Micromax Mobile Price List 2012 Micromax Phones in India

When it comes to buying a low cost handset there are quite a few brands that have made an impact in the affordable mobile segment. Micromax Mobile is one such brand that has launched many low cost handsets with single SIM, Dual SIM and even touchscreen options.

The Micromax Brand has also entered the high end segment with their android handset that comes at a premium price tag. Here is the list of new Micromax Mobile phone recently launched and the latest price list of existing models with features.

Micromax Mobile Price List in India

Price List Micromax Mobile

* Micromax Mobile price list below Rs. 2000

Micromax C114
The C114 is a cute looking low cost CDMA phone with 1.77 inch screen and alphanumeric keypad. This handset also supports FM radio, polyphonic ringtone and comes loaded with some games.
Price Rs. 1,200

Micromax X11i
The X11i from Micromax sports a 1.44 inch TFT screen with alphanumeric keypad. This too supports dual SIM and other features like built in FM radio, music player and 8 GB microSD storage capacity
Price Rs. 1,200

Micromax Q1+
The Micromax Q1+ is a dual SIM phone with QWERTY keypad, a primary camera and a 2.2 inch screen. Other features are GPRS, FM radio and 2 GB microSD support.
Price Rs. 1,375

Micromax X210
The X210 is an affordable dual SIM basic phone with a 1.77 inch screen and alphanumeric keypad. This handset supports GPRS, comes with music player and FM radio receiver. Up to 4 GB microSD card is supported. The X210 also houses a VGA camera.
Price Rs. 1,430

Micromax Q2+
This is a dual SIM phone with QWERTY keypad sporting a 2.19 inch screen. This Q2+ handset comes with a VGA camera, FM radio and GPRS support.
Price Rs. 1,510

Micromax X207
This is a dual SIM phone with 8 GB external storage support. The screen is 1.77 inches and for input there is the alphanumeric keypad. Other features are FM radio with recording, VGA camera with video recording, media player and Bluetooth.
Price Rs. 1,525

Micromax X233
The Micromax X233 is a dual SIM phone that comes with dual LED torch, VGA camera and made to entertain. The handset comes with 10 days battery life on a single charge.
Price Rs. 1,599

Micromax X229
The red and coffee color gives this handset a distinct look. X229 is dual SIM phone with 1.77 inch display screen, built in FM, alphanumeric keypad, preloaded music player and primary camera of VGA resolution. 8 GB external storage is supported.
Price Rs. 1,599

Micromax X263
Another dual SIM phone with GPRS support. This handset comes with 1.3 MP camera and FM radio with recording. Other features are 2 inch screen, alphanumeric keypad, 8GB expandable storage and 240 hours of battery backup (in standby mode).
Price Rs. 1,700

Micromax X226+
The X226+ is another low cost dual SIM phone from Micromax with a 1.77 inch screen and built in FM radio. This handset looks quite attractive and comes with alphanumeric keypad, GPRS support and 1.3 MP camera. MicroSD card up to 8 GB is supported.
Price Rs. 1,720

Micromax X270
A nice looking black phone with a 2.4 inch screen, alphanumeric keypad, FM radio, GPRS, EDGE and dual SIM. The X270 has got it all, apart from this there is a VGA camera and external storage of up to 8 GB.
Price Rs. 1,815

Micromax X2i+
X2i+ sports a 1.43 inch screen with alphanumeric keypad. This handset supports 2 SIM (Dual SIM GSM + GSM) and also comes with FM radio built in. Other features are VGA camera, GPRS support and 2GB external storage support.
Price Rs. 1,850

Micromax X271
X271 is a dual SIM phone supporting GSM + GSM SIM’s. This Micromax handset comes with a 2.4 inch screen and has got a very attractive look with black / shaded blue or shaded green colour. Most of the body is covered in black with few areas showing off the shaded colours. Other features are VGA camera, FM radio w/recording, GPRS and 8GB expandable storage.
Price Rs. 1,899

Micromax X265
The X265 is light weight at 95 grams and sports a 2.2 inch display screen with dual SIM (GSM + GSM) support. There is a primary VGA camera and FM radio for entertainment. Other features are Dual LED torch, 2 GB external storage support and alphanumeric keypad.
Price Rs. 1,900

Micromax Q22 and Micromax X268
The Q22 is a QWERTY dual SIM phone with built in camera and Bluetooth and X268 is a simple bar type alphanumeric keypad dual SIM phone with camera, single click music access and Bluetooth.
Price Rs. 1,999 (Q22)

* Micromax Mobile price list between Rs. 2000 to Rs. 5,000 *

Micromax X231
This is a dual SIM phone covered in nice coffee and champagne colours. Other features are 1.3 MP camera, Bluetooth, WAP browser and GRPS supported.
Price Rs. 2,100

