The Jelly Bean OS for Micromax A110 is out and there is nothing official about it. In other words it’s the Mobistel Jelly Bean ROM and nothing to do with Micromax. Updating to any 3rd party ROM will void your warrant and there is a risk, if you can take.

One again, proceed at your risk though the chances of failure are less, but you never know. If you are willing to take the risk and upgrade your Micromax A110 to Jelly Bean OS, read on.

The process is much simpler than as seen with the V2 ROM upgrade. You need to download the Jelly Bean ROM from here remember this is not the official Micromax JB ROM.

Once you download the file that is over 200 MB, place the ZIP file on the internal storage or the external storage, I prefer the internal storage, make sure there is plenty of space on the internal storage cause the 1.5GB is allocated for phone storage and 1.48GB for apps.

How To install Jelly Bean OS on Micromax A110 (Please read the full article before applying the update).

  • Make sure the battery level is over 60%.
  • Copy the zip file on to the internal SD card.
  • Shut down the handset.
  • Press volume +, volume – and power button simultaneously and keep pressing until you see two options.
  • Use the up or the + volume button to enter recovery mode.
  • Now select apply update from SD card and choose the CynusT2JellyBean_V15.01 file. For moving up and down use volume buttons and for selection, use the context button or the left square dedicated button.
  • The update will start, will take few minutes. Then restart the phone and all the apps on the phone will be optimized for the JB OS.

Though most or all of your apps will work, but better take backup of important files & contacts etc. if needed.

After the update

  • Quadrant score = 2586.
  • Antutu Score = 6830.
  • Nenamark2 = 22.9fps.
  • Internal storage for apps = 1.2GB (332MB used).
  • RAM 176MB free (311 MB used).
  • 1.05GB as phone storage.

Jelly Bean update on MMX A110

MMX A110 Jelly Bean recovery

Micromax A110 with Jelly Bean

MMX  A110 quadrant score after JB update

MMX A110 antutu score after JB upgrade

MMX A110 nenamark2 after Jelly Bean update

One of my SIM card did not work – failed to show the network, I tried another SIM card and that worked. In fact both the SIM’s that worked were  64K SIM. If you are using older SIM card then probably it might not work, better upgraded the SIM or don’t update to Jelly Bean OS.

The performance is good, image quality seems a little better, sound is as it was before. I have just updated, will use the new OS for some time / days and will updated this page as soon as I find any issues or something good about it.

Update : 8th Feb 2013.

There are minor issues with the JB ROM, I would suggest wait for some more time before going in for the update. For me the main issue was that older SIM did not work and when receiving a call the caller name is not showing. I have reverted back to the V2 ROM and will wait for some more updates on XDA. If anyone has successfully installed the ROM with no issues, leave a comment below.

Update : 11 Feb 2012
I tried the new ROM JellyDream and it works great so far and both SIM’s are Working. I already had the V2 rom installed.

  • Download and copy the zip in the internal SD card folder.  (
  • You need CWM recovery its different if you try using the default recovery as on the V2 ROM it will not install.
  • First root the A110 running V2 ROM if you have not done it the easiest method is here
  • Check with root checker app and see if the handset is rooted.
  • Now install CWM details here (skip the root process).
  • Once done you will get an option start phone in CWM mode now follow the steps as on
  • Do clear the cache, data and Dalvik cache before restarting.

Here are some screen shots of the Jelly Bean and as you can see in the image both SIM’s are working.

MMX-A110-JB5 MMX-A110-JB4 MMX-A110-JB3 MMX-A110-JB2 MMX-A110-JB1

I have just started using the Jelly Bean ROM will keep updating here in case I find any issues.

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  1. I have micromax a110 and I accidentally formatted its os without backup and now its just showing its name I tried to install its os but it fails, kindly help me ?

  2. So does links from Twitter and Tumblr now count as SEO? I heard they do because of the Penguin algorithm update. Shared this on wall, very good.

  3. music player is not working it shows unfortunately music player has stoppped help me how to clear tis problem…

  4. Dear Sir,

    I have a Micromax Canvas-2 A110 smart phone since November – 2012.

    My phone is good but last week in my phone keyboard “P” is not press….so when i msg it type very problems issue for not type of “P”

    SO what problem in my phone ?….

    what can i do ?

    Kindly suggest me ……..

    1. Sam, in settings developer option enable show touches and tap the same place or move finger on the screen to see if the touch is registered. If you are not able to find show touches option, try rotating the phone when using the keyboard and see if the ‘P’ key works. It could be touch issue at specific point and you might want to get it checked at service centre.

  5. file not working man…its showing opration aborde..what shud i do now..i tried many times

    1. bro .i also updated my cell …and now facing same problem you have any idea how can i move ics from jelly bean

  6. Hi gogi sir,
    after upgrading my canvas 2 to jb, phone is not detecting sim by showing ” invalid imei “. what to do? please help.!

