Micromax added another image with reference to the Canvas 4 on their Facebook page. So far Micromax has not disclosed full details or images about the Canvas 4 and as expected they will do this slowly, creating more interest day by day, until the launch.

Many have already started speculating about the specifications and some sites even claim they have the leaked images. But the recent image on Facebook has surfaced, a teaser showing off partial images of 3 handsets with different unlock techniques and a what next? text underneath.

The fire was ignited when the Micromax Canvas 4 was announced and now these teasers are adding fuel to it. So what does one make out of it?, Does this mean Micromax is coming out with a new unlock method? Is there anything else you can think of?

Will Micromax come with a new innovative technique to unlock or will it be something that we already know, maybe a flip cover that when opened unlocks the handset, voice unlock, face unlock or something that we have not seen before. How about pay to unlock..? (just joking)..

Pre-bookings will start from 28th June, until then we can expect some more teasers on Facebook.

Micromax Canvas 4 unlock

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  1. gogi ji i guess it wud b a numeral lock as a combination of 3 numbers to unlock the screen ..something dat we have in briefcases..i guess it would have 3 scrolls with numbers and u have to unlock the device by entering the right combination…or might be like old telephones u have to dial the correct combination via dial n den phone will unlock..

  2. Well about brand value i will say only one thing – the so called branded phones are good but the price a la apple and samsung charge can only be called disgusting. Till now only nokia phones are the bang for buck. Even if slightly pricy I have a good old N91 till now from all the way 2006 and it looks just months old. However I moved on to android quite some time ago. But hardware quality of nokia is commendable. Nokia phones are always reparable. But try samsung after warranty gets over, any problem and whole motherboard will be changed. have experienced first hand in GS2.

    1. Motherboard change is the problem with all the smart phones these days, microphone not working – Change the motherboard as it is an integral part of mother board and so on, Nokia is no good, take a bandar chhap soap it will last for a longer time, you will be able to bath and wash cloths also with it, so it is better than Dove. understood your concept, happy nokiagiri.

      1. Shailender sir you took it to heart, bashing is no good, i was saying like u said for microphone you have to spend 7 or 8 thousand atleast. Anyway your point is bandar chaap soap does not cut it. it goes over the head.

  3. can be gesture control, left for camera right for unlock because lava staring it mmx wanted to complete it

  4. Most chances are that the complete specs of Canvas 4 will be out in tomorrow’s India England CT final … that would be the best time for the company to let people know about the phone!

  5. Micromax / Lava go and buy a manufacturing facility in China you have all the resources if no go for a public issue and you will be able to get more than the required funds, show these chinese and other brands what we are capable of………………………..

    1. The whole world is manufacturing in China, what makes you think that China let Indians do that in Chinese soil?
      Get a life!

    2. Yes Shailendar even I am also thinking the same since long back, as you are saying these brands can buy those manufacturers and really they surely have that capability but why they are not doing…..

      1. There is a strong possibilities if this thing happening in the near future, and to answer helbender’s query, I want this to happen because then no 1 will be able to point that it is a rebranded phone, many big brands have done the same thing and now selling to the world as an International Brand, so should be the case with Indian Manufacturers, now they should go Global and tell that India also is capable of creating big Cellphone Brands, not only America.

        1. Yes, the only option to stop people saying rebranded is MMX or LAVA or other, they should buy or they should undertake that manufacturing process from where they are getting products,,,,, I strongly believe that Micromax has that capability now….
          but they have to optimize the after sales service as well

        2. Apple manufacture their phones in China but does that make a Chinese Phone?
          The answer is, Made by Apple (California) and assembled in China!

          That means Apple has the infrastructure to manufacture their own Hardware or get it specially done by other world class manufacturing companies as per their requirement. In short their R&D department is constantly innovating new products & technologies. Which is not even a dream for Indian Chinese blooded phone companies, they are more than happy to get those cheap devices to sell in counter part.

          Honestly they are simply traders in Tech biz. @Shilendra

          1. Very Ture dear! that’s why we want them to change, manufacturing unit should have an R&D of its own and that’s what we want. MMX has the Numbers on their side so why not take the advantage and do some thing to take them to the advance stage in handset arena

  6. MMX is using Voice Recongnition System in this handset to unlock the phone . You dont have to touch the phone to unlock it and even to dial a number. You just have to say password to unlock and then say dial …. (name) and the phone will dial the number. This tech has already been used in many handsets by nokia for dialing phone number , I have used this tech before too but its not that intresting. Lenovo used this in laptops too few year back.

