Has Google Adsense dropped Blue Dart Courier Delivery system for Indian Publishers?

To be frank I never faced any problems with the Blue Dart Courier, and my Google Adsense cheques arrived before 10th of every month, sometimes after just 3 to 5 days when the Adsense payment are released by Google. But this time I have still not got the Google Adsense Cheque. Today when I checked my AdSense payment (Finalized earnings and payments) I found the Blue Dart tracking number missing.

Has Google Adsense really stopped using the Blue Dart Courier for Indian Publishers?

It does seem like they did, I am still not sure but when compared with the previous transactions this particular transaction seems a bit weird with no Blue Dart Tracking Codes.

Has Google Adsense stopped Blue Dart services

Has Google Adsense stopped Blue Dart services

The Google Adsense forums have a lot of posts where people are complaining about the Blue Dart services in India and how the cheques are delivered late, and in some cases are sent back to the origin. There are many who have asked Google to stop using Blue Dart services.

I am not sure what is happening, but I am still waiting for my cheque which I assume will be delayed this month, but hopefully will receive it. I don’t think Google Adsense will abruptly stop the Blue Dart Services without informing the Indian Publishers.

Sincerely I never had any problem with Blue Dart, there are some who may have faced the problem occasionally or just about every time. I think Google Adsense should give two options one for normal Indian Postal Delivery and other via Blue Dart. So those who are not happy with the Blue Dart Services can switch to regular Indian Postal system.

Will update when I receive the Adsense cheque and if it was through Blue Dart or Normal delivery.


I received the check the same day when I wrote this post. It seems there was some delay. But it did come through courier so this means Google is still sending Adsense cheques for Indian Publishers via courier.  The payment option in Adsense for some reason failed to update the tracking code.

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  1. Daniel says

    Hello Gogi :) I recently reached my threshold of 100$ and requested a cheque… However at the time of request I did’nt get any bluedart tracking number… I waited for a month approximately. After that the tracking number has now been automatically added in the payments section. When I checked out the bludart site, it said that the cheque was not received and was sent back to the sender. What should I do now ?? :(

    • Gogi Rana says

      Daniel, you will need to get in touch with the Google adsense support, do not expect an immediate response.

  2. vishal says

    Iam Receiving My First adsene cheque..Bluedart Expected Date Of Delivery On 12th Of This Month…
    Iam Resident Of Hyderabd…How Will They Send Chequee..Via Person or Via Post???
    Could You Plz Tell me…

  3. Neha Dobriyal says

    I got my tracking code but it not showing anything in bluedart ref, this is my first adsense cheque, please help what to do ??? :(

  4. Naeem says

    Yar Google should allow Indian publishers with EFT thing. At least we won’t depend on third parties like BlueDart and postmen. And that will be much quicker too.. :)

    • Gogi Rana says

      I think they could have started the EFT but probably its the system in India that they are not happy with or outdated.

  5. Tushar says

    i mean to say that i dont have received my pin till now how will google send that pin to me

  6. Tushar says

    Can you please tell me about thorough which mean google send the first letter for address verification because i am new to adsense and and they asked me my address but i have not received the pin even after 3 weeks………….. they send through indian postal service or through bluedart or something because there is some problem with indian post………… bluedart is the best

    • Gogi Rana says

      Hi it takes time, you get the message on your google account that the letter has been sent. Yes it does take few weeks so hold on.

  7. pranav says

    Hi Gogi,

    Is standard delivery is a good option or should we opt for secured payment?

    Thanks in advance

  8. Aditya Saini says

    Gogi Ji I was also thinking that How will the check will be delivered but now it is clear, thanks .

  9. fas says

    It's the first time i have seen any payment without tracking no..
    it is kinda weird..

    I always get payment number ..else we wont be able to keep a track on it..

    I seriously want Google to send payments via Wire or any better service..

  10. says

    hi , My check also late and also there is no tracking no . So ,what you think when will i get my check ,google is showing 27 dec .issuing date .

  11. says

    @GoGi, I have used my payment number in Blue Dart Site Besides Zero, But There Is Not Found Status, My Check Issued On Date 26 And Today Is 4, What Should I Do??

    • GoGi says

      Hi Aditya,

      check your Google AdSense account payment you should see when the cheque was dispatched, you will also find the Blue Dart tracking code use that to check the status on Blue dart site.

  12. pavan says

    the payment number is the reference number for the bluedart , google was no where wrong it was the bluedart which delayed its server update.

    you can recheck whether it works or not

    • GoGi says

      You are right I checked adsense now and it does show the blue dart tracking number. Strange after I received the check.

  13. says

    I am also waiting Adsense check. Google already send check but I didn't get any track code. if you will get then let me know

    • GoGi says


      I got the cheque today, though there is no mention of track code on google adsense site. Adsense cheque came through courier. This means that google is still sending cheques via courier, am not sure if it is from blue dart or other.. I forgot to ask the courier guy..

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