Micromax X368
X368 is a low cost dual SIM GSM + GSM with GPRS supports. Other features are Bluetooth, 2 MP camera, media player and FM radio.
Price Rs. 2,499

Miromax X290 plus
This is a dual SIM phone made for entertainment. This handset comes with media player that supports multi audio / video formats. Other features are FM radio, GPRS, torch and 1.3 MP camera.
Expected Price under Rs. 3,000

Micromax A50
This phone runs on android 2.3 with 650 MHz processor and supports 3G. Other features are Wi-Fi, GPS, FM radio, Bluetooth and 2 MP camera. The main attraction however is the Aisha feature which is a voice assistant service that lets you talk to the phone.
Expected Price under Rs. 4,999

Micromax X650
This is a touchscreen phone with capacitive technology and also supports Dual SIM with GPRS. No 3G support. Other features are built in FM, 3 MP camera, Bluetooth and Opera mini browser.
Expected Price Under Rs. 5,000

* Micromax Mobile price list between Rs. 5000 to Rs. 10,000 *

Micromax Q66
The Q66 is a cool looking slider phone for people who are socially active. This handset supports Dual SIM and sports a 2.4 inch non-touch display. The slide mechanism unveils the hidden QWERTY which makes it easier to input data. Other features are FM radio, EDGE/GPRS and 8 GB microSD support. There is a 2 MP primary camera and 3G is not supported.
Price Rs. 5,000

Micromax X40
A projector phone with a price just above the 5000 limit. This handset supports dual SIM, comes with 2 MP camera, a 2.36 inch display, FM radio, alphanumeric keypad, GPRS and 4 GB microSD support.
Price Rs. 5,050

Micromax Punk A45
Another Superfone from Micromax with features similar to A50. This handset is for music lovers, comes with headphones (free) and supports Aisha. This is a 2G phone with 650 Mhz processor and 3.5 inch touchscreen.
Price Rs. 5,499

Micromax A52
A 1 GHz powered android dual SIM phone with lot of similarity with the A50 model. The main features are Android 2.3, G sensor, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and a 1280 mAh battery. There is also a 2 MP camera.
Price Rs. 5,999

Micromax Bling 2
This too is an android powered phone (2.2 Froyo) with 600 MHz processing power and Wi-Fi, 3G enabled. The touchscreen is 2.8 inches using capacitive technology. Other features are 3 MP rear camera and microSD support up to 32 GB.
Price Rs. 6,150

Micromax Superfone A73
This is an affordable dual SIM touchscreen phone running android 2.3 OS. This handset supports 3G, Wi-Fi and comes with dual cameras making video calls possible. This handset is powered by a 650 MHz processor.
Price Rs. 7,250

Micromax A70
This is an android phone with touchscreen display of 3.2 inches and dual cameras. 5 MP primary and a front facing secondary (VGA) camera. The processor speed is 60 MHz with 3G and Wi-Fi enabled. MicroSD card up to 32 GB is supported.
Price Rs. 7,499

Micromax Superfone A78
Micromax may soon launch the Superfone A78 a touch and type phone running android 2.3 OS. This handset supports 3G and comes with 2 cameras making video calls / chat possible. Reasonably price at Rs. 7799.

Micromax Superfone Lite A75
The Superfone Lite as the name suggest is a lighter version of A85. This handset runs on gingerbread OS, supports dual SIM (GSM+GSM), houses a 3 MP primary camera and a 0.3 MP secondary camera. The capacitive touchscreen is 3.75 inches. Wi-Fi comes enabled along with 3G support.
Price Rs. 8.799

Micromax Modu T
This is a kind of weird looking mobile phone with a 2.2 inch touchscreen (resistive) and 5 MP camera. This handset supports 3G and comes with built-in FM radio. 32 GB microSD card is also supported. However this handset comes with BREW OS, this might be something new for many.
Price Rs. 9,899

* Micromax Mobile price list above Rs. 10,000 *

Micromax Superfone A85
This is high end phone that comes at a premium price and runs on the android 2.2 OS. This handset comes with 3.8 inch touchscreen, powered by 1 GHz processor, 3G support, 5 MP camera and a VGA front facing camera. MicroSD card up to 32 GB is supported.
Price Rs. 15,150

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  1. Saaswat panigrahi says

    Hello, Gogi sir. I want to buy an android cellphone which would perform good in gaming, heavy net use, and good touch… Please suggest me a good phone. Thanks, in advance. Reply me, soon… … … :-)

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  2. zohar says

    I recently found that q80 was discontinued. Can you tell me some other which is comparable(3g dual sim, front camera. wifi) Range is about 2500.

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    gogi I couldn't see any price list post in the rss feeds, don't know why. Just want you to know that daily feed followers might have missed a some very good posts completely.

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      Omkar, the price list post I just keep updating as and when I can. Only new posts are sent via subscription as many would not want the same post sent again and again.

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