You might have heard about smartphones exploding and this is not just limited to a particular brand. Almost all brands at some point have gone through this and now a HTC Desire 10 Pro exploded in India as claimed by Nidhi Kapoor (from Delhi).

Samsung was in the news for the Galaxy Note 7 handset that has some battery issues as a result the handsets were heating up and there were cases of explosion, now such things happen and it could be an isolated incident but if it happens a lot like in the case of Note 7 then that’s a big issue not just for customers but also for the company.

The last (mobile phone exploding) news was about Vivo smartphone exploding and now it is the HTC 10 Pro. As per Nidhi Kapoor (resident of Delhi) on 21st her HTC 10 Pro smartphone exploded causing injury – burnt fingers, plus she claims she got an eye infection cause of the explosion.

HTC 10 Pro exploded in India

On here facebook post she mentioned that the handset exploded when she was holding it, it was neither in use nor was it charging. Nidhi Kapoor has raised this issue with HTC, it’s been a week and no response from HTC as of now.

Source : Facebook Post – Nidhi Kapoor

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  1. Htc pro has a problem hat it automatically resart and many times it get a problem like a sound like a alarm for 20 minutes and it gets restart so I will suggest you to don’t buy htc 10 pro I had purchased only 20 days before

  2. Although I feel rather bad for her predicament I’m not buying the eye infection bit. Smartphones have two major thermal conductive components. The battery and motherboard with the chipset built on board. Now a chipset is primarily silicon based so heat is dissipated. The battery is lithium, carbon and electrodes. Unless the phone was close to the users face, any explosion would more likely damage the eye rather than cause an infection. Its only fumes or lithium burns that affecting the cornea and i am guessing she didn’t use the carbon for Kajal! Would be interesting to know more and see how this pans out.

    1. The probability is there. Damaging any tissue, especially the skin and exposing it to the environment can lead to an infection. She didn’t mention that part explicitly