The Micromax A110 comes with dual core and houses an 8 MP camera. It is much better than its predecessor the Micromax A100. I bought the A110 for personal use, got it today and here is the review.

A110 box pack
The handset is big, it’s with a 5 inch screen. Inside the box you will find the handset, charger, USB to micro USB cable, earphones, 2000 mAh battery and warranty / user manual.

Design and build quality
The earphones are good but the one that I got with the Micromax A90 were even better. However the sound output is really good and loud.  The handset has got a greyish sliver side with black back cover (or white depending on your colour choice).

The handset looks more or less like a Samsung galaxy phone, it has that premium look. The rear back cover is made of thin plastic. If you look closely you can see small gaps between the body and the back cover – probably cause of the thin cover.  (Check the video review).

Micromax A110 box pack

The power button is placed on the right side, micro USB on the top along with 3.5mm jack and volume rockers on the left. The rear side is textured / embossed that helps get a good grip. You will also find the speaker out and 8MP camera with dual LED flash.

Micromax A110 superfone canvas 2 side view

Display and Performance
The screen is 5 inches (4.9 inches) with 854×480 pixels. There are 3 dedicated buttons on the front side.  The touch is smooth, I found it better than the A90 – probably cause of a bigger screen and it was fun typing as lot of space and few errors. The display glass is scratch resistant – no need for a protective film but for added protection you can add.

The performance was flawless, buttery smooth and apps installed much faster. The processor is MT6577 with PowerVR SGX 531 GPU. There was a mild rendering lag when zooming in on to a text matter while using the stock browser.

RAM = 512 MB – Usable is 473MB of which 231MB is free.
Internal Storage for Apps : 503MB – 400MB free.
Internal SD card :  2.05GB.

Quadrant : 1st test 2659, 2nd test = 2710.
Antutu: 4580. You can even get a score of around 5000 to5400 I got – 5352, if you uncheck “verify score by network time”.
NenaMark2: 25.4fps.
Linpack: Single : 36 Double : 61.

The quadrant benchmark score on my Micromax A90 was 2463. (image below with 2nd test)
CPU=2264, Mem =3104, I/O=5076, 2D=513 and 3D=1358.
When you compare this with the A110 with a total score 2710.
CPU=4346, Mem =2750, I/O=3843, 2D=455 and 3D=2158.

A110 v/s A90 benchmark

Do note that the A90 is with a 4.3 inch screen whereas the A110 is with a 5 inch screen. More processing power and time is required on a bigger screen.

A110 is better but the difference is not much, probably cause of the GPU that isn’t that powerful. This dual core performs slightly better than the A90 – compare the individual scores (CPU/MEM etc). A110 I think is also better than the A100 model. The benchmark test was done without default settings and without enabling “force GPU rendering”.

720p videos run pretty smooth and 1080p movies will not. This is the same as seen on the A90. You cannot play 1080p movies using the H/W mode in MX player app. The speaker sound is quite loud and even better on earphones.  I tried FM radio it worked well.

The camera features are the same as on the Micromax A90. There is burst mode 16, 8, 4 shot mode and can also record videos in HD (720p resolution).  When using the camera if you find unnatural colour for example red showing as pink, just go to settings and change hue, saturation, brightness and contrast to medium.

The camera quality is as good as seen on the A90. You can check the sample images here.

When recording videos you do have an option to pause the recording, this is a good option for shooting different scenes in a single video. In the sample 720p video I have used the video recording pause feature. Videos are recorded in 3gp format.

When using GPS for the first time make sure you are out in the open and check all the GPS options. I got a lok on the GPS in about 11 seconds.

I had paid for the NFS Shift game a few months back and it did not play on any of the handsets that I have used / reviewed. I tried it on A110 and to my delight it worked. This forced me to buy another gaming app, MC3 (Modern combat 3) and it too worked flawlessly. Watch the video to believe. I think these two games should be sufficient to get and idea of what kind of games the A110 can play.

I did face a strange issue with NFS shift. Since all you need to do is tilt to control the car movement after few seconds the  handset would go in standby mode depending on the timeout you have specified. That is the only issue. But if you are tapping the screen / using brakes than you will not notice it. No issues though with MC3 Alien Nation.

There is an option in settings -> storage to select the external or internal SD card as a default location for new apps that you would download.

In phone dialler there is a dedicated video call button – native video calls are supported.

