How to install Google Site Verification Plugin for WordPress

Majority of WordPress users have no knowledge about WordPress software or the server where their site or blog is hosted. This makes it difficult for them to manually enter codes or text in the home page or upload and existing html file on the server using FTP.

Most of the hosting services provide web space with WordPress already installed. The WordPress software is setup in such a way that blog or website owner can easily add plugins, themes without using FTP. The plugins can also be updated directly from the wp-admin section.

Google Webmaster Tool is important and many have implemented it on their site. However you need to verify your site or blog before you can start using the services. Now again you can either upload the already generated html on your server using FTP or manually add a meta tag (google-site-verification) with the tokens provided by GWT(Google Webmaster Tools).

google webmaster tool verfication plugin for WordPress

google webmaster tool verfication plugin for WordPress

Does this process seem complicated, don’t worry there is an easy way out simply use the Google Site Verification Plugin for WordPress as easy as 1, 2 and 3.

The Google Site Verification Plugin can get Google verify your blog within seconds with no need to alter anything or to upload and verification files. Just activate the plugin and this Google Site Verification Plugin will use API to communicate with Google and get the verification done.

Once your blog is verified you can use the Google Webmaster Tool to submit sitemaps, view site errors and fix them if possible and also check the search statistics and increase traffic.

How to install Google Site Verification Plugin

  • Visit Google site verification plugin site click and auto install.
  • Activate from plugin control panel.
  • Find and click Google Verification (you will find this on left side bar) in wp-admin.
  • Click the start verification link.
  • Just follow the prompts and click grant access which will give your blog access to Google site verification API.
  • That’s it, your site is now verified and you can start using GWT.

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