Another most awaited handset from Micromax, the Canvas 4 will be unveiled tomorrow. Consumers will be able to pre-book tomorrow and probably the official details will also be unveiled on the same day.

For now Micromax has uploaded another image on their Facebook page with reference to the new unlock technique. Just a few days back Micromax had posted an image, indicating that it might come with a new unlock technique and the image does confirm that it is definitely not slide to unlock.

Probably hand gesture or face unlock or the handset might come with magnetic flip cover that unlocks when you flip open the handset.. Or something new..

There are a lot of speculations regarding the specification, price and even leaked images that were quite different from the trailer videos that Micromax released. Interestingly the handset is also listed on few online websites, and some sites are even accepting pre-orders.

Well letโ€™s wait, its a matter of just one more day.

Canvas 4 dont slide to unlock

Published by Gogi Rana

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  1. the site is under signs of when the booking will actually start again with 5k…i couldn’t access while it was live with re1 :/

  2. kya dimaag ka dahi h yaar …. pre booking 28 june …. final price 8 july ko …. pta nhi production kb shuru hoga ….. nd pta nhi kb shipment shuru hogi ….. pta nhi kb MILEGA

    I dont know whether CAN life be endless or not but this wait for canvas 4 is certainly endless!!

  3. good night gogi and sleep well to all my friends the morning u have a good news from mmx

  4. Hi gogi ji,

    Please help, while others able to book. i used but it took me to that page..but it showning any fields to enter address details and all.. while others able to book for 1 rupee, its not allowing me
    please help. did you book. I feel i am unlucky as i am not able to book it

    1. Prasanth, the link was not officially activated, I think today it will be but you may not be able to book it for Rs. 1.

  5. This time mmx done stupidity…nonsense… I felt that he actually don’t know the specification nd price of their phone yet..this is too much…pre pre book hua ye to

  6. Ha ha, seems like MMX has blocked the booking page. So I guess it will be tomorrow with Rs. 5000 as the booking amount.

  7. Mail received from MMX

    Here’s a toast to you for booking your Micromax Canvas 4, congratulations!
    Your login details:
    Access your account on & find all the related information you need. The full price of the phone would be revealed on the 8th of July 2013, after which you can use the above mentioned login details to pay the remaining balance.
    Don’t worry; the pre-booking amount of Rs 5,000 will be adjusted in the final price. You can read the terms and conditions, here.
    If however, after the Canvas 4 launch, should you decide against being a proud owner of the hottest Smartphone in town, then you can have your entire amount refunded as well (know more).
    Congratulations once again & get ready to own the hottest Canvas, yet.
    Team Micromax

    1. Siva, but you booked for Rs. 1. and here it says Rs. 5000 so I guess tomorrow when they make the link live it will be 5000 Rs. for pre-booking. So those who booked for Rs. 1 is it valid?

      1. Hi Gogi Bro! They have removed the Rs 5000/- as the price details are revealed only on 8th July. They would not want to risk a scenario like UMi

      2. If they cancel the order, Rs.1 loss is not agreeable!!! Why bcoz you get kareena in Rs1 ๐Ÿ˜› (from Airtel ad)

        1. Raj,
          You don’t get kareena for Rs 1 only can watch her video for Rs 1.
          Hell lot of a difference bro;)

        1. Deepak, I did a check when the link was live. Just go to choose any phone you will get the buy option. ) and choose any of the existing phone, then (pretend) to buy. Click buy now button, you will find the same interface / same domain name and if you continue further the gateway is also the same (you can cancel the order there) so it seems genuine.

      3. Gogi Bro! Please check this link

        This states that the booking amount has been changed

  8. still ppl xpecting wonders from MMX canvas 4 ? its just another UMI X2 from side by side factory in china. they offer low price coz no magnetic sensor, no app2sd, low build quality etc.
    a rebrander can give same quality and specs. at low price after their profit margins against direct OEM?

  9. Hi guys check this

    The balance amount for your Canvas 4 will be revealed on the 8th of July, 2013

    The link is not active via the Micromax website so better don’t fill / submit it. They may be testing it.

    1. Booked by paying 1 rupees.

      Access your account on & find all the related information you need. The full price of the phone would be revealed on the 8th of July 2013, after which you can use the above mentioned login details to pay the remaining balance.
      Don’t worry; the pre-booking amount of Rs 5,000 will be adjusted in the final price. You can read the terms and conditions, here.
      If however, after the Canvas 4 launch, should you decide against being a proud owner of the hottest Smartphone in town, then you can have your entire amount refunded as well (know more).
      Congratulations once again & get ready to own the hottest Canvas, yet.

    2. This is working i just booked now!

      Message –

      Transaction Successful

      We have sent you your Login details on your registered mail address. The complete details for the Canvas 4 will be revealed on the 8th of July. You can log in again for details regarding your balance payment after the launch.

