The Epson L210 is an all in one printer (print, scan and copy) with ink tank system and ultra low running cost. The initial investment is high but the running cost is quite low. This printer is priced at Rs. 10K approx.

L201 Box pack
Inside the box there is the printer, installation CD, quick start guide, power adapter, USB cable and color bottles (Black, Yellow, Magenta and Cyan).

Epson L201 Design and Installation
The L201 is compact and doesn’t take much of the space. The buttons are on the front side. The tank is little transparent – you can see the INK levels. You need to refill once the Ink reaches the lower line.

After Unboxing the Epson Printer you will first need to remove the protective tapes, and then fill in the colors from the bottle into the ink tank, the process is the same when re-filling. Once done you need to press the power button and then another button (check video review) to charge up the ink. The ink charging process takes about 20 minutes.

Once done you need to install the software from the CD and then when asked connect the printer. The installation is done.

Epson L210 box pack

Cost factor
I was using the HP deskjet F4100 all in one printer before, and now since my printouts have increased it was not at all affordable. For every HP cartridge (black colour) I would spend Rs. 950.

I had two options, one was to choose the HP All in One 1050 model for under Rs. 4500 and the cartridge would cost Rs. 466 (black) (120 page yield). This seemed a cheaper option but if look closely and read the fine prints you will find that for Rs. 466 you get a small black Ink cartridge, the large HP cartridge will cost you Rs. 1000. The color cartridge is even more expensive. The costing I think will come to the same as on my HP deskjet printer.

There is a single color cartridge that houses all the 3 colors. If any particular color gets empty the cartridge becomes useless even when the other colors compartment have some ink left. You can still take the printouts but the color production will be unnatural.

Epson L210 review

Also since I take a lot of color printouts, I choose the Epson L210. The L210 initial cost is under Rs. 10,000 but the ink cost is Rs. 375 per bottle. With the tank system you can fill in the ink as and when required for the specifics colors (optimal use of ink). The back ink bottle can print up to 4000 pages (page yield); the page yield will usually be less than 4000 (depending on your usage) but still its affordable.

There is built in scanner that can be used to scan documents or print it directly (scan & print). There is the choke valve on the ink tank that comes handy when moving the printer from one location to another (minimize leaks).

  • Bi /  Uni directional printing.
  • 5760×1440 dpi print resolution.
  • Speed – 27 pages per minute (black colour).
  • Scanner – optical resolution 600×1200 dpi.
  • USB connectivity.
  • Windows OS / Mac OS compatible.
  • Page yield : Black – up to 4000 pages | Colour – up to 6500 pages.
  • Epson Genuine ink bottle cost Rs. 374.

Epson L210 review
A good printer for home and office use with optimal ink usage and ultra low cost running. The print quality both black / white and color is very good. If you’re print requirements are high then go for this model – it will be cheaper in the long run. In case your print requirement is less, but still can afford the initial cost, then too it’s a good buy.

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Epson L201 unboxing and review video

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  1. I wanted a printer for billing purposes. Is inkjet good? I heard bar codes printed by inkjet printers not readable by scanning machines. Is it true? Laser Printer best for printing barcodes?

  2. I have Epson L210 printer. i used different company “Canon Ink”. Now the INK level shows empty and the printer asks me to use geniune cartridges.

    how can i overcome this problem.

  3. hi… i am willing to buy a printer and my colleague suggested me for epson it ryt printer to buy???

    1. Its very good printer I am using this since 2014 still very good running one problem is you need to download printer re setter software install on computer.

  4. Hi

    What will be the cost for colour print? Can i give a print for 5 Rs ?

  5. Hi
    From the past 3 months i’m using a Epson L210 printer, epson company is saying as it would give 4000 black & white prints per ink bottle, but its not true, i’m receving only 1000 text pages per bottle, What you say?


  6. They are all saying Epson L210 has a limit on number of pages it can print, okay it has, how do i reset the counter

    1. Bring it to Epson service centre. They will service the printer and at the same time will reset the counter.

  7. epson l210 ki
    black ink jb empty ho gai thi to maine usme black ink dal di magar phir bhi print nhi nikal rhi. Only black

  8. I have bought the epson l210 but i m not able to print black and white print from my pc document and i have checked in settings grey in setting then also its not able to print black and white so what can i do dude plz reply me soon

    1. I have bought the epson l210 but i m not able to print black and white print from my pc document and i have checked in settings grey in setting then also its not able to print black and white so what can i do dude plz reply me soon

      Your local engineer are not i.e. contract engineer are not repairing my printer and advice me to buy new one. How I can repair my machine. Pl. contact your ahhmedabad office and tell me proper answer.

