The lava Iris 501 sports the same hardware that the A110 houses and in fact comes with 2 extra sensors that are missing on the A110. When it comes to the price factor the Iris 501 is cheaper than the A110 that is now available for over Rs. 10K.

Box Pack
Inside the sleek box pack you will find the handset, a protective case, free 4GB memory card, earphone, 2300 mAh battery, charger, USB to micro USB cable and user manual. Online stores are selling it for Rs. 9,999 but from local stores you can get it for as low as Rs. 9,500. (Price now updated to 7999).

Design and display
On the first look I did not find any difference between the Micromax A110 (read review) and the 501, they looked almost identical. Since I got the off white color you can easily make out otherwise it would have been a bit difficult.

There are 3 touch sensitive buttons on front side that are not visible until activated. On front side there is the in call speaker, front camera and sensors. On rear side there is the 5MP auto focus camera, single LED flash light and speaker out. Volume rockers are placed on the left, the power button on the right and micro USB plus 3.5mm jack on the top.

The display screen is 5 inches supporting resolution of 800×480 pixels (16 M colour and 186.59 PPI). Touch is smooth / responsive.

Lava Iris 501 box pack

Inside the Hood
The dual SIM Lava Iris 501 comes with the same dual core processor – MTK6577 chipset with powerVR SGX 531 GPU. Same features as on the A110. There is 512MB RAM, 4GB internal storage, micro SD support, 3G, Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth etc.

Unlike the A110 that comes with proximity and GSensors only, the 501 is a step ahead with light as well as magnetic sensors.  Add to it the battery capacity is also a little more at 2300 mAh. The rear camera however is of a 5MP resolution, but it can click excellent pictures and can even record videos in 720p resolution. It will be hard to make out any difference between the 5MP and 8MP output.

lava iris 501 review

OS, interface and apps
The Iris 501 runs on the Android ICS OS version 4.0.4. The home screen, icons look a bit different.  The handset comes loaded with few apps and games like Asphalt 6, Cricket fever etc.

lava iris 501 with protection case

It performed as good as the 6577 handset should.

  • Of 512MB RAM you get around 233MB free.
  • Internal storage for apps is around 786MB of which 721MB is free.
  • Internal storage is 1.96GB. (Even if you select external SD card for preferred install location the apps are saved on the internal storage).

The benchmark scores.

  • Quadrant Benchmark : 2698.
  • Antutu Benchmark : 6107.
  • NenaMark 2 : 23.5fps.
  • Linpack : Single : 30 , Multi : 41.
  • MultiTouch : 5 point.

As mentioned its with 5MP resolution with single LED flash. The quality is as good as compared with A110. You can record videos in 720p resolution.

Check the sample images shot using Iris 501 : –

The Asphalt6 came pre-installed, unfortunately you will need to download the data which is over 300 MB. I downloaded the data that was saved on the internal storage. The game played smooth with no issues. The handset can even play Modern Combat 3.

Just like other MTK6577 powered handsets this one too cannot play full HD videos i.e. 1080p resolution; however you can play 720p videos with ease using MX player. There is built in FM for live music on the move, it works well when you are in the open.

There is 3G, Wi-fi, GPS and Bluetooth. The GPS does take some time to get a lock for the first time I got the lock within 30 seconds. Other features worked fine.

The sound quality is good, as good as on the A110, loud and clear. In call volume and in call speaker mode is loud and clear.

2300 mAh Battery
The battery is 300 mAh more than as on A110, but I guess the battery backup will be the same cause of 2 sensors that have been included on the Iris 501.

Lava Iris 501 review
This does seem a good alternative to the Micromax A110. The price of A110 has been increased which is just over 10K as of now, moreover it is rather difficult to get the handset as it goes out of stock easily.

Until now we had few options like the Lava Xolo A700 that was with a 4.5 inch screen but now there are a few 5 inch screen with similar hardware configuration as the MMX A110 with some extra features and at a lower price.

To sum up the Iris 501 is with 5MP camera as compared to the 8MP on A110 but the 501 also comes with light and magnetic sensors that are missing on A110, plus a 2300 mAh battery and not to forget the free 4GB SD card and the protection case. There is another phone called the Byond B63 that was also recently launched for under 10K with Jelly Bean OS.

Image Gallery

Lava Iris 501 unboxing and review video

720p video sample shot using the Iris 501

Iris 501 Gaming review (Modern Combat 3)

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  1. Dear sir ,

    Sub:Please help me …

    Sir my Lava iris 501 shows Invalid IMEI … So plesae tell what to do … How i can get the IMEI and how to myself Install IMEI to use my simcards …

    No Service center on kashmir… Now i hope u will be helpful for me …

  2. GoGi ji, happy to speak you again. i bought lava iris 501 after searching and observing your reviews. the phone is great and i keep it like a precious thing. now i want to upgrade my phone, with the better camera quality and etc. but in the second hand market nobody shows interest about this mobile. i cant use the money i spent. so can you tell me is there any exchange offer for the phone. or is it only use and throw models from the lava, karbon, mircomax..brands..

    1. Guru its difficult to sell the second hand handset as technology is changing fast. You can try looking for a store that sells 2nd hand handset, or look out for online offers. Don’t expect too much.

  3. Gogi ji., thx for your recent comments. I have certain doubts, and its as follows
    1. Is smartphones android brands like lava iris, xolo, micromax, karbon, are built with virgin plastics of good quality, and free from pvc and other harmful materials, and good display and hardwares?
    2. Is smartphones android brands like lava iris, xolo, micromax, karbon are SAR tested for radiation aimed to indian consumer specification
    And suggest me a good model in each of these. Brands under 8000 rupees, and iam looking for big screen with dual core and nice RAM with good display. Iam not looking for karbon

  4. sir, how one can check if all the sensors are working on this phone….i download sensor kinetics and it showing that gyroscope and gravity sensor are missing from the phone…..pls help me.

