Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo to be launched in February

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo, available in 3 different colors and two variants (LTE and 3G), will be launched (globally) in February 2014. This Phablet will sport a 5.5 inch screen running Android 4.3 over a 720p screen resolution.

As mentioned the Note 3 Neo will be available in LTE+ and 3G variants. The 3G version will be using the 1.6GHz quad core processor and the LTE will house a Hexa Core (6 core) processor i.e. 1.3GHz quad core + 1.7GHz dual core processor.

The Super AMOLED screen is 5.5 inches with 1280×720 pixels resolution. There is 2GB on-board RAM and 16GB storage. Micro SD card slot is present that can add external storage space of up to 64GB. This handset runs on the Android 4.3 and probably will get the KitKat update.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo coming soon in India

In addition the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo will come with dual cameras. An 8MP placed on the rear with BSI sensor and LED flash support plus another camera of 2MP on the front. Video recording at 1080p is supported. There are accelerometer, magnetic, light, gyro and proximity sensors.

Other features are Wi-Fi (a/b/g/n/ac), Bluetooth 4.0, NFC, infrared and GPS with GLONASS. SM-N750 will be with 3G support and model numberSM-N705 will support LTE+. Handset weight is around 162 grams and is 8.6mm thick. The Li-ion battery is 3100 mAh capacity. And yes the S-Pen Stylus is also included.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo price in India is currently unknown.

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  1. Nikhil says

    I have Note2 and I am getting Note 3 Neo for a price of 21500 from

    Samsung showroom is giving me 12k for Note 2 which is 1 year old.

    Antutu for Note2 is 20000 and Note 3 Neo is 31000.

    I am confused since I want a faster phone but I don’t want to spend 35000 on Note3 or 50000 on Note 4.

    Note 3 antutu score is 37000 but it is now 15k more costly that Note 3 neo due to price drop of Neo.

    If I sell Note2 for 12k and pay 9.5k more and get Note 3 Neo, is that a good option ?

  2. vjain1234vjain1234 says

    For most people note 2 and note 3 neo are same , no diff except for quad core vs hex core, who cares. are you going to do that much multitasking. also both have same camera, same gorilla 2, same size, same pixels, all identical. note 3 neo is slimmer by 1 mm maybe.

  3. Paroj says

    Would note3 neo be a better option than xiaomi mi3? (If I am able to pay 27k for neo). Please suggest, thanks.

    • Gogi RanaGogi Rana says

      Xiaomi Mi3 is better but if you cannot get it and urgently want a phone and if you can afford the Note 3 then go for it.

  4. Dev says

    At present which phone with 4G-LTE is better? in the range of Rs. 25k-35k. Any suggestion will help me a lot.

  5. vjain1234vjain1234 says

    note 3 neo, is there any updated page here, why is no one commenting on this. pls direct me to the latest review page on gogi site , thanks.

  6. neville says

    Dear gogi,
    I ordered Samsung galaxy note 3,neo sm 7505 LTE version in USA which my cousin will be getting from USA..its an international version and its not mentions weather its unlocked or not…will that work in India? Does international version means unlocked??
    Please reply as I still have time to cancel the order…

    • Gogi RanaGogi Rana says

      You will need to check that, if its international version then it should work. But better cross check.

  7. padda says

    Dear Gogi, when G note neo will be available. in india.
    i wana buy it despite it doesn’t have fhd screen ,also missing hexa core processor in indian version(for developing countries)

  8. Rajesh says

    Some plz help i want to buy a mobile in 18000.should i buy galaxy s3 2gb ram unlocked in 18000 or i wait for mtk octa core.

  9. rabin says

    Earlier I had a note2..aftrwards I settle wid galaxy s4 for its hd screen n temp sensor which was missing in note2.

  10. Amit Dalal says

    Hello Sir

    What about Compass, Barometer, Geo-Magnetic, Gesture, Temperature, Humidity & Adapt Display Sensors apart from listed above by you in the post?

    Does this Handset has IR Blaster feature same as SGS4 & SGN3 to Remotely Control any Device which has IR?

    Does this handset has Corning Gorilla Glass Protection 2 or 3?

    Please let me know what do you think could justify the price for this edition of Note 3? Below 35k or Above 35k in India. I think it should be priced in the Rs. 32k to Rs. 36k bracket. What’s your take on this? It should be Rs. 10k less than it’s elder brother. Pricing it above 40k will make no sense & the customers who can’t afford Note 3 will give an excuse to this one too.

    I’m seriously interested in buying & having an hands on SGN3 Neo if it is priced right & so keeping my fingers crossed till then.

    Thanks a lot

  11. ANiLKeraLa says

    Hi Gogi, I’ve a suggestion. Please make a list of best power banks available in market. I recently saw Ambrane Power Bank P-1000 (10400mAh) priced at around 1500₹ with Samsung battery. Very attractive. These huge mAh batteries may take a whole day to get fully charged. But once it’s fully charged. It can charge 4 to 5 handsets i.e 5x2000mAh =10000mAh. So an article with pros & cons, if it can cause any damage or such things :) Thank you.

  12. navneet says

    gogi sir iwant to know one thing!
    does note 2 support multi window…….means will it open two aps on screen at a time!
    i am plannig to buy it by tuesday!
    so kindly reply me.

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