Phone in call speaker clarity is good and loud. The speaker mode during phone call is hear-able when you are in a silent environment.

Does not support flash in stock browser, may need to install flash APK.

You can view the screen / read the content easily even in direct sunlight with max brightness.

When I connect the MMX A110 with the PC using USB cable. I get 3 drives. The first is the 2GB internal, second is the external SD card (in my case its 8GB) and a third one with 9.30 MB space which has the required MMX drivers.

Its dual SIM with dual standby – When using 3G on SIM 1 you can call and surf at the same time. When using 3G and even when you are downloading you will receive calls on any of the SIM – both SIM 1 and SIM 2 are active. I tried downloading a file using 3G and called the seconds SIM I received the call, the download paused and once disconnected the download resumed.

Even though if you set the default app location to external SD card it still installs the apps in the internal storage. There is no option to move it to external storage.

When the battery gets fully charged the LED notification indicator turns green from red.

  • I charged the battery to 100% at 8:00 PM on 2nd nov.
  • For the test Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth are Off and 3G on all the time.
  • Within few hours (I think 2 to 3) the battery dropped from 100 to 70.
  • After that the battery drop was very slow, in fact excellent.
  • Now (3th Nov) its 7:00 PM one hours to go after a complete charge and battery level is still at 36% (I am seeing 36% for a long time). I think the discharge will be even slow now.
  • I am going to let the phone run until it auto shuts itself i.e. at 5% battery.
  • Overall I am very happy with the battery performance. I did use GPS for 30 seconds to check, made few calls and my email are sync every now and then.

Those having battery issue is cause of calibration error. I would suggest just let the phone run and charge only when it auto shuts off. Do not charge even when you get the message to charge.

In case of error like your battery is over current protection please remove your battery, follow the same and wait for the battery to drain (use the phone in normal way as you would) and do not charge until the phone completely shuts down on its own.

What is this battery calibration issue?
When the battery is packed by the manufacturer it is charged to a certain level say 75%. You may buy the handset after few days or week or even months. The battery even when not used gets discharged. Say for example the battery drops to 50%. When you insert the battery the system cannot get the accurate data since the battery was not used and the battery memory will say 75%, that’s when the problem starts. That is what the sudden drop in the % and even if you put the phone on charger it gives a wrong signal in the above case it will be -25%. So the best best is to let drain the battery to minimal and then recharge. The battery memory will also improve and so will your phone backup. Observer the battery drop every 15minutes you will find that at the beginning it will be fast but as it goes down the drop gets very slow, it means you battery needs to be calibrated.

Micromax A110 Review
Overall I find it a very good buy. It is better than A100 and also better performance wise when compared with the Micromax A90, though I still love the A90 display. Considering the price tag (hardly any difference between the single core A100 and dual core A110, the A110 is definitely a good buy.

Do note that there are no light sensors, there is only Proximity and G-Sensors.

The benchmark scores are low but I guess that’s probably cause of the GPU which fails to deliver as excepted even with dual core processor.  If you compare the benchmark scores with other devices you will find it to be lower that’s cause of the 5 inch screen, the bigger the screen the more work required.

The benchmark difference is not much (or what was expected out of a dual core) but the speed / performance when launching, installing apps is noticeable. I did a review on the Sony Xperia Sola (read review), a dual core with mali 400 GPU, it gave a (quadrant) benchmark score of 2280. I guess for the price the A110 is worth it!

Image Gallery

Micromax A110 unboxing and review video

720p video sample taken from the Micromax A110 camera

High end Games, HD videos and Youtube demo on the A110

ASPHalt 7 and Whatsapp video demo
For those who were not able to run the ASPHalt 7 on the Micromax A110 or doubt if the handset can run ASPhalt game check this video. The game worked perfectly well, and runs smoothly. Even Whatsapp worked without any glitch.

Connecting pen drive with Micromax A110 using OTG cable

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  1. Hi Gogi,
    I am using my A110 canvas 2 in USA with almost no issues.
    Couple of hitches:
    1) Data speed is low as you get only 2g rates. Not sure why
    2) All networks do not work. For eg. At&t sim did not work but T-Mobile sim worked. So check before buying.
    Kindly let me know if I can increase data speeds and also update in main review so people who are going abroad know about the same.

    1. Sharath thanks for the input the A110 is with GSM – 900, 1800; UMTS – 2100 (It is with the GSM 850 not sure if that is the reason).

