

        Why u guys forget everytime when comparing that MMX or Intex I7 are dual sim fuctionality whereas Nexus4, gionee E6 are single sim set. Please compare hardwares/specs for dual sim phones only because there is fundamental difference between these two types of phones

    • Deepak Navangule says

      Shivam, dude u r spot on. Although I am using Gionee E6, I have also used MMX phones as well & I can tell u that MMX is also providing good quality phones at affordable prices and also satisfactory after sales services. I think as Gogi said, if the retail shop price of Turbo comes to around 18-19k, this will always hot cake & the competitiors will also slash down their prices.
      Really a smart move by MMX in keeping the price of Turbo below 20k. They don’t want to make a mistake that they did with Canvas 4 & Doodle 2.

  11. MURTHY says

    Hi another disaster from micromax for 20,000.we can pay 4000 extra we can get s3.also micromax build quality not good.only paying for 2gb ram & dual its waste of money.is this safe to go for this price for micromax. I think its buls**t.

  12. aditya says

    but the price is high compared with Nuclea N1, and Gionee E6 would be better option considering the price… 32GB vs 16GB… 2k for 16GB is a bargain i will make anyday…..

  13. Ravi mohan says

    In one word its just awesome..
    Great specs aluminum body,fhd,2gb ram,1.5 ghz processor..
    at just 19990 k just great..
    This will rock the market..
    I will surely buy this one..

  14. Rajesh says

    Why they mentioned A250 Turbo.Another FLOP for MICROMAX.
    NO 2 GB Ram
    No External MEMORY CARD.
    NO 32GB ROM.
    Whether OTG & OTA Supports or not.
    Intex i7 is much better than this useless A250 Turbo.
    Better they rename to MICROMAX A250 WASTE.

    • Rohan says

      Then you should wait till next diwali..It wont be available in India you know what happened with nexus 4..

      • SANDEEP says

        ya we can wait as no one may die without buying these all stupid chinese lowest quality rebranded phones as everyone is having good phones to survive as much time left for nexus 5 launch….!!

        • mohan says

          Buddy just check out were the parts of nexes phones are made..its in china..china is way ahead in manufacturing and provides product with low manufacturing cost..even apple parts are manufactued in china..so that means all companies are chienese..pls clerify ur data..

    • satish says

      hhaaahahahahahaha nexus 5 will be coming for more than 35000 and you are comparing it with a 20k phone bro you are mad enough the specs are value for money for me even cam is better than what we gonna se on lg nexus 5′(8mp)

  15. Alex says

    I bought 1 month used Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (Mint Condition) @ 21K , Why would someone go for this at almost the same price tag ? :)

    • Dharmesh Rana says

      Compare new Galaxy S3 with this phone. You will get the answer: whether to buy or not?

      • Alex says

        I am not against Micromax or prefering any brand ..I buy what I prefer and its my money and I would spend it as I like. Everyone has their own choice. Ultimately I would say ..rather thn having catfights about various brands or thinking what people like ,’ Prefer only that ,what satisfies your instincts’.
        (Suno sabki , karo Apni)..lol.