The Canvas Colours 2 (A120) from Micromax was launched running Android 4.2 and Micromax had mentioned that the handset will get the KitKat update, well that has just happened. If you have the Colours 2 handset and have not yet updated now is the time.

The KitKat updates are being rolled out over the Air (OTA), if you have not yet got the notification you can manually check for the software updates in settings, about – update. I believe the performance will improve and you might get a little better battery backup.

With KitKat, users will be able to use the Google Now feature and many others. The Micromax Canvas 2 colours is a very good handset (check review) with powerful hardware and FHD video recording capabilities. This is dual SIM, housing the MT6582 quad core processor @ 1.3GHz with Mali 400 MP2 GPU.

If you are using the Micromax A120 handset  and have updated to the latest KitKat version, do leave your feedback, any improvement in performance and battery backup.

Micromax Canvas Colours 2 (A120)  gets Kitkat

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  1. I wanna update my micromax canvas colours 2 A120 kit kat 4.4 to 5.0 Lollypop is it possible then plj reply me direct link

  2. Sir can i upgrade my Micromax canvas2 colous 4.4.2 Kitkat to 5.0 Lolipop ?
    Plz tell me what can i do?…..

  3. Sir can i upgrade my Micromax canvas2 colous 4.4.2 Kitkat to 5.0 Lolipop ?
    Plz tell me…..

  4. I have a micromax canvas 2 A120.which cant not print throuth usb cable. If anyone have its solution pls…

  5. Hi,

    I mistakenly upgraded my phone with new Android version mistakenly. How to get it back to old Android version which came pre-loaded in my Micro max Canvas Color 2

  6. I m using micromax a120 with android 4. 2 jellybean and thinking to upgrade to Kitkat, But after reading some reviews i m confused whether should i go for upgrade or not, if yes then which will be better by ota or by service center.
    Help me friends

    1. Hi friend I did up-gradation to kitkat. It is very useful for me, battery consumption is less.

  7. I have seen Micromax canva 2 A120 and Micromax canvas turbo mini A200.My budget is 7500, both phone has quite good feature. i am confuse between 2 of these. plz help me to select the best

  8. Micromax must resolve this problem which have been created due the update as soon as possible. I have nothing more to say.

  9. hey canvas 2 colors user plz let me know if it is supports force 3g mode or not because i also use the same but after kitkat update it doesn’t shows the smart gesture and when ever i change the network mode to 3g from 2g/3g auto it does not search network and shows cross mark on network notification plz let me know if the same problem occurs in yours also or mine was faulty.

  10. i update my phone micromax a120 colorzz phone after update its not turn on
    plzzzz help me
    what i do now????

  11. in my micromax colour 2 ,cant install a single app after the update to kitkat even with plenty of space free.when trying to install from google play it is saying no enough space.what to do?help anyone

  12. I’m an old user of Canvas Series & fan too.. I used Canvas A100 for almost 2 years and it work absolutely fine then i switched to A 120 and it was OK but since Kitkat update I’ve been feeling like trolled.. big disappointment. Battery backup is reduced to less than half.. Funkiness of Jellybean has gone. The Only good thing that added is Print Option otherwise I’m Disappointed 🙁

  13. Just upgraded my A120 to to KitKat…was really disappointed and depressed when I came to know that the tacky and colorful UI which was there in JellyBean 4.2.2 is missing

    The current KitKat UI is dull, boring and a big big letdown. The awesome customization that Micromax had done in JellyBean 4.2.2 is very much missed.

    Certain features like smart gesture, proximity sensor and the very useful music player interface is all missing in the KitKat

    Micromax should have maintained the same look and feel for the KitKat ROM stock also. The only plus point is there seems to be a slight improvement in performance, otherwise I would not recommend upgrading to KitKat

    Seriously considering downgrading back to JellyBean 

    1. I really unsatisfied after updating kikkat my micromax a120 due to it has only 1gb phone internal memory.which is not sufficent for storing extra apps or games.i really dissapointment about that i want back previous jelly bean 4.2.

  14. The upgrade is a disaster. Never expected this from Google. Everything is in a disarray. I will explain:
    1. You cannot kill/switch running apps (now middle button is redundant more or less). Long press the middle button to get OK google..
    2. Option to transfer to memory card gone (only a few apps store there automatically, else you have no such option. [button greyed out]. Blunder, Google Play Services occupies 48 Mb on internal memory, around 1.4 Mb on external one] Same for Facebook: 109 Mb, guess the story yourself.
    3. In Contacts, the option of alphabetically choosing is gone. Interface changed drastically. 3 sections: contacts, frequently contacted & grouping, all in separate sections. Most lousy change.
    4. Email app now shows in gmail style, no differentiation.
    5. I have 3 gmail accounts. Only one functional, the rest two show “couldn’t sign in”.
    6. Despite having/removed internal space, cannot install apps.
    7. Google Now works (option seen in settings, was disabled in earler version).
    No patience left to check for more. Going to service center to revert back.

    1. Surprisingly, no one else [read other models] had these difficulties (looks Micromax doled this special update to us only). I removed Facebook and thought of removing Google Play Services and searched only to find EVERYONE blaming the huge update causing troubles. Google wants to track what you do every moment, compulsorily. It also tops the Battery Consumption charts. Most users reporting battery draining in half time.

      1. go to the app manager and disable all the bloatware including cleanmaster !!!!!!!!!!. also go to the sim settings and disable 3G support. battery lasts 1 1/2 days with data services on 24×7 and wifi being used for

  15. I just have got the OTA done over the Wi-fi and i have found the Kitkat to be user friendly except for few errors.
    It does not trace Wi-fi coonections sometimes and i have to Power Off and Power On the Device
    Most of the apps that come with Kitkat version are not working and you can neither update them nor can you delete them.
    I had been using Cleaner but with this in built app its not working so please suggest what can be done.

    1. Root your phone and get es explorer app. Then goto /device/system/app and select apps you want to delete and delete them. For rooting kk version check micromax a120 thread of xda developers forum there you’ll get all the infos and downloads.

  16. I regret buying canvas colours.. It lags a lot………. was in hope of, the kitkat update will solve all those issues, but they finally came up with a useless update….

  17. Hi,
    I recently updated my A120 to KitKat. The problem is how to add home screens. I’m not getting where to add it from.


  18. help me bro. i have the new a120 with kitkat and 8 gb. but for installing apps only 890 mb is available in that also it is mostly filled with pre installed apps .internal sd card available space is 5.28gb but cannot install apps in internal sd card. so now even after having more that 4 gb of intenal space on internal sd card i am not able to install aps. so is there any way to install apps on the internal sd card.

      1. @gogi , micromax twitted me that all 512 mb ram will get kitkat update !! i am using micromax a58

  19. i updated my phone via customer care centre last month to 4.4.2 but now i cant root my phone easily.previously it was rooted.

    1. Search roms for micromax a120 in xda. There you’ll get all the informations and required files.

  20. what you will miss after update??
    tranparent app drawer
    swipe up and down feature on homescreen
    gesture in settings
    no app,download,widget classification in app drawer
    no transition effects
    incompatibility of apps
    improved RAM
    slightly improved battery life
    3 Useless inbuilt apps
    i will stay with jellybean

  21. I updated my colors to 4.4.2. Previously I have Iball mobile with android 4.1. Both 4.4.2 and 4.1 looks same. Few may be changed. I didn’t find so far. In colors 4.2 version multiple languages are available while typing whereas I didn’t find in 4.4.2. Is any one know how to get multiple languages in 4.4.2.