Another most awaited handset from Micromax, the Canvas 4 will be unveiled tomorrow. Consumers will be able to pre-book tomorrow and probably the official details will also be unveiled on the same day.

For now Micromax has uploaded another image on their Facebook page with reference to the new unlock technique. Just a few days back Micromax had posted an image, indicating that it might come with a new unlock technique and the image does confirm that it is definitely not slide to unlock.

Probably hand gesture or face unlock or the handset might come with magnetic flip cover that unlocks when you flip open the handset.. Or something new..

There are a lot of speculations regarding the specification, price and even leaked images that were quite different from the trailer videos that Micromax released. Interestingly the handset is also listed on few online websites, and some sites are even accepting pre-orders.

Well letโ€™s wait, its a matter of just one more day.

Canvas 4 dont slide to unlock

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  1. Company take advance without disclosing spec. LOL
    It’s a fraud but who cares! It’s only happen in INDIA

    It won’t be worth buying so keep you money saved for right device.

  2. In their ad found that “Dont just blow away a flower”
    So the new unlocking technique may be blow to unlock !

  3. Crap shit from Micromax …

    1. Booked Canvas 4 on Friday at 07:00 PM. No email confirmation till now.
    2. Money is already deducted from my account, but, no valid order number present in ‘My Order’ window.
    3. Two invalid order numbers present in my list which I have not ordered.
    4. No relevant reply from Micromax when asked about above points 1 to 3.

    Don’t know what will happen to my Rs. 5000/- now …!

  4. Prebooked 1 for me, as they have cancellation option too so I can cancell if specs are not as desired (i do’nt think that the specs will be disappointing, looking at the previous records) so now the wait begins

  5. just checked mmx website.they are planning to launch c4 on 8th july.spec. & price is still suspense.I just dont understand there marketing style.If they want to launch on 8th then why advertising for 28th.

    1. It like even the suspense for Micromax, seems like like even they dont know what they are going to rebrand ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. From Micromax canvas 4 FB page:

    5 inch Full HD 1920 x 1080p Display
    The Mediatek 6589 chipset (Quad core)
    8 โ€“ 16 GB inbuilt storage
    2 GB RAM
    13 MP camera
    2-5 MP front camera
    Dual Sim capability
    Android 4.2.2

  7. Hi gogi
    please let me know if its wise to pre book without knowing the price and specs?? Also keeping it mind that.karbonn too with launch a similar handset??

    1. They have given a refund option, so no harm. karbonn’s to be launched handset also looks good. It all depends on the CPU/GPU.

  8. How could one book it without knowing what are the actual specifications?
    I’ll not book Samsung without knowing Specs..!

  9. Pre-Booking started without Specifications and with 5000/- advance and 10 selected members will get their handsets on 8th july itself so is the release date

  10. Hi all
    booking has started again but specs are not displayed anywhere !

    can anyone find specs somewhere
    if yes post the link please ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  11. I tried booking now. Rs.5000 got deducted from my CC and given me error. I called their CC they told to call after half an hour

  12. Book Now specs will be released later??????????????????? like old days marriage, you never knew whom are you marrying, you will come to know after the marriage strange is’nt it………………….

  13. without specification is foolishness to prebook ny device…wht the hell mmx management team done.

    1. even with 5000 rs…what the hell…durning canvas hd specification allmost clear..nd prebook amount is only 499

  14. gogi ji…

    do i need to book, if i pay 5000, then later if they say price above 20k then it will be bad…. do we have refund…i dont know without spec and price why they are staring pre booking sir

  15. “Can Life be Endless”-
    It can be 4 Mmx if launch a phone again with 4gb internal storage.. ๐Ÿ˜€

  16. Gogi ji,

    if they are not going to reveal entire price, why should i prebook it.. People please stay away..after paying 5000 rs and only july if they say price 25 000 rs what you will do.. do we have refund process. this is absolute crap system by micromax. without reveling price and spec how can one pay 5000 Rs blindly.. seems that this is kind of UMI X2 scam…

    friends.. wait and watch.. i will wait for another month and buy…
    for mmx HD 116 they didnt play these trick. Why now.. Micromax please answer this question if you watch this forums..

    people did not sleep yesterday night…now i am thinking whether we really need this much of addiction to this phone….

  17. 1Rs booking is not valid!!!!
    Got mail from mmx.
    Dear Valued Customer,

    The website is currently under testing stage and we have reversed your last transaction of Re1. However, pre booking for the Canvas 4 will be live by 12 Noon with the actual booking charges of Rs. 5000.

    Do Let us know if you need any further assistance on the same.

    Micromaxestore Service

    1. kya kachrapanti hai … itni hype karne ke baad these guys are still testing their site /// crapppp …

      n using odd formulas to sell their canvas 4 … the price will be decided depending on the count of the pre-booking … thag hai ye …

      are at least logon ko specs to batao … !!!

    2. Dear All,
      Specs for MICROMax 4 as follows
      1) 5.5″ Display
      2) 2Ghz Quad Core Cortex A7 Processor
      3)2GB of Ram
      4)13 MP of Back Side Camera with 3.2 MP Front Facing Camera
      5) Price of Micromax 4 is Rs.15000/-.

  18. This is what the yesterday nights pre-bookers have received today morning. So guys again be live by today at 12 noon to prebook with 5k.
    Gogi you were absolutely correct……

    “Dear Valued Customer,

    The website is currently under testing stage and we have reversed your last transaction of Re1. However, pre booking for the Canvas 4 will be live by 12 Noon with the actual booking charges of Rs. 5000.

    Do Let us know if you need any further assistance on the same.

    Micromaxestore Service”

  19. CAN wait be endless ? even for specs ? ๐Ÿ˜‰ Atleast UMI disclosed specs sheet several months before they start production ๐Ÿ˜€