Asus today launched the Chromebit HDMI dongle that is running Chrome OS out of the box. The Asus Chromebit model CS10 is powered by quad core processor and packed with 2GB RAM. This device will be made available in Jan 2016 for price tag of ₹7,999.

The Chromebit CS10 can be connected to TV via HDMI port. It also comes with an HDMI extension cable in case the HDMI port is on the back with hardly any space to attach this dongle. This device also includes a sticker that can be used to stick the dongle on the back of the display (when using extension cable) instead of it dangling around.

Asus Chromebit CS10 is powered by RockChip RK3288 quad core processor coupled with Mali T764 GPU. This device is running Chrome OS with 2GB DDR3 on-board RAM and 16Gigs of internal storage.

Asus Chromebit HDMI stick

Weight is 75 grams and other features are USB port 2.0, DC in, WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0 and HDMI. Connect this dongle to HDMI TV and convert it into a Desktop PC running Chrome OS with 1080p output.

Asus Chromebit CS10 will hit the market in Jan 2016 for ₹8K.

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  1. Gogi, there are some interesting dual-boot Windows Android options on Snapdeal right now from Teclast. The more interesting Teclast Air 3g seems to be the best tablet option until 30 k right now with its retina screen, 64 gb of internal storage, and 128 gb of expandable storage. Good reviews internationally as well. A 4g version also seems to have been recently launched(but not yet available on Snapdeal) May be available on AliExpress and others. May be worth reviewing.

    1. Actually u can buy from aliexpress or other website at below 15k including custom duty. Teclast x 98 pro is the best one.

  2. When people buy this dongle they will have to buy external mouse and keyboard again. Good quality mouse and keyboard will cost another at least 4k. Making the whole chrome setup roughly around 13k. Better to buy Chromebook laptop and use it anywhere and connect it to HDTV using HDMi in case you need big screen display.

    1. Most people who like technology tend to already own a smart TV, a wireless mouse and wireless keyboard(for their P.C) The advantage with these USB sticks is that they come really cheap. An actual Chromebook costs 13 k or so and people don’t want to spend that amount of money lightly. On the other hand, 6k seems like a throwaway price. Many people may have that much money left over from their big spending during the Christmas-New Year sale. They may buy this simply from curiosity to check out Google’s other OS. If they like it, they may very well buy a Chromebook tomorrow.

      Gogi, some time in the future when you have some leisure to spare, please do a thorough review of the Chrome OS, how it compares to Windows, how it compares to Android in terms of features(file system etc) app-support(torrent downloaders, free video players that can play a range of file types, and free) whether any processing and programming work can be done on it etc. Then people will know what to expect.

  3. Gogi ji this is a request to you that if possible than can you please review hdmi perfomance of supported phones like s6, z5 and G4 in your upcoming reviews specifically gaming on hdtv through hdmi cable as its like an ultimate test for any flagship . This is the reason I stay away from chinese phones and this is an very usfull function as it converts your phone into a console my all previous phones like s4,note3 and Zultra etc were having this function . I hope that upcoming phones like yutopia and mi5 will include it . Cheers !

  4. I think it’s better to buy an Android T.V Box from Aliexpress than this Asus Chrome Bit Stick!

    1. I had ordered one from it, box works fine for 2 days, then its dead. No use of it now. Though money was refunded, it doesn’t serve me.

      1. @Dhruv: U should have ordered from a Gud Aliexpress seller who is genuine with Higher Feedback RatIngs.I am next planning to buy Andoer Z4 Android 5.1 TV Box 2G / 16G WiFi & LAN UHD 4K * 2K RK3368 Octa-Core 64 Bits Mini PC Kodi /XBMC/DLNA Smart Media Player from Aliexpress which is indeed a gud buy for 5k and has gud reviews!

          1. @Avinash: Yes I will most probably buy it during Christmas offers and the Aliexpress seller I am preferring to buy Andoer Z7 Android TV Box is from ShenZhen Electonics-Mall!

    2. hey buddy can you plz tell me how to purchase via Ali express coz none of my credit /debit card work on it and there is no option for net banking….

      1. Hello Aamir, You can use any any valid Debit/Credit card. It works flawlessly. I have been shopping from Aliexpress for couple of years now. It takes time to deliver but it works. Make sure to use good rated seller. Also make sure your deliver, billing and card address and name is same.