      If you decide against being a proud owner of the hottest Smartphone in town, then you can have your entire pre booking amount refunded here by clicking on the โ€˜Refund Nowโ€™ Tab which will also be available after the launch

    3. hi gogi ji kya karna hai book karnay k liay kuch samaj nahi raha and where is the specification??
      Please help sir

  10. CAN patience be endless to se the launch ๐Ÿ˜‰ Its like booking tatkal tickets on lol

  11. gogi sir at the time 12:12a:m june 28.where is canvas4,i am waiting for booking.plz link me

        1. Micromax is living up to its tagline Nothing like Anything where they expect us to pre-book their device without knowing the specs.
          PS- Already past 12 but no sign of pre-booking. Thanks for frustrating us MMx

  12. It’s like someone going to marry on 28 & don’t know anything about the partner.

    1. Ha Ha nice one, but a small correction if you don’t mind, it is kind of engagement (pre-book) (that is if you want to).

      1. Gogi
        Now tell me what to do? you have also canceled your order, so better always to know about the partners & then engage

  13. I think; big brands started to use cheap hardware (like Xperia c,lg l2, etc).so mmx will use high quality hardware for its flagship mobiles. This is called Newton’s law which is “for every action there is equal and opposite reaction”

  14. hi Raj&Darmesh ,,,,,what’s up guys,,,,brought any umi x2 or still following monkey’s like me ?? ๐Ÿ˜€
    as far as who brought those umi n zopo n mmx ,,,,still can’t understand how they r gettin after sale support.
    here at my state AP gionee spread all over and service is at every corner.
    am just waiting for big screen and 2gb ram powered model , may be it’s E6 from them and am heard that they gonna announce on JULY 10th.LET’S See
    is it 2gb ram or not and over priced or not ,,,,,,hope price is cool and it’s available july month end at every retail shops like other gionee products.
    even we book umi or mmx or zopo it takes 2 months of time….so i prefer buy gionee e6 at their dealer coz service is well spread already…offcourse after GOGI sir’s full review only.

    sooner or later u guys all realize all the good about gionee then rest.
    i can only say don’t fall for hype.
    after the launch UMI.ZOPO etc already got more then enough of time to establish after sale service in ur cities but they didn’t open anyone …it simply means they are not serious are donno what they r thinking,,,,,so just BAN them all till they open service.
    about MMX….can’t u guys don’t know that it’s a rebrander and their business is over by 2012,,,now original oem already here,,,,still thinking about MMx????…..r u guys of mind???

  15. I think they will reveal specifications at 00:00 hrs.Don’t keep TOO many expectations.

  16. I am going to pre book one tomorrow. I love MMX Canvas phones. Just waiting to get my hands on Canvas 4.

  17. Hope Canvas 4 is not like what Gogi said earlier “How About Pay More to Unlock” ……………… This should not be a sad unlock feature …. Waiting !!!

    1. A super Amoled display.. ??
      A pure LIE…
      With those specs it would be around 20k
      And i dont think anyone will risk spending 20k on a MMX phone…

      1. People bought canvas hd @15K.The success of this model tells the story.People will buy it even at 20k once they are satisfied with specifications.
        MMX has created such a brand image in less than 5 yrs.

    1. Nope! As per no one have any information what they are booking in terms of specification

  18. It will start pre-order from tomorrow but still we don’t know the official features. If anyone knows please do let me know.

  19. hi,

    gogi ji i want to buy this phone.
    plz tell me kitnay taq lena chaiay ?
    After sales mmx ka service kaisa hai?


  20. I dont know what is mmx canvas 4 but i really impress by the marketing strategic of mmx. They launched a single add on tv, no specification, no price and we all r every day search about this phone on web.

  21. this phone is the best companion for the person wh doesnt have a gf…………kiss to unlock..:D lol

  22. Blow air, kiss, hug, stick your tongue out, make funny faces etc etc to unlock new Canvas 4 ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Imaginations see no boundaries. Glad nobody said unzip your pants to unlock new canvas 4 ๐Ÿ˜‰ I don’t think there’d be anything much interesting. I just expect a UMI X2 or Zopo 980 hardware specs for new Canvas 4. And Maybe they’d add some their own customised already avialable (on play store) software features to unlock it.

  23. This is total time pass for everybody !!

    Give us the specification you bl**** MMX….

    1. Well many users says that. I bought the first dual core handset launched in India, then the first quad core handset launched in India. It was Micromax that released these handsets, they were the first to launch these new low cost hardware, if any other brand does that I will go for it.

        1. Ah yes it did, but it was not such of a success as was priced too high. Spice Mi-500 (2012, September) and A110 (2012, October).