  7. Gogi
    This is a little urgent please help if you are aware.
    How do I root my A110?

  8. Hi sir…
    I update my Micromax canvas 2…but my mobile don’t search network…. in fact mobile network is not shown….help me please

  9. Hi I upgrade my Micromax a110 to jelly bean. In file manager copy option not available. Silent mode also working like general profile. Please help to solve this issues.its hanging lots of time. Can I continue this os or else I move to ICS. Give the gud sugetion for this.

  10. jelly bean is working in my phone but, only sim is been working, another sim is not working, plz help me………..

  11. after running the zip file,it shows—INVALID PARTITION SETTING…what do i do…plz help…

  12. I have update my Micromax a110 4.1.1 through your instead on website. But not working my 2nd sim slots pl help me and given link download for 4.1.2 pl

  13. hello gogi sir,
    I heard the news on update of jelly bean
    on mmx a110. you said almost 170 mb of ram will be free . currently on ics , I get almost get 230 mb of ram. I like playing HD games like asphalt 7 ,etc. then if I upgrade to jelly bean,
    will I be able to play such HD games in low ram?
    please help me should I upgrade or not.
    thank you.

    1. i am playing asphalt heat 7 and other hd games of jelly bean update…
      update without any prob dear…..

    2. Looks like you are keeping your phone “FRRrrrrrrrrressssshhhhhhh”. For you there won’t be any prob with JB.

      How can you have 230mb rom with many apps installed? Hard to believe

  14. Hey gogi,
    I recently bricked my A110 while trying to install the 4.1.2 official micromax approved jellybean rom;.
    Now it’s not starting..
    It’s doesnt even get to the boot screen.
    Just plain black screen when i hold the power button..

    PLEASE help me to unbrick my phone.. please sir

    1. Better to visit service centre..
      you have done some mistake while installing the V3 ROM..
      you do one thing pull out the battery for 2 mins and after inserting hold the power button for 15 seconds…..else visit nearest service centre…tc bye

    2. Hi Abhay, as above said the chances are very less to brick…I had same issue and this is what i did..
      connect your ph with usb and make sure you have installed the phone drivers “MT6577 USB VCOM drivers” (because i didn’t initially). download a Stock v2 ROM and SP flash tool. read the instructions for SP flash tool and I hope it works. Do not try to turn on the phone during the update.

  15. Gogi… We should salute micromax for providing V3 jelly bean 4.1.1 official ROM… No doubt come bit late but is really nice.. The free RAM i checked was 180mb and all other features really are so nice.. The display brightness is same as we saw in V1 ROM which was lacking in V2 and Cynus and other custom ROMS…

  16. Micromax A110 Official JellyBean Launched

    Happy News,

    Jellybean Launched for Micromax A110…

  17. Gogi and all…
    Dear today i played shadowgun HD game on my A110… The experience with new updated Cynus T2 jelly bean is marvellous. It is running so smooth that my lips cant stop to saying this…. Love u micromax a110 but slight less than Mobistel Cynus Germany as they made this phone on top of the world.. Enjoy hd games friends..

  18. I have updated my mmx a110 to jelly bean using cynus t2 rom … Alls fine .. Net fine, both the sims fine, perfect actually. Only Need to root it please help how.. And i have nearly tried all the ics roms by xda developers… Only few worked like indi rom.

    New software update statement
    1) Turn on the mobile phone.
    2) Copy the new software file “Cynus T2 JellyBean Software V17.01” In the phone’s memory (Note:. Not in the external memory card)
    3) Turn the phone off.
    4) Press the “power button” and “The mean volume button” together at the same time and “The upper volume key” to access the recovery mode.
    5) Select “apply update from sdcard” on the list, by the lower
    Volume button and click the option button
    6) Select “Cynus T2 software Cynus T2 JellyBean Software V17.01” and click the option button
    7) Wait a minute or two, until the process is carried out.
    8) Select “Reboot the system now “on the list by clicking the option button, and then put your phone back to factory settings:
    → Reset Please go to Menu → Settings → Backup & reset → Factory data reset → Delete all phone

      1. @negi…. Cynus is brand phone in Germany like our micromax in india so it is not a custom rom which often have bugs. This new jelly bean updated rom of cynus is better among all and hopefully u will not find issues like sim coverage internet problems Google voice as found in almost all custom roms. Negi plz confirm me wich sim u r using..

    1. its showing signature verification failed, installation aborted. what to do now?

      1. @ amit u need atleast v2 version of micromax or cynus t2 rom to update cynus jelly bean

          1. imtiyaz now cynus t2 showing error. it says not correct. please guide

    2. Hi Imtiyaz Bhai,
      Thanks for the detailed steps. I have done it and it got installed well. But, I am facing the same problem as I faced with the official MMX JB update. After completion of all the steps, again, the IMEI No. is shown as invalid. I am not able to either make or receive calls. However, GPRS is working OK. Can you please suggest how to regain/correct the IMEI problem? Regards.