    1. Mediatek processors doesn’t have that kind of juices to wake a phone from sleep/unlocked mode by voice command.
      Knowledge is power so stop day dreaming! MMX can never bring new technologies on mobiles, simply because they don’t have extensive R&D facilities nor priority access to top notch hardware. To maintain their supremacy in cheap smartphone they will be forced to drop prices as the real competitions will catch up now.

      Only when they built phones with superior hardware can bring some quality & innovation.

      1. Hi hellbender, to talk about price drop…
        why Samsung is Keeping the prices like hell in the release and Dropping to very low after few months…
        could you please tell me

        1. Simply because they are smart enough to fool people and along with that they are constantly upgrading their own devices.

          The pace mobile technologies are moving, forcing Android phone manufacturer to release updated versions quite often and thus the price drop for lower end model. These price drops starts from Chip levels to final products which by the end results in significant drop in handset prices. This is the trend every companies follows and if you want the latest device than be ready to pay premium price.

          1. People will have there own preferences, and way of looking at things, we do’nt own MMX or Samsung Company, so one should go for whichever product he / she is confortable with, Time will tell who will excel, just enjoy your favourite product as and when it comes.

          2. I am an Indian and it would me more than Happy to see Indian company excel but these traders has no chance in hell to success.

            Look it is all about depths in pocket. If people can afford they pays extra for premium device but the world isn’t for riches anymore so rest with moderate budget can enjoy 2nd grade devices. Which is great! I have iPhone4s, S4 & Zopo 980 which will be delivered in monday so i know what are the basic difference & preference.

            Take care

      2. Dear Hellbender, So you’ve answered the question raised by you in the other discussion of Indian companies buying Chinese manufacturing units.

  7. Gogi after the launch of canvas 4 if the specs are good are you looking forward to buy one for yourself.

      1. Karbonn S6 will be a fail infront of mmx canvas 4 because of the love karbonn has for low powerred qualcom chipsets. atleast they should us high performance qualcom chipsets if they want to compete with mmx canvas 4.

  8. These companies should focus on build, camera and display rather than trying to make it toy out of phone, the pen with MMX Doddle looks pathetic, better concentrate on basics of the phone.

  9. Few years back it was BB then apple , then HTC/Samsung

    Next its MMX

    MMX is going to rule !!

    ……..Nokia suxs …now no 1 knows what Nokia is!

  10. Hey gogi, i feel that the canvas 4 will have the same specs as on the zopo C2 platinum version. The canvas 4 also looks similar to the zopo C2

  11. +1, brand value changes quite rapidly actually, i remember in india in nokia’s golden days, in around 2006-2007 samsung was considered like chinese. their products were really out of place. And when i bought mmx a110(actually quite early) I was looked by my friends like I am a fool. but you saw the demand surge and after a116 the rise, acceptability and brand building of micromax. actually the quality of chinese manufacturers has come by leaps and bounds and they are really good now and also with a great price so samsung is go, went, gone now into some oblivion or after some time atleast in india.

  12. Hii gogi
    Can u plz tell me about intex aqua wonder i love its specs
    and i am ready to buy but with ur commet plz…

  13. MMX rocks..I hate samsung becoz of their greediness.In the name of brand value they are looting customers.Compare the release date price and current price of S3(with in 1yr).Since there is competition,they reduced it to 26k and it includes profits too.So the actual cost of the phone is much below 26k.Guess if there is no competition,they might have been still selling it for 40k+ How many of you agree?

    1. Raj, I do agree with you very strongly…. It is happening not only with S3 with all their new releases.. People who have more money they will never care about all these things and they will simply buy if they feel to have one so because of them only Samsung is making money and they nerve care about who think so many times before buying a product and because of such rich people we people has to wait long time to have one….. if we wise to have one.

      1. especially in our country, largest customer base is with people who look for phones with decent price. I dont know why companies dont follow this strategy to grab this markert. More budgeted phone, more customers, much improved profits… I am not personally in support any company. But i appreciate the fact companies like micromax,celkon and other indian brands offering best possible phone with decent price… I really dont mind if local brand phones were made by chinese or rebranded or 13 mp camera not shooting the pictured with 13 mp quality…I dont bother really.. I had my mmx a110 and very happy to have such a nice phone with decent price and good screen and performance….