  5. I like to buy this phone. But i heard it has no EDGE. Is it true? In my town no 3g, so i have to use 2g net only. Does 2g net working good in it? pls confirm it gogi/users..

  6. Gogi sir,
    please let me know which phone is better for overall performance lava iris 458q or lava iris 501….??

  7. I really like all d features of thia fone.. its smooth.. but the camera is not upto d mark if its landscape shot i.e. Mountains, Buildings, etc but closeup/macro images are excellent.. it focuses instantly.. rest of d features are juz osum…

  8. Gogi sir please upload lava iris 505 full review benchmark and gaming video. I am confused to buy iris 501 or iris 505. Please help me sir..

    1. i think 501 is better… if i wer u i would hav gone for 501 instead.. bcoz its juz osum 😛

  9. Gogi Sir please tell which one to buy, Byond b63 or Iris 501, and plz tell can i save apps in external memory in Byond b63?, and can HD or 3d games played on b63 or iris 501 both? which got better camera clarity in these both sets?.. plz reply m thinking to buy Mobile under 8000rs budget, it will be very helpfull for me if u give your advise?.. thanx in Advance.

  10. Hi Gogi & all frends,
    i wanted to purchase Lava Iris 501 within few days but it seems its out of stock in all the online sites&local retailers in my city.could someone guide from where to buy this mobile.

  11. hi gogi sir.. i have recently purchased lava iris 501..all things are working perfectly except battery.. the battery draining is very fast. pls suggest is there are any option to improve battery performance??

  12. Plz bro hlp mr to choz betwn lava iris 501 vs lava 458q. i want a big phon with good gaming

  13. Gogi Sir,
    plzzzz advise a quality reliable phone within 13 k, am totally confused with hundreds of reviews.
    Please pardon my repeat question: my basic needs are video chat (Skype), GRPS, wi-fi, Bluetooth, some browsing, acceptable camera /videos/music. I am NOT a Gaming guy at all and dong need many applications.

    1. Bro, go either with Lava iris 504q or Micromax A116 HD. Both r nice phone. I have used both the phone….. MIcromax is providing free flip cover with A116 which is a very nice quality but free flip cover with iris 504q is worst… Now make up ur mind accordingly…..

  14. to get, instant root acces,install framaroot app. and within few sec, ur 501 will get root acces without pc use or adb driver blah blah.

    we can go back unroot also 😀
    so its total fun.

  15. Can i move or install apps on external sd card in lava iris 501? Please tell me. This is the only problem of me.

  16. Gogi Sir,
    The more i read reviews for smart/Android phones the more I get confused and am unable to decide what to buy. Flipkart has terrible negative comments (hanging/battery life etc) on which ever i think of buying. Please pardon my awkward question: which reliable phone should I buy- my budget, around 10k, my basic needs are video chat (Skype), GRPS, wi-fi, Bluetooth, some browsing, acceptable camera /videos/music. I am NOT a Gaming guy at all and dong need many applications.
    thanks in advance; pls do also reply in mail if you don’t mind:


    1. Gogi Sir,
      I forgot to add that screen size is not really important for me, 3.5 to 4 inch is more than enough.
      please do reply early.

        1. Hi Gaurav,

          Plzzzzzzz give me some more user experiences and feedback on Sony Xperia M- have you or any of your buddies used it? does it accept Skype?Thanks for quick reply as i really want to buy one.

  17. Hi
    Please gogi sir please reply does it shows hindi fonts and hindi menu on facebook twitter browers etc and native app.

    Need to buy it urgenly today

    plz reply today as no one replied my previous comment

  18. Hello All
    please who all using this phone, tell me if it shows hindi fonts correctly on inbuilt browser and facebook app, does it have hindi menu option.
    please reply soon

  19. Sir, My friend reset my lava 501 to “Factory data reset”. Now Asphalt 6 iand Shark Dash are not working.Pls help how to reload these games.I think related files in the phone memory are lost.Pls help to solve this.Thnx.

    1. I have faced the same. but my frnd hav a same model of iris 501. so i copied the gameloft folder to my phone. intially it was not worked after the clear data it works good without any problem.

      1. its so easy just copy the asphalt sd files from phones storage and paste it in gameloft/games/…
        through this you can play games very easily without and missing files and download

  20. My phone is giving error while charging – “your battery is over current protection, please remove the battery”. Read somewhere on net that battery must be caliberated to resolve this problem but the device should be rooted first. Is that possible without rooting the phone?

    1. This issue is Common with Lava Iris 501.

      Charge your phone with some other Charger like Samsung. Charger. Your problem will Rectify

  21. Hi
    I would like to go for lava brand,, Is there any service center in Chennai(India)..?
    Which one is best below 8000?

    Please reply im waiting for you..

  22. Mr Gogi,
    I have lava iris 501 smartphone but does it support otg cable or not??
    Because when I inserted my otg cable into my lava iris 501 it switches off !!
    So,I request you to tell me its solution and because there is no service centre in Russia therefore I cannot get rid of this problem so please and please tell me its solution please..
    Yours faithfully
    Rajat krishnan

  23. Mr Gogi,
    I have lava iris 501 smartphone but does it support otg cable or not??
    Because when I inserted my otg cable into my lava iris 501 it switches off !!
    So,I request you to tell me its solution and because there is no service centre in Russia therefore I cannot get rid of this problem so please and please tell me its solution please..
    Yours faithfully
    Rajat krishnan