How to connect Android phone with a PC for internet sharing or as USB storage

Android phones have become affordable and many customers are buying this handset for the first time.  The android phones do not come with any PC suite or any CD’s related to the OS. Everything is packed within the phone and it should work without the need of any additional software’s.

A common issue faced by many new android customers is that they have no clue how to connect the phone with a PC or how to share the phone’s 3G/2G with a computer or a laptop. As mentioned the android handsets do not come with any software CD, you just need to use the USB cable to plugin.

Now before I tell you how to do it, do note that if you are using Windows XP or any older Windows version, you will find it difficult to connect, you might need to manually download the drivers and there is no guarantee if that will work.

How to connect your Android phone with Desktop / Laptop and use it as a USB drive?

  1. Simply connect the USB cable with the PC and the other end with your android phone.
  2. On some mobile you might directly see the option to enabled USB storage, in case you do not get that option, tap top screen and drag down.  You will see an option which says USB connected.
  3. Tap it and you will get the message “turn on USB storage”, tap it and on the next message just tap OK.

You computer will then show a new drive which is actually the internal storage and / or the microSD card storage on your phone. You can use it to transfer MP3, Movies and other files between the PC and your handset.

How to share Android phone’s data connection (3G/2G) using with PC using USB or Wi-Fi?

Using USB – Make sure data is enabled.

  1. On your android phone go to settings -> Wireless & Networks ->Tethering & portable hotspot and tap it. You will find the USB tethering option, but you cannot check it until the USB is connected.
  2.  Connect the USB with PC and the other end with the phone.
  3. Now on the phone you will find the USB tethering option enabled with USB connected tap it (check it) to enabled tethering.

You will now be able to use the data connection from the phone on your PC.

Android Tethering using USB or Wi-Fi

Using Wi-Fi – Make sure data is enabled.

  1. Using your phone go to settings -> Wireless & Networks -> Switch on Wi-Fi if not already done. Next go to Tethering & Portable Hotspot -> Check portable WLAN hotspot which will then enable Wi-Fi Tethering.
  2. You can configure the hotspot using the setting options – Assign Network SSID (Name) and for security choose WPA2 and assign a password, when done save it.
  3. Now use any Wi-Fi enabled device, Switch-on Wi-Fi on that device and you should see the Network (SSID you assigned), tap it and enter the password.

The device will then be able to access the data connection on the android via Wi-Fi. In case you are not able to connect with WPA2 security you can try the OPEN security option, though if possible avoid it as this option makes the network venerable.

The tethering works with Windows vista & above and with Linux OS. If you are using these OS there is no need for any installation.

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  1. Naveen Goswami says

    Dear Sir; I have Micromax A101 cell.
    But I can’t able to use net to connect with PC. Please Give me solutions.

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  2. mayapa says

    Hii I m having micromax
    a25.I tried so many time to
    connect my mobile with
    pc. through tethered but its
    not connecting so plz give
    me the resolution of it how
    can I connect it….

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  3. NAresh says

    I want to use internet on my handset Karbonn S5 from PC which have already internet connection.Like HTC.Means when i connect my handset with PC by USB then i could get internet on my Mobile?

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  4. ardhendu says

    sir, I wanted to share 2g data to my pc. but I can’t did it. I followed yours instructions but….. help me plz.

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  5. james says

    i m hvng karbon a30 bsnl wifi is not connecting wit tat mobile..always cumng poor internet connection..obtaining ip address for long time..but my bsnl wifi very fast in my lap nd other phones

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  6. Prasad says

    Hi gogi,

    I have micromax A90 s when i am trying to give WPA2 PSK password the save button is disabled and i am not able to save the password.Hence my wifi hotspot is open and any one can access it.

    Could you please provide me solution if you have any.

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  7. Amrit Shrestha says

    i am having problems connecting internet from a91 via usb in win7.. it says no network access even after enabled data connection.. could u suggest any ideas plz.

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  8. waghvikas45 says

    thanks gogi tech….i am using net on laptop via karbonn a30..ur informations are very helpful….

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