How to add Facebook Recommend button after every post in WordPress

If you are not using Facebook already you should seriously think of. Facebook fan page or Facebook Recommend button is a great way to share and get more traffic. If you think it is not so important well let me tell you Facebook is the second most important website accessed after Google.

Adding a share button will not only get you more fans but also traffic. The concept is simple when a user likes your content and if you have the Facebook recommend option on your site they will most probably click it which will then appear on their Facebook news feed with a link to your site. In this way the friends of friends also get to see the link and they in turn can also share it.

How do you add a Facebook Recommend button in your WordPress site?

If you are familiar with PHP you can easily add the script wherever you like. For others there is an easy way out. Download and install the FB-recommend plugin.

FB-recommend Plugin

This plugin will automatically add a FB recommend button after every page or post in your blog.
Installation is simple.

  1. Download the plugin FB-recommend
  2. Upload the FB-recommend folder into your WordPress plugin directory located at /wp-content/plugins/.
  3. Go to Plugins and Activate FB-recommend. That’s it you are done. Now you will find the recommend button immediately after the post.

There are certain options that you can set by simply going to Settings / FB-recommend.

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