This is the Blitzwolf BW-FYE5 Mini True Wireless Earbuds, it is using Bluetooth 5.0 technology, it looks awesome and sound quality for the price is also pretty awesome. Blitzwolf BW-FYE5 price is approx Rs. 2,500.

You can buy this from Banggood website

Blitzwolf® BW-FYE5 Mini True Wireless Earbuds —

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The earbuds are light weight, and they stay at place in you rear, will not fall off that easily. You can wear it for a longer period of time and I tried this with jogging does not fall.

Sound quality is awesome, bass is too good, very rich just like Indian love it and vocals are crystal clear. Battery life is also pretty decent considering the size.

This is one of the best low cost true Bluetooth wireless earbuds for approx Rs. 2,500.

Blitzwolf BW-FYE5 Mini True Wireless Earbuds specifications

Weight : – Earbuds——4g, Charging Box——29g
Material : PC+ABS
Bluetooth 5.0 (AIROHA1526P), HSP/HFP/A2DP/AVRCP
Battery : Earbud: 50mAh Polymer lithium battery, Charging Box: 400 mAh Polymer lithium battery
Charging time : Time in Charging the Earburds——2H, Time in Charging the Battery Case——2H
Play time : 2.5-3h

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  1. Hi Gogi,
    As i mentioned in earlier reviews, does this model has any connectivity issues among the two earbuds?
    This is the common issue that i see in couple of reviews. Please mention this as well in your future reviews.
    Thank you.