Pre-Book low cost tablets from BSNL starting at Rs. 3250, features and price

Now Indian consumers have one more reason to forget running after the Aakash tablet, BSNL has launched 3 new android based tablets. The first 7 inch model is priced at Rs. 3,250, the second 7 inch model is priced at Rs. 10,999 and the third 8 inch model is priced at Rs. 13,500.

BSNL low cost tablet for a price of Rs. 3,250 is clearly an Aakash rival and if this tablet does well it could take a big chunk of the low cost tablet market share. There is a huge market for low cost tablets in India, provided the manufacturers get it right. Despite so much enthusiasm from Indian customers for the Aakash tablets, it failed to live it up to the expectations. The Aakash 2 is now going through a new bidding process which means it will take more time.

These tablets are manufactured by Pantel, a Noida based company. BSNL will be selling these tablet coupled with their data plans at discounted rates. BSNL has also come up with a special launch offer wherein you play Rs. 3,499 for the 7 inch affordable tablet and get BSNL 2G SIM free along with free 3 months of download.

Penta BSNL low cost tablet at Rs. 3,250

Penta BSNL low cost tablet at Rs. 3,250

Penta-BSNL tablet

Penta-BSNL tablet

The 2G SIM comes bundled with the tablet but you cannot use it with the low cost tablet as it does not support SIM card, you can use Wi-Fi to surf or probably connect the handset with the USB and access the net from your mobile (I am not sure about this). But the idea is if customer uses the Penta 2G Data plan for 12 month they can recover the tablet cost.

You can pre-book now click this link.

BSNL – Penta T-Pad IS701R features / Specifications

This tablet is BSNL + Penta branded an comes with the offer as mentioned above. The T-Pad IS701R features and specifications are listed below.

  • 1 GHz (IMAP210) processor with DDR2 256 MB RAM, 2 GB Flash memory and TF card support up to 32 GB.
  • Loaded with Android 2.3 OS, you can watch YouTube videos, check mails, browse (flash support) and even use the market place to download and install more apps.
  • HDMI port comes integrated which can be used to connect with LCD or LED TV’s.
  • The 7 inch touchscreen is of resistive technology supporting 800 by 600 resolution.
  • This tablet can be used as a e-book reader, for connecting with social friends via Facebook, Twitter etc and the media player supports popular video, music and photo formats.
  • This T-Pad IS701R tablet supports Wi-Fi and come with one USB port. Other features are rotator screen and 3D games support.
  • There is a front facing 0.3 MP camera for video chat (Skype using Wi-Fi).
  • Battery: 3000 mAh Li-ion 5V2A.
Penta BSNL entry level tablet

Penta BSNL entry level tablet

This is an entry level tablet perfect for student. Features are good and specification is much better that the Aakash tablet. Price is a little bit more than the Aakash version but looking at the features it’s worth it.

BSNL – Penta T-Pad IS701R price in India is Rs. 3250.00 (Click here to Pre-book now) This is without the BSNL offer. Once you Book the tablet you get the following message.

You will be contacted by email or phone within 24 to 48 Hours with the details of mode of payment and expected date of delivery.  Deliveries start from march 05, 2012.

Also check out 7 inch 3G + Wi-Fi model Penta T-Pad WS704C 3G, Wi-Fi tablet or the 8 inch 3G + Wi-Fi model Penta T-Pad WS802C with 1.2 GHz processor.

For support call : 0120 4277731-32, 6454613, 4308999, 6456870, 6456849 (Mon to Sat, 9 am to 6 pm)

I called the Customer support on 22 March and they told me I will get the delivery after 25 days, however they did not mention the exact date. I guess more waiting time.

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  1. ajai says

    Pl advise on a tablet/notebook that I can provide for a child of 7 years for her to watch and speak and write (both hindi and english),alphabets, understand words on screen, , simple addition, subtraction, multiplication , division concepts, nursery rhymes, jakarta tales, aesop fables, to help her understand things on screen at her leisure. She is in a rural area where the quality of teachers is atrocious and the family influens is still more pathetic which does not encourage any learning.

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  2. Imran says

    Hi Gogi,

    My name is Imran Khan i want to Buy a tablet can you pls suggest me that which company tab i can purchase i have to buy tab as per under 10,000 with good speed and graphics.

    Suggest me ASAP

    Imran Khan

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  3. AmaanUlla says

    Hi friend Gogi, i want to bought bsnl penta ws802c u pls guide me about wrong and right. gogi pls tell me which tab is best in these tabs Bsnl/Micmax/Hcl me/ iball/ and between 7000-10000 rps only

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  4. Manikandan says

    Respected Sir,
    Kindly inform me, how to connect Huawei E 173 USB Modem with bsnl tablet, I also purchased new bsnl sim from Mumbai BSNL office, because Penta group did not give me BSNL Sim I have already paid for bsnl sim.

    I tried to connect the USB modem into BSNL tablet, then tablet will stuck ,means not action any. I humbly request to you, how to put the usb modem?
    inform, I also went to BSNL office at 4 times, but there is no technical staff there and wrote to BSNL Group how to connect the USB dongle, no reply. I purchased this tablet just 2 months back, but not used.
    with regards,

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  5. Vikram Singh Pundir says

    plz help me, I bought penta IS701 tab. My problem is that it is not opening, I mean when I am using the power on it just showing the logo of penta and bsnl and then showing android in a black screen that’s it, I have reset it many times. Plz help me how do I use it or open it.

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    • Yogson Tembhre says

      I also faced the same please download .
      there are 6 files, you need windows xp service pack 3 only & run them and hopefully
      everything will be resolved.


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  6. tenzin says

    I am a college student and I want to buy a new tablet – low cost with satisfying performance, around 1500-3000 Rs. Please suggest me some tablets for me so that I can surf facebook and chat video via skype to my girlfriend. Please help me!

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  7. krishna says

    How can I connect internet through HUAWEI E173. Plz if anyone know about this information, plz inform me.

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    • Yogson Tembhre says


      go through the link, you will get list of Working Dongle for IS701R:



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  8. krishna says

    I bought IS701R tab at the time of buying the tablet, I found that one bsnl sim will be provided to the IS701R customers. But till now I didn't get the sim. Can any one let me know how to get the SIM?

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    • Yogson Tembhre says

      I also faced the same problem, by requesting I got response & they refund the sim amount to me.

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  9. Mahesh pal says

    plz help me, I bought penta IS701 tab from today, my problem is that it is not opening, I mean when i am using the power on it just showing the slogan of penta and bsnl and then showing android in a black screen that's it,plz help me how do I use it or open it.

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    • Gogi Ranagogi says

      Mohan, avoid the BSNL tabs, super slow delivery and the same can be said for after support, and not too many payment options. Its better to look out for other brands.

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