        1. I am to a member to the hate gang but I will include iPhone and Nokia too in the list

    2. +1, brand value changes quite rapidly actually, i
      remember in india in nokia’s golden days, in around
      2006-2007 samsung was considered like chinese. their
      products were really out of place. And when i bought
      mmx a110(actually quite early) I was looked by my
      friends like I am a fool. but you saw the demand surge
      and after a116 the rise, acceptability and brand building
      of micromax. actually the quality of chinese
      manufacturers has come by leaps and bounds and they
      are really good now and also with a great price so
      samsung is go, went, gone now into some oblivion or
      after some time atleast in india.

      1. Prashanth, I do agree with you…..
        But traditional people, difficult to change most of them

        1. hehehe grt sayin well i actually call these people “Padhe likhe Ganwar” who are always living in the past.

          1. Yes dear! every one should earn their livelihood, so please let Samu sell some peices to these fools and earn their livelihood

    3. +1
      For the price they are charging,samsung must give atleast 3yrs full warranty, that will be called brand value.If every one gives same warranty & same specifications then why to pay more for just brand name??

      1. One example is REXX series from samsung.Why will a customer will buy a non android phone that too without 3g if he has 6k? Looks like samsung thinks that what ever they release,people will madly buy.IMHO MMX,lava(xolo),celkon are the companies to watch out.Not used karbonn so I cannot comment.

          1. Change is happening at great pace, till few months back people who called MMX as Chinese phone are all roaming with one in their hand.

  14. Hi Gogi Ji,
    I dont think in the above image they want to tell about new lock pattern.. I think they are saying next best smart phone is coming which is from MMX..

  15. Gogi Ji,

    I guess, there is voice unlock or thumb impression unlock like on my lenovo laptop :). all i need is 2GB RAM, 32 GB ROM and full HD display. Without 3000 Mah on board ” cant life be endless ” wont be valid.. 🙂

    Now almost users are expecting min of 2 GB RAM, 32 or 16 GB ROM,2500 Mah. and HD display and quad core processor… Micromax are you ready to customer expectation ? A big answer awaiting from you …

    this combination will decides its fate…

    1. When competition grows final advantage to customer.. they always expect top notch features with low cost, hence forcing manufacturer to build the product which customer is expecting. What i observed during last decade in phone segments when any new phone is launched by any company at least they will exclude one or two features and they will release another model including excluded feature in last launched model.. hence, it makes people wait for next series of phones and waiting…waiting.. I see now the this trend has been changed with growing competion, they will have all features that competetors offering and adding more features…its really good o see.. But as a customer we never be satisfied with any single model he he… 🙂 that’s why the teasers ….and testing our patience..

      1. i remember, Micromax tag nothing like anything… Will this applicable to Canvas 4 ? is it nothing like anything ?

        1. Mere ko Nothing like anything ka matlab samajh mein nahi aaya please help!

  16. How about Smile unlock.. you show your teeth and it gets unlocked 😛

    Or Lip reading, you say “Cool Buddy” like Rajini sir, and it gets unlocked 🙂

    1. He He..:) this is really good comment Mugun…I think it will unlock like sivaji movie…

  17. Gogi in the image, the phone in the centre is Samsung Galaxy S3 or S4 I think.
    Slide for iPhone, Swipe for Galaxy S3 or S4 and Press for Blackberry.
    And ” What’s Next ” for Canvas 4.

  18. No chance for MMX4 being better than recent / upcoming Chinese brands. These Chinese brands are parents of MMX or Xolo so they will bring devices with better spec & pricing compering to Indian brand with a Chinese blood. (only the cons for Chinese brands are After sales service)

  19. What bout tilt to unlock like tilt up for homescreen left for camera right for google now.Or maybe Voice unlock like “Canvas” and it unlocks…….

  20. my friend got face recognition unlock after updating to 4.2.1 jelly bean in A116 canvas HD. believe me its. blazing fast in good lighting conditions. I mean within fraction of second it unlocked. but bad thing is, it is also unlocked by his younger brother who has same facecut. anyways its android power nothing to do with Micromax.

  21. canvas 4 new unlock can be holding ur mobile on hand (with some sensor )or facing ur mobile(with front sensor or camera).

  22. Although MMX is a rebranded phone but in the rescent past the numbers that they are playing with is remarkable, it can put any Chinese phone to sheer shame, not only chinese but also Nokia / Samsung / iPhone to think again on their strategies, although I am a Fan of Xolo Mobiles (Now) earlier was of MMX, I love the way company is growing. Pleople are now perferring MMX over so called brands. to be true Karbonn & Xolo and others are still way behind, Hats off to MMX.

    1. MMX is growing in Multifolds and so are your fans Gogi, rest of the sites seems to be giving biased reviews, although sometimes your review come late (as compared to other sites) but are trutsworthy.