  2. Hi Gogi sir ,

    as per your mmx a110 review i brought this phone
    its work seamless but i have an another issue about the
    phone. I am using this phone for development testing
    but problem is raising every time, when any program run
    on Device Log Cat not stable , it just show for 2-3 sec and Gone
    other hand i was using Samsung Note II it works better for Developing

    is any way to solve my issue about Log Cat..

    thanks in Advance!!!
    reply must,

  3. Hi Gogi sir,
    My cell is automatically touching random buttons and finger touch is not working.this is continuous from last 5 days.previously it was only happening when the mobile is on charging. but now its continuous without charging. please answer I am very frustrated, I am not even able to pick a call or read any sms. please help me

    1. Rajnee, seems some touch issue with the handset, get it checked at the service center.

      1. Hi Gogi,
        Thanks for the reply
        I took it to service center, they said lcd is pressed needs to be replaced and that will not be free,I have to pay for that. but I suspect its not and may be its due to humidity as there was raining from last 10 days.What do you think

        1. Hi you need to be careful with the LCD screen if you press it very hard it does get damaged. I had the the issue with samsung handset but the damage was at the top edge, not all over. The top screen does not respond to touch, but its okay for me. Be careful when placing the handset in tight pocket. And when placing the handset there should not be any force or constant force on the screen.

  4. hello sir,
    my canvas 2 is recently showing problems
    it automaticcally touches anywhere even when im not toucching it…
    plz help me wid dis probl em!

  5. My MMX 110 was working fine until 2 days back when after full charging battery suddenly drops to 15 %. Please help.

    1. HI sonali, let the battery drain completely and then put your cell for charging and let it charge complete to 100%. this will give you a better battery life.

  6. I am facing a proble with my micromax a110.It is showing Internal memory card is unmounted or ready to remove and it is not showing my internal memory card details in the mobile.
    The same thing is for external memory card.
    After two days it shown that Internal memory card is corrupted do u want to format it.
    Please give me a solution.
    Thanks gogi sir.

  7. Hi Gogi,

    I am facing a small problem with A110.
    For my Idea sim, it is showing roaming symbol whereas I am very well in my state only… That sim is ok in other mobiles and for other sims, A110 is ok….
    Do you have any idea to sort it out???

  8. hiiiii gogi i have installed ASPHalt 7 first it opens then it checks for some files then a dialogue comes press ok and play after that every thing stops plese suggest same problems also shows for mc 2 3 4

  9. hi gogi and …….. all …
    please give a time to reply me comment………plzz.plzz
    i have installed xr650 rom on on my canvas 2,,and since it is not giving network to my tata docomo sim card …so i …… tried to flash another rom
    and when i go to recovery mod or cwm ..
    1st i press vol up plus down and power botton
    than go to recovery and then it just factory reset me phone …..
    i tried with mobile uncle tool..also but nothing happen……
    i does not go to clockword mod recovery…
    please help … if anybody can help i will be thankful,,,,,,,
    plz………. gogi sir..

  10. Gogi A part of touchscreen on my A110 is not working. Pls suggest a solution. Check below screenshot about problem.

  11. Hangout replacing the Google Talk, apps available in the play store but not supporting MMX A 110.

    Find out the solution…any one have an idea about it.


  12. Hello Everyone after updating with jelly bean its works so well but i have one query that can i make my background screen transparent like when I open menu it show me transparent. Is it possible how can i do it ?

    Please help me.


    1. Yes,
      You can…
      You will have to download and app called transparent screen from the play store…
      This app uses the camera to make the background transparent…..

      1. Suraj another problem that I am facing is data connectivity lost every time and I can’t access my internet continuously is there any solution for that ??

        1. Hi vivek you can install a new launcher like next launcher or go launcher from andriod market and you can have a transparent screen.

  13. Hello Gogi,

    Can you please suggest me a nice earphones for this amazing mobile. everything else is great except earphones. I have found that the headphones that comes with samsung or htc or sony doesnt work with this. Selected models of nokia works. It would be great if you suggest me a nice earphone model! thanks…

    1. Hi buddy you can buy jbl tempo which is costing rs.600 or any skullcandy earphones these are great earphones you can use.

