In 2012 Google Inc bought Motorola for $12.4 billion and now they will be selling it to Lenovo for $2.9 billion. It seems Google had not financially benefited by the Motorola deal.

With Motorola becoming a part for Lenovo it would definitely benefit the company (Lenovo). Lenovo had already entered the smartphone domain in India and many handset models are available in the Indian markets. As per the Google – Lenovo deal, Lenovo will take over the phone manufacturing operations including 2000 Motorola Patents.

Google got Motorola for $12.4 billion as it was more interested in the patents. In fact even after the Google – Lenovo deal, Google will keep most of the patents for itself.

If you may recall Motorola had shut operation in India, but now you can expect after sales service from Lenovo which is good news. The Moto G launch in India will commence as planned and will not be affected by this deal.

Lenovo buys Motorola from google

Moto G is expected to be launched on 5th February 2014. I guess users will now be more comfortable buying this brand as they know they will get the services either from Motorola or Lenovo and moreover the Moto models will also be available in retail stores.

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  1. Gogi , How is Lenovo’s after sales service in India as Im planning to buy Lenovo P780 …… Im using Karbonn Titanium S1 and am planning to upgrade to better Camera and better Chipset ……

  2. Mr. Gogi.. If Motorola no more a google company then Moto phones will not get official OS update from google, M I right…???

    1. Good question, well we first need to see what it comes loaded with is it 4.3 or 4.4, the kitkat updates have already started. But am sure Lenovo will continue the update tradition.

  3. How can Google will sell at low price when compared to there buying price .what’s the logic gogi bhai

  4. Hi Gogi Sir ! I want to buy a smarphone, and my personal choice is between samsung galaxy grand quattro or micromax canvas magnus, my budget is bellow 15000. Brand value is not important as I m personally a micromax fan but plzzzz suggest which one would be the best. Plzzz reply soon. Thank you.

    1. Hi, it depends upon according to ur needs…
      1..if mutimedia +gaming+performance= mmx magnus
      2..if brand+software updates+camera= Grand quattro..
      Find out ur needs… and than compare these phone in phonearena or Gsmarena….by googling it…

      My personal opinion go for mmx magnus for better usability and performance (don’t worry mmx reveal kitkat update to its mmx line ups recently)

      1. Hey! Thanks buddy . Brand and software updates are not matter of concern and I have heard that magnus also has a good camera. So magnus is the better option isn’t it ?? Thanks for ur opinion it means a lot.

        1. Ya…it is…if u want a android phone under 15k for camera prospective than mmx magnus will deliver that….(but if camera is main priority then lumia 720)

        1. Mmx newscaster revealed a news that mmx will update their canvas premium series on upcoming days…so stay tune…

          1. Than go for it…..u will love to play hd games like nfsmw 2012 , mc4,mc3,gta san andreas, asphalt 7, 8….Camera geeks also love this phone..But m planning to buy upcoming MMx canvas A350 knight octacore version..or Gionee E7 32gb version…

  5. I think this was forced by Samsung.
    As per the shared patent deal at CES 2014 Google n Samsung are sharing patents and has also promised to give Google products like G Now and Keep more prominence than their proprietary software. In return I think Google has decided to hold off manufacturing phones except GPE n Nexus devices. Another reason maybe that LG another S Korean company and a big competitor have made the last 2 nexus and Samsung has lost the support of the dev community so the two have struck this deal
    Motorola is just a casualty in this war of giants besides Google still holds Ara and the bio tech department from Motorola.
    What is the reason do you think Gogi??

    1. This could be the reason. Since Google controls android and if they start rolling out too many Google Handsets then it could make other players uncomfortable.

      1. hi Gogi,
        PPl see it as loss for Google, But its a good bargain,it always said google was more interested in 17000+ patents of motorola than its hardware division, it got 5.26 bn nw (incl sale of moto set top box unit) now for the remanin 7+ bn it has 15000 patents (+) its mellowing tizen os, sharing patents wit samsung, no hardware partner conflicts, it retained project Ara,so Google back to more profits again

        1. True I was just doing the math by googling it up and overall Google seems to have lost about 739 million. There is an operating cost of 2.1bil in the 5 quarters that you have to add up also….Overall Google didn’t loose much and am happy fr Lenovo…they make the best workstations and I hope they take a cue from Motorola and not rebrand their stuff.
          I m in a toss about the Moto G now πŸ˜€

  6. whether people know it or not, lenovo is the fourth largest smartphone maker in the world, if they buy motorola, they will come to third spot. this the fact now..

    1. Last time I checked it was Samsung Apple followed by Huawei and Lenovo 4th by about a 3.5million phones per fiscal quarter…..The Moto X and G don’t sell that much do they?

  7. Google could’ve manufactured some better handsets using Motorola’s facility. I still don’t get it why they didn’t try to make use of it.

  8. Earlier we the MOTO G hopeful buyers were little doubtful about the after sales service of MOTO bcoz they don’t have service centers in India anymore. But bcoz the name GOOGLE was associated with it , we were hopeful that things will go pretty smooth after sales. And now this shock that MOTO has gone in hand of a Chinese company which would soon turn its cell phones into 4k with a TV.
    I was so much waiting for MOTO G but this news has put me in situation to think twice. Also I was expecting that next version of NEXUS would come from GOOG + MOTO, expectations hurt πŸ™

  9. Gogi,
    Lenovo as a mobile brand doesn’t invoke confidence in customers as well as retailers.Lenovo has outsourced their service centers to HCL info systems but level of service rendered is pathetic.I remember in 2005 nokia was having service tie up with HCL infosystems,but Nokia was Nokia.

    1. Yes true I don’t see many shops putting up lenovo handsets, probably because its a bit costlier that other brands. But I guess the need the right product launched at the right time at the right price, may be Moto G could fill in.

          1. Dear Gogi sir,
            Pls Pls tell me which mobile phone should I buy Under 14K
            I like two phones MOTO G and Lenovo P780
            Which one should I buy Pls give me a right choice?????