      You are a Mobigenious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. For mmx Samsung is the giant competitor so mmx will add those functions of S4 in cheap rates in canvas 4.
    Name suggest canvas 4 is like s4 everything.

  24. gogi sir,could face unlock work in a dark room if the phone has a front BSI sensor……..just thinking if the phone is that costly then they should include a front BSI sensor…..actualy then the BSI sensor would be called FSI (front side ilumination) sensor……….lol 😀

  25. May be Face-Unlock…….that’s it…don’t imagine much more….but hope this one atleast comes with magnetometer…..

  26. gogi sir,very very important……………i am buying a phone tomorrow and i want you to help me…….my requirements are bright and vibrant display with good viewing angles,quad core or dual core does not matter but i preffer quad core because i want to play heavy games ,ram 1gb and alot of free internal memory and the most important thing my budget is around Rs 10,00……..please reply soon,you are the only person that i can trust on this case and i know that you will never misguide your fan…….:D

  27. Drop it on the floor to unlock! 😀 So that people keep buying their phones every time it breaks! 😛 Nice strategy from Micromax then. Hmm, excited nevertheless. 😀

  28. Hii gogi
    Can u plz tell me about intex aqua wonder i love its specs
    and i am ready to buy but with ur commet plz

    1. Well face unlock will not work if you are in a dark room or in low light environment.

    2. Face unlock was introduced with Android 4.0 by Google. So its not new. I think there’ll be something else!

  29. We don’t have any problem even they do Rebrand….
    atleast we will get available good mobiles in less price and after sales Service may be not best

  30. Dear gogi or anyone here please tell me where can iget a flip cover for my xolo q1000..

  31. Brothers search the web and find a phone which looks close to mmx canvas 4&a diff lock…they will make publicity as they are creating sensation by own creatio…but they actually rebrands…soon after this release we will find which one they remade

  32. I think this is where KARBONN always lacks far behind. They are not able to create any hype for any of their devices in spite of good quality. These days it’s not always good to launch the products so silently. Even brand like XOLO is also successful in creating hype, suspense & interest while launching their new phones in recent days. No doubt that MMX is leading in this but importantly they have used a proper channel and a very professional way to create suspense always. Because we saw some very childish and cheap ways from brands like UMI for promotion on FB. (You might be reminding that they compared their product with Sunny Lione or so)
    Definitely something to take from MMX….
    Don’t you think Gogi?

    1. Deepak, creating hype/ suspense is the key. Users get more interested and it does have some impact on the handsets that are recently launched. MMX and Xolo know what they are doing, as for UMI their promotional methods via FB are childish. UMI did manage to create the suspense after the users made the payments.

      1. Lol…..is UMI a brand first.yes they created a lot of surprise about their delivery.

        1. Gaurav…brother don’t take name of UMI…their services is absolutely bad ( I wanted to use strong word but i respect gogi sir so avoided that) UMI people need to be mature in their marketing… When MMX was loosing on delivery of Canvas 2…they were open that it is taking time because of certain reasons…MMX people were picking phone…responding to emails…etc…also suggested that for canvas 3 etc….
          These , U me mobile ( I am feed up of calling them as they say welcome to U me mobile), … Customer support dont take calls….their agents are always busy….never respond to emails…people are stuck by making pre booking…god knows what will happen…..

      2. I feel that Micromax builds up the hype and interest and then disappoints in one or the other way. The only problem with Micromax is they don’t really care what the people want! 🙁

  33. We are safe if Micromax not reads your…

    How about pay to unlock..?

    and even Happy If they not take it seriously as you said Gogi ji….
    Am smiling again and again by remembering that how it will be if it come true

  34. I think presently the situation is like just – “Wait to unlock…… “

  35. But atleat this image brings an end to the speculation of this being a copy of BLU Life One with the precence of hardware button.

    1. The image is from the Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S3 and a Blackberry. Who said it was Canvas 4? Look at the ads there’s no hard buttons its all capacitive buttons! 🙂

  36. They’re gonna come up with biometric unlock system by scanning thumb impression, eyes etc just like Adhaaar 😉 Confirmed in dreams 🙂

  37. The best part of this article is..pay to unkock…….sounds really innovative…haven’t heard of it before…LOL….!!!

  38. micromax is f*UK all company like samsung apple Sony HTC Indian rocks Samsung HTC Sony apple bharat chodo

    1. Really? Not all want to experience the sh*tty service center and customer support from Micromax!