NXG Xtab A9 plus 7 inch tab available for Rs. 6990

NXG Xtab A9 plus sports a 7 inch IPS screen with 1024×600 pixels resolution. It comes powered by a 1.2 GHz single core cortex A9 processor with 1GB RAM running on ICS OS for a price of Rs. 6,990.

The A9 plus tab is just 8.5mm thick with a weight of 280 grams. The tab also comes coupled with Mail 400 GPU. The dual core  tabs as well as the quad core tabs are already making wave in the Indian market and the price is really good.

The A9 plus probably is the slimiest tab as compared to other single core low cost tablet like Micromax Funbook etc. This tab comes with 8GB internal storage and also supports micro SD card up to 32GB.

There is a 2MP rear camera and a front 0.3MP camera that can be used of video chatting. Other features included are Wi-Fi-, external 3G dongle support, micro USB, HDMI and 3.5 mm audio jack. The 3600 mAh battery provides a backup time of about 4 hours.

nxg Xtab A9 plus tablet

NXG Xtab A9 plus key features and specifications

  • Single core cortex A9 (WonderMedia 8850 chipset) clocked at 1.2GHz with Mali 400 GPU.
  • Android 4.0.3 (ICS) OS.
  • 7 inch IPS capacitive touchscreen with 1024×600 pixels resolution and 5 point multi touch.
  • 1GB RAM, 8GB internal storage and micro SD slot.
  • 280 grams weight with dimensions- 184.2×120.6×8.5mm.
  • 2MP rear and VGA front camera.
  • External 3G via USB dongle, Wi-Fi (hotspot), Mini HDMI, Full HD playback, Micro USB and 3.5mm jack.
  • 3600 mAh battery with approx 4 hours of continuous usage.
  • Price Rs. 6,990. (NGX website)

VeeDee E10 with nearly the same specifications is now selling for Rs. 5990. However this E10 is 10.5mm thick.

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  1. ajit says

    Hi gogi n company. I am plan to buy a tab for the first time and need yours valuabel suggestion. I need a tab with inbuilt sim slot, document editor and rest of important apps. So gogi please suggest a better one upto 11k budget.

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  2. Tech Addict says

    Great website to know which products to stay away from or what a problem could probably arise after buying a particular product, without even buying it!

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  3. pranav says

    Dear Gogi, can u pl share your views about this new product from Ainol,
    I am thinking to buy it ,but seeking your expertise views, pl share, a lot tnxs.

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  4. ravi says

    I have nxg xtab a10 3g, many problems in that, buy this brand at your risk. @ ram babu: true, there is no guarantee that electronics will work properly, but there has to be a limit in justifying 3rd grade products to mislead people in this blog.

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    • Ram Babu says

      Dude, thanks for the reply. I am not here to mislead anybody. Everybody in sharing their own personal experience and you too are sharing your experience. And again I have expressed my personal views. Yours was bitter and mine was not, that’s all. And btw a10 3g is better than iberry ax03g. This also is my personal view.

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  5. Kamal Kishor says

    Dear All,

    Don’t buy any Wickedleak product, after sale they are not providing good service support, I have personal experience, under warrany Last 15 days my tab (Wammy Ethos 1GB) hold at Wickedleak service centre due to tab screen showing white with some black circle spot (LCD Screen creaked), they are blaming it’s a user caused…. for repairing / replace cost of 4000 + 250 Courier expense demanding.

    It’s a only Wickedleak product of which the component gets damaged without any external pressure or mishandling by the user.

    Total unfair and cheating to customers….

    Gogi Sir,
    please suggest can we replace the faulty screen (Pay amount) or buy a new tab from other good company…

    Kamal Kishor…

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      • Gogi Ranagogi says

        I agree with RAM everyone is free to post their personal opinion. There will be happy customers and unhappy customers. It is for the users to use their experience to judge and decided if they want to or don’t want to buy. Just because you like a particular brand or you unlike a particular brand does not mean you will always hear good things or bad things about the product. Finally its your decision.

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  6. jayant says

    Personal experience with NXG has been lousy. Bought their Xtab A10 3G, you have to touch the screen really hard to make anything happen, the mails such as yahoo etc. take a long time to open (“mail is not responding”) and so on. Don’t waste money. Also, pathetic battery life even for mild email usage.

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  7. murugan says

    Please don’t buy nxg products these are all very poor quality these tabs won’t work after 2 or 3 month this is my real experience please don’t go to nxg surely you will lose your hard yearned money.

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    • Ram Babu says

      Dude, which nxg tab are you talking about. I too have xtab A10, which has lasted for more than 6 months are is still running. Battery backup is also excellent. I too understand that it’s all electronics product and you surely get one or two units defective. One of my colleague also had problem with new tablet, but nxg guys replaced with a new tablet.

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      • hari says

        I had bad experience with NXG service team over xtab a10, it was lcd screen and battery issue. they never rectified even after the 2nd time service. Now I am looking to buy new tablet from samsung.

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  8. Renu says

    Hello Gogi sir,
    Can you suggest me a good tablet which has in buit 3G and calling feature(preferrable is 7 inch, although bigger tab is also not an issue)
    My budget is within 9k to 15k
    Quality is the most important criteria hence i have kept a range from 9k to 15k

    Thanks & Regards,

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    • Gogi Ranagogi says

      Yes desire viewing angle was better. You can check the review and watch the video review specially I had issues focusing the D10DC screen.

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