  14. An extremely happy user of MMX A110: Currently using DrBhokali JB ROM for the last 5 months. Enhanced the loud speaker output from 128 units to 160 units (maximum limit allowed) by entering the Engineering Mode. No battery calibration issues. Excellent voice guided navigation with Airtel (2G data) in SIM1 and Idea in SIM2(default phone). No problem in roaming mode also.
    1) Antunu bench mark 6600, Qudrant at 3000. This is 50% better than the default ICs ROM.
    2) Use GPX fix before Google Maps and navigation
    3) Use “hot Reboot” and kill applications from rebooter (from smartux) on daily basis to clear up RAM to 240 MB
    4) Use engineering mode to enhance loud speaker output to 160 units
    5) Use MMX player to run any movie files including VOB files.
    —-enjoy life—-

  15. hai sir I brought this mobile mmx a110 after reading your review. I am very satisfy with this mobile thanks for the good review. please clarify me can I use googlechrome or molizafirefox browsers for this mobile please give me reply

    1. Hi Vinod you can use both google chrome or moliza firefox browsers and manyother browsers try opera browser its the best.

  16. hello sir.i am going for jelly bean update on Saturday in this hope that it may resolve my issue and i will be able to play high-end games.(i am a teen and mainly have bought this fone for HARDCORE GAMING.)
    i am waiting for a suggestion from ur side.what i should and can do?


  17. hello sir.i am going for jelly bean update on Saturday in this hope that it may resolve my issue and i will be able to play games of my choice.(i am a teen and mainly have bought this fone for GAMING.)
    i am waiting for a suggestion from ur side.what i should and can do?

    1. Hi Jatin you can update your mmx a110 its fast and smooth and gives a better performance.

  18. i agree with you buddy but you may get equal specs in 520 but android is andriod……
    no other software is as customisable as android and there are a lot of apps and a lot more in play store than all windows apps.

  19. its jatin again.
    sir i am not using the paid versions of the gameloft games.but i have taken it from my friend with canvas 2 and he too haven’t bought the games but works perfectly in his fone.also these are working flawlessly in galaxy ace plus.
    the game opens…loads….starts…and then force stops within 10-20 seconds.
    (even i havn’t installed any heavy softwares n games and always have available ram of about 150-180 mb.)

  20. I am extremly confused…which handset should i buy. Karbonn, micromax ,nokia, samsung? I read many issues about karbonn and mmx……which company gives quality stuff at afordable price? (under 9k)…..and 1 more thing….of the company karbon and mmx….which is best..? Pls help frends….

  21. Hi Friends,
    I wanted to sell my MICROMAX A110 Canvas 2 with jellybean OS.
    Purchase date : 21/12/2012 bangalore white colour with one cover & one flip cover. No earphone & rest everything is original.. I have with box & bill im located in bangalore. If anyone wanted please letme know.


  22. hi gogi sir, I watched and loved your reviews n videos but i was amazed to see that none of high end games(like need for speed shift,modern combat3,shadowgun etc) worked on my canvas2 but worked flawlessly on yours. Can you please suggest something.

  23. hi gogi.
    i was unable to play gameloft games n thought it was problem in all canvas 2.but u n my friends r able to play.can u please give a solution or reason of dis problem.

    1. Lava iris 501.
      If you want to save your 2000 Rs.
      I am using it since 1 Month and it is performing super smooth sometimes better then canvas 2.
      Just can’t connect pen drive as on Canvas 2 on Iris.

  24. Hi Gogi,

    I have updated my mobile from ICS to jellybean, Now i got the following issues Please suggest.
    1) The internal and external memory card is unavailable some time , Then i need to switch off and on the mobile.
    2) The battery backup is not longer like before updating to jelly bean.
    3) Mobile getting hot very soon.
    Arun Raj.

  25. Brought today very good GPS camera everything is good but during

    Charge get unresponsive or more responsive. Plz tell what to do. Any suggestions.

  26. Hi All, I just upgraded my non rooted phone to jelly bean 4.1.1 in Chennai service center .could any one help me here in feel difference of the upgraded JB from ICS.?
    what are benefits in this a110 with JB upgrade.

    1. jellybean basically is more responsive,efficient and fast.there are some minor difference like diff.lock major difference is seen in full operation but undoubtedly its bettttteerrrr…

  27. gogi bhai
    can U pls do a review on Gionee gpad G1. many are saying it is much better than A110. when I contacted(a month back) gionee they said they are ready to give units to reviewers. I suggested u r name.

  28. I want to buy the Micromax A110 Canvas 2.But the only thing that i am confused with is wheter it can record videos in 720p?or not?because some say it can and some it can’t.Please throw some light on this.