        1. but my Sbi and Indian overseas card are not working both are MasterCard ….it says your card provider blocks the transaction then I came to know that only some axis or icici card work with it…. so is there any other way to make payment…..

          1. @Aamir:Try buying new Indian Overseas Bank “Visa” Debit card(Not Mastercard) in your Name with Address as ditto that you gonna use it during ordering in Aliexpress.IOB VISA “Debit” Card should be accepted by Aliexpress as per my experience.If u use your Friends/Famiiy Member IOB Visa Debit card then Alipay has the ability to sense it and will cancel the order stating security reasons where mostly probably payment won’t get through.Pls don’t mess likewise me by creating two Aliexpress accounts.I am now ready with my New IOB BANK INSTANT “VISA” DEBIT CARD where very recently I had opened a new IOB account in my Hosur Town(T.N) so gonna now create a New Final Aliexpress Account with the same contact details be it phone number or Address that I used to create my New IOB Account.Just waiting for best Christmas offers and coupons from Aliexpress,hope so that I won’t mess like the previous one.

      2. @Amir: Ya even I hav tried my frnds State Bank Of Mysore Mastero Debit card but it’s not working with Aliexpress.I have a Indian Overseas Bank Visa Debit card it works with Aliexpress.I created two Aliexpress accounts in order to use Black Friday Aliexpress coupons and used the same Iob debit card for ordering in those two Aliexpress accounts.But in 2nd Aliexpress account my one of the Order for wireless keyboard got cancelled stating security reasons but Rs 582.98 debited from my IOB debit card.Aliexpress said we didn’t claim the order amount,so wen Google Searched about this issue many of them had faced the same problem if Aliexpress didn’t claim the payment then the amount should be credited back to my account within 10 days where Banks will be holding the payment but now it’s 18 days still I didn’t get my amount back.I couldn’t visit my Bank because I am in Hosur whereas the Bank Branch is in Chennai near my college anyway one of my Chennai frnd is gonna go to that Chennai Branch so I hav asked him to complaint.So pls be careful hav only one Aliexpress account and then register your one and only IOB Debit card with the Alipay and make sure that Address Phone number registered with Aliexpress is same as the IOB BANK ACCOUNT’S debit Card.Aliexpress/Alipay is very keen on security and privacy concerns if it founds anything sketchy it would cancel the order same as mine without accepting/claiming the payment but amount will be debited where your bank will hold the payment.Use Aliexpress Mobile app for better deals where now there is $8 Alipay coupons over orders over $56 till Dec 20th or else better wait for Christmas/New year Offers for better deals and coupons from Aliexpress and sellers.Currently My Aliexpress $23 order of NFC Speakers has reached Mumbai Airport for customs clearance after 17 days,so hoping that my Aliexpress order gets delivered within next 10 to 15 days!

        1. thanks for your breif explanation but only a single doubt in my mind did I need to worry about custom and do they deliver it free coz I have seen that shipping is free it can also means that they just ship to India after that they take no responsibility and also can I use a Sbi virtual card for payment or Sbi visa debit card is supported ….. plz explain this also….

          1. @Aamir: Don’t know for sure try and see if SBI virtual card. Regrading customs Ya it’s a problem and you will have to pay customs if incase you are charged or some times they won’t charge you at all it depends on luck. For 5k Android TV Box and say if the Total value of the product is mentioned less on the Box then u will end up paying customs from Rs 500 to 800 so always msg the Aliexpress seller to quote the order value as low so that u can escape customs.Yes delivery is mostly free(39 to 60 days) or some times they will mention delivery is 1 to 2$ charges it depends on the Aliexpress seller,if u want faster delivery options like DHL for Fast shipping $30 extra and u will receive the item within 7 to 15 days,but if use DHL there are high chances for your package to be charged with high customs wen u use DHL. If package didn’t arrive or lost there are options where you can open dispute by providing the required proof and then Aliexpress will look in to the matter and solve the issue!

    3. I bought a CozySwan TV box from about 2 years back. It is Full HD with 2GB RAM and 8GB ROM and dual wifi antenna with Android 4.2.. It is working well. It plays FHD movies from the PC through wirelss also.

  5. Hi bro, why RichChip is not so popular?
    I have been observing this since a long time. Are there any issues with this chipset?