        2. Spice was well in discussions before the launch of MMX A90 and A100, but god knows what happened to them they delayed the launch for unknown reasons, and MMX launched its product before them, also later spice changet the handset which initially they were intending to launch and had displayed in their site, had they launched 5 incher then things would have been different for them, however they were the 1st Indian Company to Launch a dual SIM mobile and Android Mobile in India, feeling sorry for them, but that what the market is all about ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Well said Gogi bhai. MMX has really been fast to market with new hardware and this is what has put them on no. 3 in India. Others come 1 to 3 months late when MMX has already sold 50k handsets for that specs and gained popularity ๐Ÿ™‚

        1. Abhishek, true, the first one to launch a new hardware always takes the bigger share.

          1. So this time also we expect them to launch something that we have not even heard of till now.

          2. gogi ji….i know u agree that GIONEE D1 is best in all ways ,,now it’s 14k,,,,may i know why u r so late in review it and still so much interested in MMX?

          3. rebranders like MMX etc., headstrong staff from umi, zopo indian branch who think indians goes mad n book blindly if they show 2gb ram like umi x2 NEED all the advertisement and they try all ways like some experts help to attract ppl BUT gionee took another way like true genuine launch.
            wait for JULY 10th,poor MMX trying to live, offering us a kiss of death.
            its strange to see that so called experts promoting MMX-A re-brand.

  24. Chandru,
    i was laughing like any thing after reading your comment…

    best idea, we will pass on this idea to Mmx to include it in next version…

    Can we open any person canvas 4 with just blowing air even though locked with passcode… nice hack ๐Ÿ™‚ hehe lol ๐Ÿ™‚

    This suspense by MMX went down to comedy track…

  25. good joke prasanth :d the stocks gone out in seconds and god only knows when u recived it if u r luckyly booked it also… GIONEE e6 is the only option and on july 10th only we know about it either 2gb ram or sick or strong battery,,,,if e6 with 2gb ram and with good price then we can get it sooner then all coz they directlly lauch with enough stock at all retailers like previous D1 etc.
    they r the only one who opened service center’s….so it’s better to trust GIONEE brand then all others like umi,zopo etc. and desi rebranders like mmx.
    i think gogi ji agree with my point atleast now ,,,,

    1. So u r back….long see :p where’s your jigri dost ajay :p umi fan ๐Ÿ˜€

    2. Hi Raju,
      Yes you are correct. If the company is genuine then why it goes for hype … pre booking….suspense…..and all those gimmick!!!!!!!.They must just announce the launch and start selling. The mobile is not a commodity which one should pre book and pay in advance.

      1. hi joshi,
        am not gionee person trying to advertise it… far as GIONEE is the best and service is established also,,,,fake or real the rumors r spreading about their new E6 model and saw at their facebook page also.
        till then july 10th can’t say anything about it….hope they launch something better then umi x2 and direct sale is starts JULY month end.

        1. Hi Raju,
          I never said you are company person. My experience with GIONEE is also better than others. I have Dream D1. I started with”your are correct….”
          which suggest that I agree with you. The other lines of comments are for the companies which follow gimmicks.

      1. d.rana, if monkey’s abale to talk at least they try to say some comments, but U are here n never said anything then a single line, it seems u r some immetured human acts like monkey here

  26. Gogi ji…i think u r just creating hype 4 canvas 4. Even b4 releasing u’ve almost do done 4 articles on canvas 4. i bet nothing gonna be interesting that we’ve nt seen b4..let’s wait n’s just 1 day left….and m sure we’ll get nothing but disappointment.

  27. Micromax is also falling into marketing strategies originated by Apple..creating hype about nothing… just a marketing trick..this will just be another rebranded 1.2 Mhz Mediatek MTK6589..while most Chinese known brands have already shifted to 30% faster MTK6589T-2 GB RAM Full HD.

  28. how abt kiss to unlock? lol with that pic it seems like that only! but i guess we have to keep mobile screen clean or it will say!KISS AGAIN, ERROR! lol

        1. If it’s ‘Kiss to Unlock’, then MMX should provide at least One Thousand Screen Protectors packed in a separate box as the Freebies……

      1. In that case Micromax Should Appoint Emraan Hashmi as a brand Ambassador!…heheheee

  29. gogi ji,

    if they release specs only tomorrow then, while one complete reading the specs, the stock would have gone…
    this is not acceptable.. i dont why they hesitating to reveal the specs. quite irritating for me.. one big question how much stock they there any limit to order pre-order..

    1. if companies like umi,zopo had better sales and service systems, then most people prefer it.. earlier i was supposed to buy umi which is better than mmx116. but as you know their pathetic commitments made me stay away… I am disappointed gogi ji ๐Ÿ™