    3. Sheikh Bhai,

      I have did it using CWM Mode (File used :, but the problem is that now my phone is loss the internet connection. I tryied to find the solutions on web but it is out of my understandings, it says replace the modem.img file but how coz I found the one modem.img file in system but what about the another file in stock v2… again all the sites shows screen shots after the JB installed… they shows setting page having icons in coloured… but after installed JB my icons are as it is…. please provide me solution for starting my internet again….. with easy steps coz I’m not an engineer..

  20. Hi All

    I installed Jelly Bean 4.1.1 based on above post. Everything is fine except that internet stopped working on my device. Tried a lot of things like doing settings and all in mobile but nothing helped.

    Then I tried to install Jelly Bean 4.1.2 based on above post. I am stuck at ‘Root the device’ process. I followed this above post link – . I followed every step. Everything work fine. I even got the message of ‘Have Fun!’ but the device is still UNROOTED. I confirmed this using root checker.

    Please help me to get my mmx a110 to root or please let me know some way to make internet work on device.

    1. Updated today. Music is not working.
      Phone model says Cynus t2 and not Micromax a110.
      It is 4.1.1

    2. Yea I did…. it is smooth and fast among all ROMS till date. Moreover it is official but brand name is Cygnus Germany despite Microma. Much usable RAM. Will check HD games later and update….

      1. Music is better than previous rom… Smooth and stable.. Will now update only if micromax will launch its official jelly bean else much much satisfied with cynus new updated jelly bean

  21. I am running Cynus T2 4.1.1 ROM.
    2 issues:
    About phone gives Model number as Cynus T2 and not Micromax A110 as shown in the pics
    System updates chow network connection failed.
    Please advice.

  22. Hi Gogi
    I upgraded my mmx a110 v2 rom to JB 4.1.1( – that you posted above). After this upgrade, internet is not working on my device.

    I tried to upgrade it to JB 4.1.2 according to your above post. I am stuck at root the phone procedure. I followed . Everything worked. I got the success message of “Have fun!”, but my device is still NOT ROOTED. Any ideas what might be happening?
    I need to get internet running on my device. Please help me to install JB 4.1.2 on my device.
    With Regards

  23. Hi Gogi,

    Updated my phone to JELLY DREAM giving errors like android stopped working. The phone is not allowing me to get away from this dialog.
    Can I revert back my phone to V2 ROM.

    Currently The phone is having CWM recovery and JELLY DREAM.

    1. Hello bro…JellyDream gives error because of some mistake ….Which ROM was installed on phone before flashing JellyDream….And Did you wipe Data,Cache and Dalvik cache…No issues like system apps crashing are founded on the ROm….You can get back to v2 by flashing Stock ROM through PC… 😉

  24. Friends…. All these custom ROMS have bugs. Today i updated Cynus T 2 JELLY BEAN cwm recovery method… Smooth support additional languages….. More important it has 230mb free RAM.. Google voice and other all things run smoothly which custom roms lack

  25. hi gogi sir i have install jmb fantasy rom successfully but now in about phone model no. show samsung gt-s9081 not micromax canvas 2 what can i do
    and plzzzzzzz rell tell me how can i install cynust2 rom on fantasy rom when i install it aborting and not install plzzzzzz help me

  26. Hi Gogi , Please help me how to unbrick my Micromax a110 .I was not able flash the stock ROM.Not able to enter into recovery mode. Please help me what to do

  27. Dear Gogi,



      1. Dear Gogi,

        I have done every thing even tried install Rom 2 again Roooted again but agter pressing vol + – & power ket i got 2 options & after pressing vol key + screen goes black

        pls advice

        1. Dear Gogi,

          Pls note that m getting error while applying updates in recovery mode as “”SIGNATURE VERIFICATION FAILED INSTALLATION ABORTED”””

          PLS ADVICE

  28. hey dude i installed it and fixed sim issues ussing modem.img method on xda evrything works fine, just i saw 1 issue in mms.apk that is when keyboard appears for texting it comes over the latest sms where as earlier when keyboard popup the latest text scrols up it. and one more query how to customise lockscreen shrtcuts because in cynus t2 rom lock screen has unlock(top) message (right) dailer(left) i want to change it with ulock(ryt) camera (left) and google now(top) hope u getting what m tryng to say ! thanks man

  29. Gogi this fantasy ROM is boring … it took lot of RAM space… not good.. please suggest best ROM…

  30. Hi gogi today i updated my phone to jigar’s new fantasy ROM . Hope the google bug which was in xtreme has been fixed. Will inform u after checking all features of this beautiful ROm. Which one is you using this time

  31. This is the output I get Using Runme.bat file rooting! plz help to root my phone so I could be able to change my ROM!

  32. hi gogi… i’ve installed jellydream fusion rom ….based on jelly bean…..its awsummmm… bugs so far…try it.