  29. I want to buy the Micromax A110.But the only thing that i am confused with is wheter it can record videos in 720p?or not?because many says it can and many that it can’t.Can you please put some light on this?

  30. gogi, can I connect Sony LiveView smart watch to my mmx canvas2 ? and does it work perfectly with canvas 2 ?

  31. Hi, Gogi

    Thanks for your great job, my query is i want to update my phone with JB. So what the requirement for it. Is it fine it will work on same configuration like: 1.4gb internal memory and 512 mb ram? Or i have to upgrade it with V2 ROM ?

    I welcome all suggestion from all commentor…


  32. I want to buy a new phone for around sir please tell me which is better for high end gaming -canvas 2 or s1 titanium karbonn.

    1. S1 titanium Karbon has much better specs its comparable to Micromax canvas HD Go with Karbon

  33. I want to but nice headset for my micromax a110 but i tested headsets of samsung galaxy s duos and s2 of my friends but nothing seems to be compatible . Can someone please suggest me a good headset with mic… Please… The default headset is very poor and i am now using nokia wh 102 of my nokia c7 mobile it seems to be very compatible but not that much bass .

    1. Sachin, try Nokia buds earphone cost 349/- only. Its works in all Micromax handsets. I am using it with A116 and adjustet equilizers. Awsome music experience….

  34. Gogi sir… Plz suggest me… Which is the better phone htc explorer or micromax canvas 2 ?

  35. Hi Gogi Ji
    The problem is that I’m unable to take pics from my phone as it keeps showing ‘Storage full. Release some memory’. I’ve tried deleting stuff but it still doesn’t work. Restarted the phone like 3-4 times, still the same problem. Please help.

  36. Hi Gogi,

    I have updated my mobile from ICS to jellybean, Now i got the following issues Please suggest.
    1) The internal and external memory card is unavailable some time , Then i need to switch off and on the mobile.
    2) The battery backup is not longer like before updating to jelly bean.

    Arun Raj.

  37. I have updated Micromax a110 to jelly bean official update. The phone is now buttery smooth and have better performance than ICS. with lot new features and somewhat better battery backup.But after the update i am feeling headache when calling through phone without any headset. can anyone tell me whether SAR value can increase with device os or is it same for a hardware inspite of os .

  38. Hi Gogi,
    How to back up SMSes from Canvas2 to PC. IS there any PC suit for canvas2?How to upgrade OS to JB?

  39. Sir please help me i’m in great confusion,which phone to buy mmx canvas 2 or nokia lumia 520? Pls help me,i luv both handsets

  40. Dear Gogi gi,
    My a110 is at micromax service centre since four months.
    I have sent a court notice. And now i am fileing a case in consumer court. What type of rebate/claim should i file.
    Thanks in advance.

  41. My A110 is running very slow…..When any Apps are opened it takes a while before opening…..which was not the case earlier. Pls guide here..

    1. Try a reboot and second option is check your SD card for errors connect SD to PC and scan the SD card. A problematic SD card will slow down the performance.

    2. Use ram booster . make some space in ur internal storage by moving apps into internal sd card.

  42. hi frnds.. I bought a new Canvas 2. Bt it dsnt support to live video streaming in Youtube and other apps.I tried my bst. Bt i cant. Pls help me frnds..Plss..Plss…

    1. I have no problem in using in youtube. Try updating the app or first uninstall updates and then again install it.

  43. can rear camera glass on micromax canvas 2 be changed/replaced i have starches on camera glass.

  44. Brother,
    My phone’s gps not working … actually it doesn’t lock the location even not under sky … i have upgraded its software to jb via service center and also installed upgraded version of google maps but still haven’t worked….
    What to do, plz help me .. I’ll be thankful to u

  45. Hi All, My MMx A110 initially showed 100 % after 2 months , charges only till 99% .is it an issue . i even tried restart and charge again after few min. still it dint go 100 %. is there any fix to this. did anyone faced similar issue

    Note: I tried to charge more than 4hrs to see whether it could reach 100.
    From 99% to 100% it took some 40min

      1. Not or improper charging is the big issue. For the same reason i an waiting by canvas two since fourth january.Micromax service centre saying wait for another week.Then another week and so on.
        “Nothing worse like micromax”


      2. I had the same problem. I would restart the phone and it would show 100% but sometimes even after restarting it shows 99% only. It gets stuck at 99%