Airtel has now made its 4G service more affordable starting from Rs. 450 for 2GB usage. The 3G tariff plan starts from Rs. 100 for 300 MB.

It all started with Vodafone dropping the 2G tariff by 80% and other networks followed. Airtel has now moved a step further by dropping the 4G price. The good news is that Airtel subscribers can now enjoy 4G starting from Rs. 450 for 2GB limit. 3G with 1GB is available for Rs. 250.

Though 4G seems quite affordable unfortunately the services are available in Pune, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Chandigarh, Mohali and Panchkula.

Airtel 4G Tariff (valid for 30 days)

  • Rs. 450 for 2GB limit.
  • Rs. 650 for 3GB limit.
  • Rs. 750 for 5GB limit.
  • Rs. 950 for 6GB limit.
  • Rs. 1250 for 8GB limit.
  • Rs. 1399 for 9GB limit.
  • Rs. 1999 for 18GB limit.
  • Rs. 2999 for 30GB limit.
  • Rs. 4799 for 50GB limit.

Airtel is also offering special plans with a free 4G dongle. Dongle price is Rs. 4999. It’s a 6 months plan with discount, so in all you get to use the 4G for 6months free of cost (limited bandwidth) and end up paying Rs. 2499 for the dongle.

Airtel 4G LTE tariff - dongle

Here is the Special offers tariff plan (valid for 6 months)

  • Rs. 5999 for 3GB limit with 400 Rs. Cash back.
  • Rs. 6999 for 6GB limit with 1200 Rs. Cash back.
  • Rs.7999 for 9GB limit with 2894 Rs. Cash back.
  • Rs. 9999 for 18GB limit with 4494 Rs. Cash back.
  • Rs.13999 for 30GB limit with 6494 Rs. Cash back.
  • Rs. 23999 for 50GB limit with 7294 Rs. Cash back.

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  1. I think reliance jio 4G is better than airtel 4G. airtel 4G plans are very high. they give 10 Gb in rs300 for 28 days instead of 1000 or 2000 or more

    1. Magar best to win fi hoga Kyo ki Wi fi me to direct chalte rahegha wi fi tansan bhi nahi hoga airtel se to better reliance hi haiii Kyo ki reliance jayada speed deta hai Kyo ki reliance india me aacha nahi chalta hai magar india se bahar to accha to chalta haiii magar wi fi me to chalte hi raytha haii Sabse aacha hai with fi

  2. Gogi can you guide me to buy a router with usb in which compatible with my new airtel 4g dongle(model : ZTE MF825A). I tried but didn’t find.

  3. I Can’t Stop lauging when i saw a news on net that aircel is ready to launch 4g. they don’t have proper 2g network in cities like lucknow, forget 3g.Only on full network 2g will work(Speed not more than 14 KBps).You will rarely find 3g(speed not more than 100kBps).

  4. Gogi,
    Small update on new prices:
    Airtel 4G Dongles are sold at 1.5k from previous price of 2.5k while 4G wifi router prices got slashed from 5k to 4k. I got this info from an Airtel guy. This happened on the same day when they slashed 4G prices, but unfortunately I couldn’t find this info anywhere in the net!

  5. They should provide 20gb for rs 450 than only 4g can succeed. Because of very high speed 2gb will be consumed in just 3 minute. What is the advantage of providing so much high speed when you cannot download games, watch videos, play games online. This technology is total waste.

  6. i think spending more then 15k on any phone which dont have 4g is foolishness coz in less then 6to8 months 4g takes place of 3g. so beware about it.
    so all mtk6589T phones survive for 6months only due to the lack of 4g. a new soc from them is xpected b4 DECEMBER with 4g/LTE.
    SO its intresting to see how ppl buy non 4g models by spending more then 15k.
    its too late,MTK must stop 6589T n replace with new 4g soc ASAP to avoid disappointment.

    1. If you can afford 4G then better go for it, but 4G phones are not that affordable yet.

    2. Dont buy 4G phone now if you are planning it to use in Asia/China! The released 4G phones in the market are compatible with FD-LTE technology which is used in North America continent. In India all the network providers will support only TD-LTE (Airtel,Reliance Jio is based on TD-LTE). Same is also used in China!

  7. In Kolkata circle u get unlimited 2g at Rs. 196(Voda), 198(Airtel), 198(Aircel & 1gb 3G)
    In Kolkata, Vodaphone 2G is equal to Aircel 3G.. R, 4G is out of my reach so its better to use broadband i guess..

  8. First they should make 3g coverage in all areas and make it affordable..
    I stay in dehradun here. only IDEA 3g works.
    Vodafone and airtel hav stopped giving 3g services here.. πŸ™
    I use voda so forced to use Edge speeds..

    1. Sanchit, I also live in Dehradun and using Airtel 3G. Its working fine no issue till date….

      1. i was told it doesnt work on new no.s purchased..
        still i will check again. thnx for ur reply..

    1. True but depends on what you actually are doing with the handset. Chat / email etc.. its more than enough. Downloading a movie, using out….

  9. Gogi,
    2GB 4G is equal to 2GB 3G(Both cost 451 for 2GB).
    Instead of making 2G cheaper these companies should have reduced 3G data pricing.Its difficult to consume 1GB data on 2G.
    3G should have been made cheaper as 2zg was not that costly earlier also.

      1. Or atleast stabilize speeds on 2g/EDGE.. out of 238kbps .. the consumer gets only a half.. and that too irregular!

    1. Because there is no 4G handset users in India to use 4G service πŸ™‚ I dunno if any company have launched a 4G handsets in India yet.

      1. No. Not because of that. I’m not sure but I think its something to do with lower costs to implement this. Not sure. You can always Google! πŸ™‚

    2. 3G dedicates only 5GHz of Bandwidth for the data-traffic while rest of the bandwidth is used for voice services. Whereas 4G dedicates all 20GHz Bandwidth for the data. Hence 4G data service is cheap.

      Another reason for increase in the 3G prices is purely market decision. Since the bandwidth is very less there will be more congestion and the QoS(Quality of Service) will be bad, if the prices were low and more mass is using them. In-order to prevent people to massly use and not screw up the QoS, the prices are kept high.

      You can see once the 4G services arrive, the 3G data prices will fall and will remain near to 4G prices but of-course not same,slightly higher.