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New technologies are making video games even more and more exciting. Today there are several gaming consoles available in the Indian markets and each of which have a distinct quality. When buying a gaming console one would have to do a lot of homework as that will make their work easier if not difficult to choose the perfect gaming machine.

Here is a list of most popular and most bought gaming consoles in India along with their price tag and features.

Sony PlayStation Vita (PSVita)

The PSVita sports a 5 inch touchscreen with 960 by 544 resolution and powered by a 4-core ARM Cortex A9 processor. This gaming console comes with 2 VGA cameras and a touchpad at the rear that makes gaming more intuitive.

Sony PlayStation Vita in India

Sony PlayStation Vita

Sony PSVita Price in India Rs. 19,900 onwards

Sony PSP Slim (PlayStation Portable)

The Sony PSP Slim is a perfect gaming device that you can carry wherever you go. The gaming excitement along with portability makes it the perfect choice for users who are not confined to a limited space. It is not just the games that can be housed on a Sony PSP Slim, in fact you can put your favorite photos, movies and music in this tiny gadget and get entertained anywhere, anytime.

Sony PSP Slim Gaming device Price in India

Sony PSP Slim Gaming device Price in India

Sony PSP Slim features
It has a slim design with a PSP CPU 333 MHz. The memory is 32MB with 4MB of embedded RAM. Display screen is 4.3 inches 16:9 widescreen TFT LCD screen. Connectivity options are USB 2.0, Wi-Fi, irDA, IR Remote and Pro Duo memory stick.

The Sony PSP Slim get power from the build in Lithium ion battery which can be recharged using the AC adapter that comes with the gaming gadget.

Sony PSP Slim Price in India Rs. 7,899

Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2)

Price of Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2) has dropped and has become quite affordable especially with the entry of the PlayStation 3. This was the first gaming console to feature a DVD playback option. It does satisfy all your gaming needs plus gives you an option of extra entertainment thru the DVD capabilities.

Sony PlayStation 2 gaming console price in India

Sony PlayStation 2 gaming console price in India

Sony PS2 features
This gaming console comes with 2 controller port, 2 USB connector, memory card slot and DVD drive.

The Sony PS2 console comes with 128 bit emotion engine chip that delivery an absolutely unique and true gaming experience.

Sony PS2 Price in India Rs. 5,800

Sony PS3 (PlayStation 3)

This is the latest PS gaming console from Sony. The Sony PS3 features a Cell Broadband Engine CPU with RSX GPU. The console weight is 3.2 kg and supports Dolby Digital Plus / 5.1 ch / DTS 5.1ch sound.

Sony PlayStation 3 gaming console price in India

Sony PlayStation 3 gaming console price in India

Sony PS3 comes with 256MB XDR RAM and GDDR3 VRAM of 256MB. This console is compatible with PS2 and supports DVD/CD/BD. The PS3 comes with 320GB Hard Disk. Other features are the USB 2.0, HDMI output to view on HD TV.

Sony PS3 Price in India Rs.19,800 for 320GB HDD
Sony PS3 Rs.16,800 for 120GB HDD

Nintendo Wii

When Nintendo Wii was first launched it took the world by storm it was the first gaming console to feature a hand held controller that can detect motion. With Wii you can actually play the game by placing the controller in your hand and making movements instead of pressing the keypads like in traditional video games.

Nintendo Wii gaming Console price in India

Nintendo Wii gaming Console price in India

Nintendo Wii Features
This console comes with IBM powered PC based CPU with 512 MB internal flash memory. It supports SDHC / SD cards. The Wii is compatible with Nintendo DS and Nintendo GameCube. With this console you get a hand controller called the Nunchuck and Wiimote. There are many other accessories available such as Wii Balance board, Wii Remote etc that adds unique functionality and can be used with specific games.

Other features are Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB 2.0 x 2 and Lan adapter.

Nintendo Wii Price in India Rs. 13,800 with Wii-Sports.
Nintendo Wii Rs. 15,600 with New Super Mario Bros.

Microsoft Xbox 360 with Kinect Bundle

This is one of my favorite and I would highly recommend this gaming console. Kinect makes you the controller this is more advanced than the Nintendo Wii. There is no hand-held controller in fact you are the controller. Move your body as required in the game play and the kinect will sense the same.

Microsoft xbox 360 gaming console with kinect bundle price in India

Microsoft xbox 360 gaming console with kinect bundle price in India

Xbox 360 with Kinect Bundle features
This console is fully compatible with existing Xbox 360 consoles. The Microsoft kinect can track up to 6 people with 2 active players. The console can also map active players to live avatar. The Xbox 360 can do more like supports in-game voice chat and live party chats but to use this feature you need to buy the Xbox Gold membership.

This is an ideal gaming console that will not only provide entertainment but also keep you healthy, since you are the controller and to play the game you need to get involved, you need to move your whole body parts not just the fingers.

Microsoft X-Box 360 250GB with Kinect and Adventures Rs. 29,900
Microsoft X-Box 360 4 GB with Kinect Bundle Rs. 22,900
Microsoft X-Box 360 4 GB Slim Rs. 14,990

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