Mediatek MT6589 quad core chip launched

Mediatek MT6589 quad core Soc (System on Chip) has been launched. Incidentally the MT6589 is also the first quad core SoC with dual SIM support. This Cortex A7 quad core chip is power efficient and coupled with powerVR Series 5XT GPU.

With Mediatek MT6589 launched we can expect quad core handsets hitting the Indian markets much before mid 2013. We could also see the prices of dual core and single core handsets falling, a little bit.

The MT6589 is powerful; it can play 1080p movies at 30fps with ease and even record videos. 13 Megapixels is the maximum camera resolution supported. As for the screen resolution the max supported is 1920×1080 pixels.

When the dual core Mediatek mt6577 was first launched, the dual core handsets were available in India within 2 months, Micromax A110 being the top selling dual core handset so far. Let’s see which brand becomes the first to launch the quad core with at least 1GB RAM and with an affordable price tag in India. There will be a lot happening in 2013.

MediaTek MT6589 quad core

The Mediatek MT6589 also supports Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi, GPS, FM radio, 2D to 3D conversion in real time, 3D UI and much more.

Source : MediaTek.

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  1. Ajay says

    Mediatek MT6589 will be a quadcore processor consisting of 4 A7 cores..instead of A9….it will be a power efficient design….but still performance of this processor is doubtful comparing to other quadcores like qualcom series or Nvidia tegra 3 processors ….cause they are using A9 cores or even lates A15 core to design quadcores….!A7 is a low budget architecture ….! So the price should be less….!In mediatek MT6577 two A9 cores were used…!But the GPU would be more powerful like powerVR54x series…or may be Mali 400..!Hence the GPU is the only advantage in this chipset…!

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  2. R.V.RAJU says*720-Screen-8MP-Camera-Android-404-Phone.html

    this one at 15k,Desi brands re brand this by bulk(more then 1k pieces) order n get around 8k and showing or advertising QUAD CORE and try to sell it more then 18k. actually MTK6588 production cost is lower then old MTK6577 so the price must be blow 12k at any cost after all so called taxes.

    so at least hope someone launch below 14k in 1 month from today.after 1 month we can expect much cheaper price.

    let’s see how much they all try to business with us by bluffing.

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  3. K V N RAO says

    Mr. Gogi , Quick Q regarding the quad-core processors and the hype surrounding them.

    To my knowledge quad-core will be more power hungry and i am guessing they would generate more heat compared to a single or dual core processor. So the phones have to come up with better battery and probably better heat dissipation techniques (similar to heat sinks in PC’s) to.

    How much of a performance jump do you see between a dual vs quad core phone. Say if i am not playing games will i ever notice the additional power.

    So do we need to buy those quad core phones more as a future proof or can we live with a decent dual core + 1 GB RAM with 2000+ mAh battery.

    Anyways the shelf life of a phone is not more than 1 to 1.5 year.

    Your thoughts/comments.

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  4. Himadri says

    According to mediatek the cost of the quad core 6589 will be even less than the current dual core 6577, because 6589 uses A7 architecture instead of A9 used in 6577.

    So the price of the quad core phones should be lesser than current dual core models, like rs 10,000 with 1gb RAM.

    Therefore don’t make noise about high price of quad core models, because it will only give local companies the confidence/ability to sell their products at a much overpriced rate and make unprecedented extra profits by fooling us.

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  5. Rakeshkadian says

    @hari. Lemon is also going to do some blast .It has also launched dual cores(p5,p100). Indian companies will rule our market.

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  6. R.V.RAJU says

    :D good joke madhu.k YES they come with 512mb only with 5 models coz they are old,outdated there so buy them by bulk at 50$ and sell them here at 150$ as latest.thats their strategy & they dont want to change that.

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  7. hari says

    Hi Gogi , Its great news , hope micromax will launch quad core mobiles soon…!

    Waiting For the Next Evolution in India Soon By Micromax .

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  8. nikhil says

    There is two processor for quad core by mediatek mt6589 and mt6584, mt6589 supports lte and 13 mp camera. Mt6584 does not support lte. Am i right gogi?

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  9. Omi says

    10-15k quadcore handset seems far fetched despite the fact that many brands manage to keep the dual core to this level. Its wud be a luxury/semi-luxury item.

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