      If necessary I can take my printer at your Ahmedabad 9gujarat) office for repairing of my machine perfectly within one or two day or at the earliest.

      I appreciate your favourable reply at the earliest.

      Thanking you,

      Natverbhai M. Ka. patel – phone No. 9409194581

  9. actually my question is can have a option of ID, repeat photo, or two pages scan print in 1 page option in this printer….. like colour xerox machine….

  10. Hello!

    I have finished installing Epson l210 after many tries. The first time I am installing the printer, I cannot find the “power” and “ink” light switching (an indication that the ink is charging), but I did find it after many tries. I am happy that finally I find that indication and so expecting that I would get the result I wanted. I must say that I installed it successfully but the moment I tried to test print, I got nothing printed on my paper as well with head alignment test…what should I do? Please help 🙁

  11. Hi sir GM

    I bought a new epson L210 printer, while i filling the ink to ink tank, Ink had exchange instead of black i have putted Cyan. so how to solve it now?


    1. Oh dear, better take it to service centre they will move to another bottle, clear the tank and then put the right ink in the right container. I don’t think putting cyan in black container will have any issues in general but the printer will go color blind. Better not take the risk.

  12. Hi Gogo,
    Very useful review. Thanks.
    I went to a nearby mall to buy the printer but the sales person there convinced me that the real-world print speed is a mere 5pages per minute while Epsons claim of 27 ppm / 15 ppm is only in a lab test.
    What the print speeds you are getting?
    Also, would you have an idea if it will work flawlessly with Mavericks, MAC OSX 10.9.
    Thanks for your response.

    1. Not sire about if it works with MAC but if the specs say it is compatible then it should. Epson claims Max Black Draft Text – Memo (A4) {Approx. 27 ppm #1 / 15 ppm #2 (Bk/Cl)}. Draft (fast) speed is very fast, it is more than 5 pages for sure. But I usually print in standard or high quality. It is definitely cheaper in the long run more print per ink bottle.

      1. Hi Gogi,
        I called Epson and they say the print speed varies but is definitely much more than 5 ppm !!
        Also it does work on OSX 10.9 (Mavericks). So I am thinking, I will just go ahead and pick up the printer. The salesperson is either misinformed or has lower commissions offered on the Epson.
        Thanks for your reviews.

  13. Its a wonderful printer,quality of prints,copy,scan is superb..would recommend it to anyone anytime.

    Epson has done the world a great job by CISS incorporation which helps the environment to a great deal in going green,hats of to the Epson team,great societal concern.This shows business,innovations,science can go hand in hand.

    Good job
    varghese Cherian

  14. 1)is it possible use single color prints using one of cyan or magents or yellow like for black copy and get those at 10p per copy ?do you know the settings for using like that ?

  15. sir,,my company just today brought new epson l210 printer this morning.. and from 11.30 to till now it showing msg of ink charging.. may i kno what’s d issue.. i even reinstalled 3 times but getting same issue again.. kindly guide me how to avoid such error..

    1. Hi Abjijit Ink charging takes around 20 to 30 minutes, makes sure you have followed the process as mentioned in the manual. If same issue try Epson helpline and see what they say.

      1. thnx sir, i have register my issue with help line..
        but want to know ..what is the issue.. its technical,product,installation error..

        1. Not sure, but on my printer it worked well and took around 20 minutes or so. It could be ink, tube or printer issue.

          1. problem solved.. initial scanner alignment was slightly changed (frm its original position) so .. when we start printer.. scanner unable to move (that was the issue n so paper jam n ink lights were blinking ).. epson engineer make that alignment proper.. n printer starts working ..fine.. print quality very fine.. specially colour print 🙂
            ya but feel bad.. for dissembling n assembling of NEW EPSON L210.. 🙁

          2. Good news, I bet on one more thing, you will be happy with the ink level (lots and lots more print out from per bottle of ink). Let me know.